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Whenever a new console is announced, rumors for the price always pop up. The rumors were laid to rest when the presentation announced that the Nintendo Switch will have a console price of $299.99. Considering that many of us were speculating (rather, hoping and praying) that the Switch would be about $250, it was a bit disappointing, especially considering that the games themselves will probably be around $50 to $60. It’s all up to par for a home console, I suppose, but our wallets aren’t thrilled.

I had a feeling it was going to be on the expensive side. There’s brand new technology in the console itself (for example, having the ability to take screenshots and record game footage), so it makes sense that the price is $300. However, if you add everything else to it, it doesn’t seem fair. An extra set of controllers is $80, which means that one Joy-Con is about $40. Then, the games will be about $60 or so, I assume. Then there are plenty of other factors to it all. I feel as though my entire bank account will be wiped out and it’s times like this that I’m grateful we split everything in half.

You’re welcome for going halfsies with you, haha! When it first came out, the Wii U was also $300 dollars, and the games go for about the same amount, so the Switch wasn’t too surprising. Considering the PlayStation 4 was about $400 and XBox One¬†was $500, Nintendo was always the cheaper of the main video game company trio. This also doesn’t include the online subscription price, which will start up sometime in the fall. That, I’m not too sure about…

Nintendo is cheaper in that aspect, I agree. However, the games definitely add up as well as the DLC. The online subscription may kill us and Nintendo games rarely go on sale. Not to mention all the accessories to the console, such as extra controllers and SD cards for more storage space… This thing is going to be hard to budget out.

Hence why we usually wait for a birthday or Christmas for new consoles. Yet, with the Switch, I had wanted to pre-order it as I was afraid of the shortage that happened with the mini NES. However, in the time it took to look at our budget, none of the retailers on Nintendo’s site have the consoles available any longer. That’s good news for Nintendo, of course. Despite the prices, people are still swooping in for the consoles!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m bummed that we can’t get our hands on it, though. I was hoping for Christmas, too, but March is just too far away from that. I don’t think we could wait that long. It hasn’t come out yet and we’re still constantly checking Amazon to see if they have it.

We’ll get it, don’t you worry! I’m on Amazon’s email list for it! It’s a bit amazing that we would be willing to spend so much on a brand new console, but we’ve always enjoyed Nintendo’s products before, including the Wii U which wasn’t their most popular system. It’s a shame that video games take such a bite out of our wallets, but I’m confident we’ll enjoy the Switch enough to make it worthwhile.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Honestly, I think all the money is worth it. As much as I complain about it… But I’m cheap and careful with my money. Sometimes a little too careful. We balance each other out that way.

What do you think of the pricing of the newest Nintendo console? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The Switch’s $300 price tag is fine. It’s the price of the accessories that bother me, because like you said, it adds up. The controllers are insultingly expensive. One Joy-Con is about $50, and a pack is $80. Then the regular Pro Controller is $70. I’m somewhat speechless. Although I will be getting the Switch and games for sure, I’m likely going to hold off on controllers. I may get a Pro Controller at least, but I don’t know if I can even get more Joy-Cons, as appealing as “HD Rumble” is, haha.

    1. We agree! For a Nintendo console, $300 is pretty much on par. We have friends and family that we’re sure we’ll want to play with on the Switch, but we may just settle for taking turns with the two Joy-Con for a while… I recently found out that it’s another $30 for an extra charging grip for the Joy-Con, whether you have extra controllers that need to be charged or if you want to continue playing the game while the Joy-Con are charging.

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