Double Jump Bakes Mighty Fried Bananas

In honor of Zelda Month, we decided to try our hand at making some Mighty Fried Bananas, a dish that originated from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game, the recipe calls for Mighty Bananas (the Yiga Clan’s favorite food), Tabantha Wheat, and Cane Sugar to the cooking pot. The recipe […]

Breath Of The Wild 2 Wants & Predictions

I just wanted to say that when Nintendo showed that little bit from Breath of the Wild 2, I called the sequel before they showed the characters. I knew it was coming… although, before I called it, we thought it was something else. I can’t remember what we thought it was though. Regardless, when we […]

N64 Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer

Happy Monday! This is a little something I found recently while hanging out on the Internet, as one does. I’m still really excited for Breath of the Wild’s sequel, and I’m eager to hear more about it! Everyone remember the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer that was showcased at E3 earlier this year? We’re […]

Main Menus In Games

Who’s still playing Super Mario Maker 2? We are going back and forth with it, still enjoying everything the game has to offer. We’re particularly amused and impressed at the main menu screen turning into a level itself. It’s always fun to see if we’re able to complete the main menu level as a warm-up […]

Refreshing Games to Go Back To

When we do game reviews, we play as much of the game as we can before actually writing the review, but there are definitely games that we’ve never finished and enjoy going back to play. If you’re a reviewer, you know the feeling of wanting to play the new games and write about them while […]

Friday Favorites: Autumn Levels

Happy Friday everyone! Being the beginning of October and living in New England means that it’s around the time the tree leaves begin to change color. Red, orange, and yellow leaves make it so pretty outside… and video game graphics nowadays are almost just as good. Fall in Pokemon Black and White/Black 2 and White […]

The Adventures of Link and Larry

Happy Monday, everyone! There was a recent article on My Nintendo News about a series of shorts on the Play Nintendo YouTube channel starring Breath of the Wild Link and a cucco named Larry. Being curious, Rachel and I sat down to watch the five episodes and, you will now be subjected to my thoughts […]

Friday Favorites: Beaches in Games

Happy Friday! Being June, it’s supposed to be warmer, the perfect weather for a day at the beach. Considering where I am is kind of lackluster at the moment, with the weather ranging from the fifties to the eighties in Fahrenheit degrees rather than being consistent “summer” temperature, I’m going to visit some in-game beaches and […]

Breath Of The Wild: The Champions' Ballad DLC For Nintendo Switch

This was a long time coming. The Champions’ Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild came out almost six months ago, back in early December 2017. We just got around to playing it now. It was pretty good, bringing us back into the wonder of BotW’s amazing open world and enticing us with new memories […]

Breath of the Wild Zelda Mod

The Legend of Zelda franchise is famous for its trio of characters that are routinely reincarnated in every installment — Ganon, Link, and Zelda. Princess Zelda has been the titular character for nearly every installment of the franchise, being present in at least name if not in person. This post is about a special Breath […]