Video Game Bundles

Happy September! As kids, Rachel and I tended to wait until Christmas or our birthdays for new video games and consoles but, as adults, we squirrel away some money for these kind of occasions. Getting a new game here or there isn’t bad, but when they’re hard to find consoles or such, bundles look more […]

Of Video Games and Comics

It’s always amazing to me how much reach a video game franchise has in other mediums, such as movies, music, and visual art. This post is dedicated to some new buys that celebrate some of our favorite franchises in the art form of comics! Rachel and I tend to go to Barnes and Noble on […]

Friday Favorites: Places to Buy Games

You know what I want? A thrift store that sells old video games from way-back-when at decent prices. I would so become a regular and probably not see much of my paycheck. However, since a place like that does not exist near me, I do have a few favorite places to go whenever I need […]