Pokemon Playthrough

Happy Tuesday! With the news of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out in a couple of months, I’ve decided I’m going to go on a full journey before November!   The seventh generation of Pokemon is coming in November 2016. That’s five months away. I’ve played through the games before many times, of course. However, […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon: First Thoughts

If you love Pokemon, then I’m sure this is old news to you by now. Nintendo has announced the seventh generation of Pokemon and the two games to start it off: Sun and Moon.   Nintendo has recently announced Pokemon Sun and Moon coming worldwide in November 2016. They gave us the name of the […]

Of Legendaries

 Happy Monday! Kris here! Pokemon is continuing with their Legendary giveaways with their 20th anniversary celebration. Have you been keeping up with them? Besides the list of Legendaries that they’re giving away via the Nintendo Internet links and the GameStop cards, they’re also being free with extras like the Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yvetal to tie […]

First Games I Completed Myself

Hi everyone! When it comes to playing video games, we all have to start somewhere. As for me, I watched Kris play all the time. I typically didn’t play the games myself. However, I did eventually branch out and play some games myself. Here are some games that I completed myself… and that was a […]

Of Creators and Companies

Hey everyone! Here we are on Monday again! Nowadays there are tons of different companies (and individuals!) creating video games. Do you have a favorite creator? Growing up, Nintendo was the video game company that I was always loyal to. As a kid, I wasn’t playing “video games,” I was playing “Nintendo.” It took a […]

I Have a Confession

Hey, it’s Rachel. Yesterday Kris and I talked about the wonderful lore of The Legend of Zelda games. I thought now was as good a time as any to confess something about me and the Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda is one of my all-time favorite video game series. I can list my top […]

Console vs Handheld

Debate: Console vs Handheld   Hi everyone! We hope you’re all having a good week! Today Rachel and I are debating on whether or not consoles — like the Wii U — or handhelds — like the Nintendo 3DS — are better platforms for games. Personally, I prefer the consoles. There’s nothing like playing a […]

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Here’s Rachel! Today I have another game review. This game is part of a spin-off series that I absolutely love. Enjoy! Title: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Company: Nintendo Console: 3DS How I got the game: I bought it My Review: I love all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The newer ones just keep getting better and better. […]

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Title: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Company: Level 5 Console: Nintendo 3DS Rating: Everyone 10+ How we got the game: Christmas gift Our Review: Our first introduction to Professor Layton and his world of games was when Rachel and I played “Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright.” We’re big fans of the Ace Attorney series, and we figured […]