Gender Tropes

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Going off of last week’s post about Healer Tropes, I thought I would share my thoughts on Gender Tropes. Remember, kids, sexism shouldn’t have a place in the real world or video game worlds! When I was writing up my Fire Emblem Fates review, […]

Healer Tropes

It’s another Monday, and how I wish I could just continue to submerge myself in video game worlds, like Breath of the Wild. There are so many characters to meet there, from all the named NPCs to those who have a more direct role in the story. Yet, even with how unique everyone seems, there […]

For the Love of NPCs

Being the hero of a video game is one of the best parts of playing. Many boot up a console to escape the real world for a while, to fall into a fantasy where you help to save the world. Along the way, you generally meet many NPCs…   Non-playable characters, or NPCs, make up […]

Friday Favorites: Fates Characters

Fridays are wonderful, aren’t they? Fairly recently I’ve been playing through Revelations, the third game of the Fire Emblem: Fates trio. Considering the game combines all of the characters from Birthright and Conquest, there’s tons of fodder for your army in Revelations. It can actually be a bit overwhelming, but there were a few characters […]

What Kind of NPC Are You?

So the best part of playing a video game is being the hero and saving the world, right? Have you ever given much thought to all of those non-playable characters that help you out, like the innkeeper or the shop owner? It’s a little strange to realize that these pixel people exist solely for your […]

First Look: Fire Emblem Heroes

Another Monday, another week… What kinds of games are you playing this week to help get through the days? Perhaps a new mobile game…? This past Thursday, Nintendo released a new mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. Much like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes proves to be a popular hit. While I […]

Friday Favorites: Fire Emblem Games

 Thank God it’s Friday! How was everyone’s week? Joining in on Miketendo’s #FireEmblemWeek, I’m still riding high on the Fire Emblem hype that’s come with the announcement of all the new games. Did anyone else get Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices yet? Or do some of you prefer the full games, like in my list […]

Of Avatars and Self-Inserts

One month down… Eleven to go! I hope everyone’s January went as well as it could as we start to head into February. With every new year comes another chance for people to better themselves and to plan where they want to be in the future. Many people vow to better themselves, to give up […]

Friday Favorites: Wanted Smash Characters

With the Nintendo Switch slated for release in a couple of months, I was thinking of the games that would be available for the console. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game I’m anxiously awaiting, but I’m sure there will also be a new Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, and a Super Smash […]

First Impressions: Pokemon Moon

Happy Monday, all! For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is right around the corner! Are you all ready for it? … I’m not. At all. So, let’s procrastinate more on getting ready for the holiday and talk about Pokemon! As the latest installments of the franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon threw aside the […]