Monday Memories: The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Happy Monday, everyone! With Pokemon Sword and Shield came the ability to have Pokemon Dynamax in certain battles in the game. Playing Sword and Shield, though, made me feel as if I’ve seen a Dynamax Pokemon long before the Galar region existed… We’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Sword and Shield lately, which probably […]

A "No" for Inky Pen

Happy Monday everyone! Back in August, I did a little post about apps on the Nintendo Switch, including one that was called Inky Pen, a monthly subscription app for comics. It was something I was interested in, but…  Inky Pen is an app exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and boasts thousands of comics for a […]

"Dream Daddy" Comics

Happy Monday, everyone! On a fairly recent post, I mentioned how a comic app was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Then I heard about a mini comic series based on a game that we played and enjoyed almost a year ago… Way back in November 2017 Rachel and I did a review for a visual […]

Nintendo Switch Apps and InkyPen

Happy Monday, everyone! Something that we’ve been hearing about for the Nintendo Switch is when apps are coming to the console. We’ve heard some recent news about an app that may be paving the way for just that… While we mainly play console games on our Nintendo Switch, we definitely still have our Wii U […]

Of Video Games and Comics

It’s always amazing to me how much reach a video game franchise has in other mediums, such as movies, music, and visual art. This post is dedicated to some new buys that celebrate some of our favorite franchises in the art form of comics! Rachel and I tend to go to Barnes and Noble on […]