Friday Favorites: Autumn Levels

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Being the beginning of October and living in New England means that it’s around the time the tree leaves begin to change color. Red, orange, and yellow leaves make it so pretty outside… and video game graphics nowadays are almost just as good.


Fall in Pokemon Black and White/Black 2 and White 2

I’ll admit, Unova is not a Pokemon generation that I have played through. Honestly, it’s probably my least favorite region in the core Pokemon games. However, I did like the season mechanic and I always thought that fall looked and sounded really nice in those games. That, and it was always fun to wander through the leaf piles!

Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart is a fantastic series, even if racing is not my usual genre of choice. Maple Treeway, where you race around through fall foliage and giant tree limbs, is one of my favorite tracks, both visually and as a challenge.

Akkala Region in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most gorgeous games I’ve ever played. It’s very difficult to pinpoint my favorite area of the open world. However, the Akkala region does have some very autumn vibes. The trees have the red and orange colors and leaves decorate the ground, giving the area a striking look as you paraglide above it or ride through on your horse of choice.

What are your favorite autumn levels in video games?

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The Adventures of Link and Larry

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

There was a recent article on My Nintendo News about a series of shorts on the Play Nintendo YouTube channel starring Breath of the Wild Link and a cucco named Larry. Being curious, Rachel and I sat down to watch the five episodes and, you will now be subjected to my thoughts on the episodes.

Double Jump | Video Games | Nintendo | Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

Play Nintendo has a created playlist for The Adventures of Link and Larry on their YouTube channel. Play Nintendo is catered to younger gamers, even including a little blurb to parents about how age-appropriate the channel is in their “about” page. It’s a cute channel, but definitely not something older gamers will actively watch. Still, it does it’s job as an introduction to Nintendo, so to speak, for up and coming young gamers.

Watching the five “episodes” of The Adventures of Link and Larry will honestly only take about five minutes of your time. That is five minutes you’ll never get back. For the most part, it’s a narrator — who does a decent job of sounding enthusiastic, almost like a corny narrator from old 50s commercials, mind you — just detailing what Link and Larry the Cucco were doing in the little videos. Most of them really don’t have anything happening at all. The best of the five episodes was Larry Stuck in a Tree, complete with a ridiculous pun at the end of the minute-long video.

The idea of Link carrying around a cucco during his adventure is definitely intriguing to Rachel and me, as it is something that we probably would do as a challenge. The name Larry is also perfect for a cucco and we completely appreciate it. If these videos were longer with a little bit more semblance of a plot, however ridiculous it may be, we may have enjoyed these more.

Granted, I know that these episodes are on a YouTube channel geared towards much younger gamers with probably much shorter attention spans than me… but the idea is still there. I wonder how well your adventure would go if you carried a cucco everywhere?

Did you watch The Adventures of Link and Larry? What did you think? Would you be willing to carry a cucco on your journey?

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Friday Favorites: Beaches in Games

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday!

Being June, it’s supposed to be warmer, the perfect weather for a day at the beach. Considering where I am is kind of lackluster at the moment, with the weather ranging from the fifties to the eighties in Fahrenheit degrees rather than being consistent “summer” temperature, I’m going to visit some in-game beaches and pretend I’m there.

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Lurelin Village from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild boasts a gorgeous open world for you to explore while on your quest to save Hyrule from Calamity Ganon. One of my favorite places to go was Lurelin Village, a small town near the southern end of Hyrule with plenty of spots to watch the ocean water reflect the sunset. It also had a pretty decent shrine puzzle that was fun to figure out!

Harvest Moon Beaches

The Harvest Moon games that I’ve played tended to have nice beach areas. Back when More Friends of Mineral Town was the main installment I played, I always enjoyed the shift in the music and the ocean sound effects whenever I visited the beach. I’ve been playing Light of Hope on the Switch recently and I’m enjoying that beach area as well. It’s great to dig up shells for easy cash!

Seaside Town from Super Mario RPG

Not exactly a “beach,” per se, but Seaside Town was the place right next to the ocean, right before you dove underwater to confront a pirate on a sunken ship for a Star Piece. The town is first filled with impostors who spout out ridiculous lines and reveal themselves to be a challenging boss after you resurface from the pirate ship.  The music is also one of my favorite tunes from the game, too!

