A “No” for Inky Pen

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

Back in August, I did a little post about apps on the Nintendo Switch, including one that was called Inky Pen, a monthly subscription app for comics. It was something I was interested in, but… 


Inky Pen is an app exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and boasts thousands of comics for a monthly subscription. It recently became available for download — on December 17th, to be exact — so I recently found it on the eShop.

And deleted it almost immediately.

Granted, I may have been a little hasty in deleting the app. I’m a comic book lover at heart, so this app seems to be right up my alley. However, after downloading the app, it went through the process of setting up an account, which is fine, before immediately asking for payment.

I understand that it’s a subscription service and the folks who compile the comics and run the app deserve to be paid. However, I was hoping for a small trial service so I could see what kind of titles Inky Pen offered. I highly doubt that major publishers such as Marvel and DC were going to be available for only 8 bucks a month. While I’m totally game to support smaller, indie comic book publishers, I do want to see what I’m paying for.

Perhaps I’ll try the app for a few months a bit later next year and not when I’m coming out of holiday shopping for the family, see if the titles are worth the price.

Are you interested in the Inky Pen app? If you’ve downloaded it, do you like what it offers?

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Nintendo Switch Apps and InkyPen

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

Something that we’ve been hearing about for the Nintendo Switch is when apps are coming to the console. We’ve heard some recent news about an app that may be paving the way for just that…


While we mainly play console games on our Nintendo Switch, we definitely still have our Wii U set up by the television so we can easily switch to that if we want. I firmly believe that the Nintendo Switch is everything that Nintendo had hoped that the Wii U would have been, with the portable screen and all the Wii U ports for the Switch, but I digress.

We don’t use the Wii U to play games, really, mostly due to the fact that the gamepad battery only lasts about 20 minutes before completely dying, but we do use the apps when we’re chilling. Netflix is the most used app, but we also watched YouTube from the Wii U until we started using the Xbox more. With that said, we always wondered what kind of apps, if any, would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Recently I heard of InkyPen coming to the Switch, where for a monthly subscription, you get access to over 10,000 comic, graphic novel, and manga titles. The app is slated for November 2018 release. I’ll admit, a comic book app was not something I expected for the Nintendo Switch, but I’m actually considering the subscription.

Growing up, comic books were a love of mine that grew right alongside video games. It was mainly the Archie comics (and I have yet to watch the drama Riverdale because it is so far from the original innocence of the comic source that I’m nervous to see what they did to the characters), but Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other superheroes wormed their way in as well. If you’re the type to read comics and take the Switch on the go, InkyPen may be a good investment.

What do you think of comics being on the Nintendo Switch? What other apps are you interested in seeing on the console?

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Rainway App

According to Nintendo News, there’s talk about this new app called Rainway for the Switch console. With this app, players will be able to stream their PC games directly onto the Switch console. There’s not much information regarding the app, but I thought it was an interesting find nonetheless. We’ve been getting into PC gaming a bit more lately, having a nice desktop and an almost-never used laptop for our PC games, but the thought of playing something like Stardew Valley on the Switch’s portable screen sounds like an interesting development.

Considering how heavy most gaming laptops are — as beautiful as they can be with their lovely graphics and sound systems — creating an app for the Switch that’ll showcase it’s portability seems like a good move by Nintendo. Rainway definitely seems like something we should keep our eye on. Not only that, but being able to dock the Switch and play the games on a larger television? That sounds good to us.

What do you all think of this idea? Are you excited about the prospect of playing PC games directly on the Switch, or are you good with your beloved gaming PC? If you don’t play PC games, does this kind of news think maybe you’ll start?

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