Monday Memories: The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Happy Monday, everyone! With Pokemon Sword and Shield came the ability to have Pokemon Dynamax in certain battles in the game. Playing Sword and Shield, though, made me feel as if I’ve seen a Dynamax Pokemon long before the Galar region existed… We’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Sword and Shield lately, which probably […]

Pokemon Nuzlockes

When Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released later this year, there will be nearly 30 core Pokemon games. While these games grant the player the ability to explore an entire region with whatever Pokemon teams they can imagine, sometimes the usual “defeat-the-bad-guys-and-become-the-champion” plot line can get a bit old. To alleviate┬áthat, there are some […]

Of Video Games and Comics

It’s always amazing to me how much reach a video game franchise has in other mediums, such as movies, music, and visual art. This post is dedicated to some new buys that celebrate some of our favorite franchises in the art form of comics! Rachel and I tend to go to Barnes and Noble on […]

Friday Favorites: Fan Comics

Video games, with all of their creative genius, have spawned plenty of other creators to share their skills, via fan art, fanfiction, comics, music, whatever. Being an avid gamer and reader who appreciates art, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite video game fan comics. Awkward Zombie Awkward Zombie is a series of mostly […]