Slateport City from the Pokemon Gen. 3

The Hoenn region of the Pokemon games is one of my favorites generation-wise with the Pokemon and locations. The beach at Slateport City was great when I first encountered it, finding the soda pop shop a cute idea and enjoying the battles on the beach. Running around and leaving footprints in the sand always amused me as well.

What are your favorite beaches in video games?

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Breath Of The Wild: The Champions’ Ballad DLC For Nintendo Switch

The Champions Ballad DLC | Breath of the Wild | Legend of Zelda | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch |

This was a long time coming. The Champions’ Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild came out almost six months ago, back in early December 2017. We just got around to playing it now. It was pretty good, bringing us back into the wonder of BotW’s amazing open world and enticing us with new memories to discover.

…I didn’t realize it came out that long ago. We’re really behind the times, wow. We beat Breath of the Wild a while ago. Even though there are still plenty of places for us to explore as well as things to collect, the DLC was like playing the game all over again. It was great.

Each trial made us explore the land around the Divine Beasts again, challenging our map know-how (which wasn’t that great, let’s be honest) and bringing up fun challenges in order to summon the new shrines. We started off in the Shrine of Resurrection, fitting as it was the same place where the entire game began and obtained the One-Hit Obliterator, a weapon that took out enemies in one hit while also making Link susceptible to being taken out in one hit. … Something that happened quite often.

That was a tough time. We actually started the DLC and ended up stopping for a bit because we kept dying so much. With that single weapon and a quarter of a heart, poor Link had to go through enemy camps to get to new shrines. Then go through those tough shrines.

But prevail we did! After defeating the four shrines and getting rid of the One-Hit Obliterator, we were able to unlock the second half of the DLC. Monuments for each Champion were erected throughout the land and we had to travel to each one in order to take on the Champion’s Trial. Kass was an awesome Rito bard, hanging around each monument to sing us a song to give us clues for the trial.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Each Champion’s trial consisted of three challenging tasks before finally opening the shrine and going through that challenge. Once all three were completed, we were free to go back to the Divine Beast and challenge the boss once more. And yes, Kass was there and he was fantastic.

After defeating the Blights from the original Divine Beasts, we were treated to Kass singing once more and triggering extra memories, which were amazing! I definitely enjoyed seeing Urbosa kick ass in her memory and learning a bit more about her past with Princess Zelda. Baby Sidon in Mipha’s memory was adorable as well! We were then beckoned back to where it all began — the Shrine of Resurrection — for one more Divine Beast challenge.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The final boss was amazing. I personally think it was a lot better than the boss battle with Calamity Ganon. It was unsuspected too, even though we called who the boss would be right before it happened. Once that was all over, we were very satisfied. It was almost as though we beat the game all over again. It was great.

Have you played through this DLC yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Breath of the Wild Zelda Mod

Double Jump Kris MiiThe Legend of Zelda franchise is famous for its trio of characters that are routinely reincarnated in every installment — Ganon, Link, and Zelda. Princess Zelda has been the titular character for nearly every installment of the franchise, being present in at least name if not in person. This post is about a special Breath of the Wild mod that has been created by talented coders that place Zelda as the main hero of the story rather than a passive role.


While Link is the hero of the series, Princess (or Queen, depending on the game) Zelda is arguably the most important character. She is the driving force behind both Link’s and Ganon’s actions, with her power being Link’s strength and Ganon’s weakness simultaneously. Zelda plays a more passive role in some games while other games portray her as more active, such as Ocarina of Time when she dons her Sheik disguise or Skyward Sword as she goes on her own journey to discover the power of the goddess blood running through her veins.

With Breath of the Wild, Zelda is sealed away with Calamity Ganon, using the last of her powers to keep him contained until Link can appear to slay him. A couple of modders — WilianZilv and Skriller, and later Ainz — got the idea to mod the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild in order to be able to play as Zelda in Link’s usual role. The team has since grown to be more than 20 people, a team that was dedicated to enhancing the mod — giving Zelda appropriate dialogue, music changes, new outfits — rather than just allowing players to switch character models. The mod, and all of its enhancements, were made with a Wii U copy of the game, and the modders have a discord channel to discuss updates and future features of the mod.

