The Making of a Great Console

For today’s post, I was taking a look at the video games exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Since the Nintendo Switch console is now four years old and was one of the best-selling consoles — including the Switch Lite version — of 2020. Indeed, the PS5 and Xbox Series X may not be able to […]

That Time I Did Not Pick Legend of Zelda

Happy Monday, everyone! Something that I’m trying to do for the new year is to be a little more active on social media, such as Twitter. It includes trying to respond to more people, throw my opinion out there more, and just see what comes up. Fairly recently, a Twitter account we follow — @GifZelda […]

PlayStation Classic

Happy Monday everyone! I’m amused at all the “classic” editions of consoles popping up. Miniature versions of the original consoles, these classic ones are more Rachel’s and my size!   So. The PlayStation Classic. It’s coming out December 3rd for about 100 bucks with 20 games, two wired controllers and an HDMI cable to connect the […]

Multi-Platform Games

Happy Monday, everyone! Being a gamer is an expensive hobby. It doesn’t help that, sometimes, awesome games are available in multiple platforms, either as updated versions or just ported to a system that may be better suited for it. Do you have any games on multiple platforms? We have Stardew Valley, Death Road to Canada, […]

New Switch Editions

Happy Monday, everyone! With last week’s Nintendo Direct, a few new Switch editions were revealed. Both of them look great, but we’re not sure if we’d splurge even if we did have the money on them. There have been two new Switch editions that have been revealed, both having to do with a couple of […]

Monday Memories: Game Boy Advance

Happy Monday, everyone! The Nintendo Switch and the 2DS XL are our current go-to consoles when it comes to playing games lately. Recently, however, I found my old Game Boy Advance during a cleaning spree, and I remember how much I used the old handheld… The Game Boy Advance was released in 2001 and I […]

A New Toy [Nintendo 2DS]

We both have the original Nintendo 3DS (2011). They both work fantastic, despite them being six years old. Nintendo has decided to let go of the original 3DS since they’ve come out with many other versions since then. We both knew we’d have to get a new handheld at some point and were thinking of […]

Nintendo Switch's Durability

Happy June, everyone! Summer is right around the corner (I think… it’s been very rainy over here lately), and with that is usually more time to spend playing video games. With the Switch, it’s easy enough to play outside too! I recently read an article about a YouTube channel whose whole premise is to take […]

Of the Original 3DS

Happy Monday — everyone ready for another week? We had a pretty good weekend, spending most of Saturday just relaxing and playing video games during the rainy day. While we’ve been playing most games on our Switch nowadays, there’s still plenty of games that we’re playing on our 3DS systems. In a recent My Nintendo […]

Rumors of a Mini Nintendo SNES

Happy Monday, everyone! I… just really want to keep playing video games right now instead of thinking about my day job, haha! One of the more recent rumors that has popped up in video game news is about Nintendo producing a Mini SNES for the holidays this year. I’m honestly not as excited about the […]