Character Spotlight: Link

Happy Tuesday! I had someone else for the spotlight this month, but I ended up changing it to Link because of Breath of the Wild. I still don’t have the game, but I figured I might as well talk about Link anyway because he’s a great character and I’m going to eventually. Link is an […]

Character Spotlight: Paper Mario

Happy Tuesday and end of February! I’ve been talking a lot about Paper Mario: Color Splash this month and I thought what better character to do a Character Spotlight for than Paper Mario himself? Not Mario-Mario, Paper Mario. Paper Mario is his own character and known as such from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, a […]

Character Spotlight: Luigi

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe the end of the month is already here. It’s time for another Character Spotlight and I’ve chosen one of my all-time favorites!   Luigi was created as such so the Super Mario games could have a two-player option. They changed Mario’s color scheme, thus coming up with Luigi. He soon […]

Character Spotlight: Yoshi

Happy Tuesday! This month’s Character Spotlight is, I’m sure, a fan favorite from pretty much everyone.   Yoshi is an adorable dinosaur. He first appeared in Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo by Nintendo in 1990. He was originally created to be Mario’s sidekick and is just that in many of the games. However, Yoshi […]

Character Spotlight: Agitha

Time for another Character Spotlight! I know I just used a character from Twilight Princess last month, but Twilight Princess is just too good of a game to let the other characters pass by.   Agitha¬†first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was originally released in 2006 for the Nintendo Gamecube and […]

Character Spotlight: Fang

It’s Rachel! I thought I would do a fun mini-feature on the blog called “Character Spotlight” where I showcase some of my favorite characters from video games.   Everyone, meet Fang. If you’re an Animal Crossing lover, I’m sure you’ve met him plenty of times before. I started playing Animal Crossing when it first came […]