Friday Favorites: 3DS Games

Happy Friday everyone! There’s been plenty of buzz about the Switch Lite, and Rachel and I will share more of our thoughts on that later next week. In the meantime, considering the Lite is purely a handheld console, I dove back into my bucket of 3DS games to reminisce on some of my favorites. Fire Emblem: […]

3DS/2DS Designs

Due to the Nintendo Switch being out with such fantastic games, we’ve neglected our 3DS and 2DS family of consoles lately. Looking up some news about the handheld consoles, it’s a little surprising to see all of the new editions and covers for them. Nintendo Everything just recently revealed that Target is taking pre-orders for […]

Thoughts: Nintendo Direct

We were definitely excited that we were both home to watch the Nintendo Direct live this time! While the few games that we had wanted to see were not showcased in the announcement, I don’t think Nintendo did too bad during their latest direct. Over 40 games were shown for both the Nintendo Switch and […]

A New Toy [Nintendo 2DS]

We both have the original Nintendo 3DS (2011). They both work fantastic, despite them being six years old. Nintendo has decided to let go of the original 3DS since they’ve come out with many other versions since then. We both knew we’d have to get a new handheld at some point and were thinking of […]

Games I Have To Finish

Happy Tuesday! With the Nintendo Switch coming out right around the corner, I’ve come to realize that I’ll be spending all my time playing new games. Yet, there are so many other games that I’ve started, even reviewed on here, but have yet to complete them. 1. Yoshi’s Woolly World Kris and I have been […]

Shiny Pokemon Galore

Happy December! This year went by quickly… Today, in the spirit of Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’m going to tell you all a story about a certain someone wanting shiny Pokemon because they’re rare and really cool. This story is about me… if you couldn’t tell. When Pokemon Sapphire came out way back in 2002 […]

No Demo For Me

The alternate title to this post is “Why I did NOT Play Sun & Moon’s Demo.” I’m sure many of you downloaded and played the demo, and I hope you all had an awesome time doing so! I’m sure the demo was great, but there was something holding me back… Spoilers abound for the newest […]

More Than a Hobby

Here we are, the last week of September. It’s certainly gone by fast, hasn’t it? Ever had a quarter-life (or, for those of you who may be a smidgen older) or mid-life crisis? Ever get that nagging feeling that maybe you’re not doing what you need to do in order to get your life on the right […]