Unorthodox Controllers

Happy Monday everyone! I love the idea of custom set-ups for computers and video game consoles. Some people are creative enough to have really unique set-ups for the way they play video games… One of the most exciting announcements for fans of the Super Smash Bros. franchise was that Nintendo would be making a GameCube […]

ZD T Wired Gaming Controllers

While Rachel and I grew up playing mostly Nintendo games, we have grown to try out games from all sorts of developers and on different platforms. In particular, I am exploring more PC games whenever I want to take a break from the Nintendo Switch or 3DS. While a keyboard and mouse work just fine […]

Switch Week: Controls

Judging by the presentation, the controllers — affectionately called Joy-ConĀ — were probably Nintendo’s favorite aspect about their new hybrid console. So much time was spent on showing off the two Joy-Con and, in my opinion, for good reason. They definitely are slick pieces of hardware for a new console. I agree, the Joy-Cons look pretty […]