Various videos on YouTube have shown this mod in action. Seeing this mod begs the question: would you play a Legend of Zelda game as the titular character herself? Link is a huge part of the franchise, but I think it would be interesting to play as Princess Zelda — or Sheik or Tetra or another of her aliases — and fully explore her potential with her magic abilities. She was always a favorite when she showed up in the Super Smash Bros. franchise!

Are you interested in trying this mod? What do you think of a Zelda-lead game?

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Still No Hookshot For Link [Breath Of The Wild]

Happy Thursday!

The Game Awards were a week ago and they put out more DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The DLC looks great and while we haven’t had a chance yet, Kris and I are looking forward to playing it. Still, there’s something missing.

The DLC looks as though they added new shrines for Link to explore as well as more background information on the Champions and Zelda herself. (She looks adorable in her winter outfit!)

Link also gets a cool motorcycle which, as was explained, is sort of like his own “divine beast.” It looks pretty cool and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

It was hard to tell if there were any new weapons for Link from what they showed. There’s one weapon in particular that they never added and they still haven’t added.

The hookshot.

According to My Nintendo News, IGN got together with the developer team of Breath of the Wild and asked about the hookshot.

Apparently, they had originally tried putting the hookshot into the game, but it just didn’t seem to fit in. In past games, Link always needed a target to attach the hookshot to. They would have needed to scatter targets around the entire open world and, I’m sure you can agree, that would take away the look of the natural environment.

They were planning on adding a double hookshot, but it just didn’t work out because then Link would have been able to go anywhere. The climbing was a new mechanic and they wanted players to use that rather than swing everywhere like Spider-Man.

The hookshot is one of my favorite weapons in the Zelda series, but I do have to agree. Breath of the Wild has a lot of brand new mechanics and ways to play. Sometimes new is better because honestly, I haven’t really missed it.

Do you still miss the hookshot? Do you agree with their decision to leave it out? Let me know in the comments below!

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Reactions To The Game Awards 2017

While we weren’t able to watch the Game Awards live, we watched the stream through YouTube this weekend. This was the fourth year for the Game Awards, but our first year watching. I wasn’t expecting them to showcase upcoming games and announce new ones. I honestly thought it was just going to strictly awards plus a few fun entertaining songs here and there. Needless to say, the Game Awards didn’t disappoint.

We really enjoyed the show! Aside from the awards and seeing some trailers for new games, I really enjoyed the Game Awards Orchestra. Pretty sure we recognized Tina Guo — we’ve shared one of her videos before — with her electric cello, and the music from multiple video game franchises blending beautifully together was just awesome. Wish I could have heard it all live!

Yes, the music was amazing, especially the final song when they ended the melody off with a live performance of Jump Up, Superstar! It amazes me how much work gets put into such a show.

With the awards, we realized that we haven’t played as many games as we thought we did throughout the year. We heard of a good chunk of them but, honestly, the few that we really knew were Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Cuphead. It was still nice to hear and see the acceptance speeches and how excited the developers and the like got when they got the award!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We knew pretty much only the games on the Nintendo Switch, while we’ve heard of some of the other games, we didn’t know anything about them. I got warm and fuzzy whenever someone won an award because I know how hard they’ve worked and I know that their video game is their baby, especially the Cuphead team.

We knew Cuphead would win something with how innovative it seemed, especially with the graphics and action gameplay. We personally haven’t played Cuphead, but it’s been a great Let’s Play topic, and we’ve enjoyed seeing some of our favorite YouTubers play the game. Perhaps we’ll splurge ourselves on it, and see how well we can work together during the boss battles, haha! I was definitely excited to see the Game of Year award go to Breath of the Wild, their third award of the night!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I was so happy that Breath of the Wild won a few awards! They certainly deserved it. Then again, every single game that won or was nominated in general, all deserved it. The gaming industry is truly a great one. They all work so hard and have fun doing so. It really brings people together.

Did you watch the Game Awards? What did you think of the winners and nominees? Let us know in the comments below!

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