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Judging by the presentation, the controllers — affectionately called Joy-ConĀ — were probably Nintendo’s favorite aspect about their new hybrid console. So much time was spent on showing off the two Joy-Con and, in my opinion, for good reason. They definitely are slick pieces of hardware for a new console.

I agree, the Joy-Cons look pretty cool. I love that they attach to the console itself. It really shows that the controllers are one with the console, they work as a team, you can’t have one without the other. But let’s talk about the name for a moment… I understand why they’re called Joy-Cons, as they explained in the presentation that they’re supposed to spread the joy, but when they first announced they were called Joy-Con, I was a bit taken aback. Why not just call them controllers? Or a synonym for switch? Not a big deal, of course, but that was my first impression of them when they first showcased the controllers.

They’re just going to be called controllers in this house, haha! My first impression was how small they seemed, but considering how small we are, they’ll probably fit just fine in our hands. The design of the controllers seem nice, with all the standard buttons, and it’ll definitely be interesting to test out the motion controls on them. Rather, it’ll be nice not to have a clunky Motion Control Plus stuck on the end of them. They seemed pretty precise in the demo of the Arms game as well.

The console and controllers are so small, I know. I think it’s weird how small they are, especially since it can do so much, but it’s nice at the same time. The controllers will definitely fit nicely in our hands and the buttons will be easy access for certain games. It will definitely be nice that the motion controls are in the Joy-Con and I especially love that the wrist straps can be detachable. I always used them on the Wii because they were there, but now the straps won’t get in the way of gameplay if you don’t wear them.

Yes, the wrist straps were a bit annoying if they weren’t needed, so being detachable is nice. I think the biggest downside to the Joy-Con will be the price for additional controllers if they are needed. While the Switch trailer shows many happy gamers bringing along their own consoles and connecting all of them, Rachel and I don’t have too many local friends who will spring $300-plus on gaming consoles. They’ll happily play casually with us when they’re visiting, but to pay the money for the extra Joy-Con? It’ll be a sad day for our wallets.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We have one friend and her boyfriend who will probably buy one together, but then her brother would be left out… It’s nice for the two of us to play together, but of course our cousins are over a lot and it’d be fun to play with them all together. No matter how we look at it, we’re going to need at least two sets of Joy-Con, four controllers.

It wasn’t a question that we would get an extra set of Joy-Con, and maybe even a pro controller as well, just to see how it is and in case we’d like it better. It’s a shame of the price, but with how nice they seemed to have worked and with their designs, I’m sure they’ll end up being worth it.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I think the price will be worth it, too. It will definitely be nice to have an extra set.

What do you think of the Joy-Con? Cool or no? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The Joy-Con looks good, and all of the new features like “HD Rumble” and reading hand movements is neat. It’s a shame that 1-2 Switch was the poster game for these features. I’m not terribly interested in that kind of game, and I don’t want Nintendo to make it gimmicky for gimmick’s sake. There are other ways in traditional games to utilize these features, especially HD rumble. I hope we see some meaningful applications in games like Breath of the Wild. I may get one extra pair, the neon colors, just so we can do 4-player.

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