Death Road To Canada [Video Game Review]

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Title: Death Road To Canada
Developer: Rocketcat Games / Madgarden
Publisher: Ukiyo Publishing
Nintendo Switch
Action, Adventure
Release Date: 
May 8, 2018
How we got the game: 
I bought it on the Nintendo Switch eShop




Death Road To Canada is a game that will always hold a special place in my heart. Kris and I reviewed this game when it was on Steam back in 2017. We got it for the Switch shortly after it was released for the console. I played it again recently and thought of doing an updated review for it.

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In Death Road To Canada, you can create whoever you want. I tend to make myself and go on the journey with Kris. We can create other people or run into NPCs the game has already created. The point is to make it to Canada during the zombie apocalypse. Each character has a personality trait and skill trait. Depending on what they have, they may have an advantage in something. All characters have skills, though only some are revealed off the bat. You need to do something pertaining to that skill in order for it to reveal itself as really good, good, neutral, bad, or very bad.

What I love about this game is that no two playthroughs are alike. The story, even though you have 11 days left to arrive in Canada, is random. Anything can happen. You can run into anyone or anything. What you find is a crapshoot as well. You can have a run where you have great weapons but find barely any medical supplies. You may run out of gas super fast depending on your car and you may be starving most of the run.

The game is sassy and witty which makes it all the more fun. This game is fun to play when you’re by yourself or if you have a few friends with you. Which I love most about the Nintendo Switch version is that there’s four-player local co-op whereas on PC it was only two-player.

In Death Road To Canada, you head to various places like pet stores, grocery stores, trading camps, and more. Each place you look for food, weapons, gas, and medical supplies. You can also find other people and help them out or use them as bait in case you get in a jam. All the while you’re fighting zombies, which can be fast or slow depending on the time of day and their current temperament.

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For a zombie game, the music is fun and upbeat. You can tell the game doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s part of the fun. The graphics are charming. They’re not realistic at all, which is what I like best about it – otherwise, I probably wouldn’t give this game a shot. Zombie games aren’t my cup of coffee, but everything about the aesthetics of this game is awesome.

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There’s never a dull moment in this game. As I said before, no two play-throughs are alike. There’s always room to play more as you encounter different scenarios and use various characters with different traits. I still have yet to beat the game, though I’ve seen it done before. After you win so many times, you can unlock a hard mode. You also earn Zombo Points while playing, which allows you to unlock new traits, characters, and game modes. The ways to play this game are endless.

Death Road To Canada gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

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Playing Death Road To Canada On The Nintendo Switch

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Death Road to Canada is a game Kris and I discovered through YouTube and bought on Steam. It’s a fun game and we’ve played it a couple of times, but now that it’s on the Nintendo Switch, we had the chance to play with friends.

Death Road to Canada | Nintendo Switch | Video Games | Gaming |

We’ve been doing better getting together with a couple of gaming friends who, due to life, we don’t normally see often. We’ve been trying to get together once a month for a game night and, so far, we’ve been doing pretty well at it.

This time we played Death Road to Canada on the Nintendo Switch. It was hard since the game only allows for 2-players at a time and there’s 4 of us. Plus, you can have 4 people in your party in the game but for some reason, it only allows for 2 human players.

And there’s no online or local co-op. So, we had three Switches set up, my friend and I on his Switch and Kris and our other friend on our Switch.

It worked well enough, but I’ll admit we didn’t play for more than 2 hours. We found ourselves getting distracted by each other’s games and trying to watch the other team play.

Next time, I think we’ll just pass the controllers around and mix and match teams of 2 and see who can make it the farthest.

It was fun to play with someone other than Kris, though. Kris and I play games together all the time and we know each other’s tricks and gaming routines. It was fun to play with our friends and see how they would handle certain situations.

I’m looking forward to playing the game with them again, but I do hope in the future, the game allows for 4 players or online co-op. That would be ideal.

Have you played Death Road to Canada on the Nintendo Switch yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Death Road To Canada [Game Review]

Death Road to Canada Game Review

Title: Death Road To Canada
Developer: Rocketcat Games
Publisher: Rocketcat Games
PC (Steam)
Release Date: 
July 2016
How we got the game: 
We bought it

Death Road to Canada was one of those insanely popular games when it first came out last year. Rachel and I were skeptical of it, especially since many of our favorite YouTubers were playing it around Halloween, thinking that it was some horror game. However, it’s actually rather silly, even with the slightly gruesome thought of your character being eaten by zombies.

And it’s not even gruesome at that… the graphics are very cartoony and pixelated that it makes the game look almost cute. It took us a while, but we finally sat down to play the game ourselves.


In Death Road to Canada, you take control of a character trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The levels of the game are trying to maneuver around and survive against zombies while looting houses, buildings, and other areas on your way to Canada. In between the levels, your character is in their car (or walking if the car breaks down), allowing them a brief moment of respite to attempt to heal any wounds, chat for a moment, and for random events to play through.

As you’re looting, you want to be on the lookout for various weapons, as they can break and some swing harder than others, as well as food, gas for your car, and medical supplies. The various scenarios that play out are random chat snippets, but can also sometimes be multiple choice. For example, you may come across a cabin in the woods. Do you have a member of your team stay on watch all night? Or do you all go to sleep? Or maybe you just keep driving.

Characters can also have different perks and traits that will affect their personality, which can in turn affect the consequences of events and multiple choice scenarios. Perks also affect the characters with their starting equipment and stats, such as morale, loyalty, fitness, and mechanical. Many of these effect how hard your character can attack, how many hits it’ll take for them to fall, and how well they can use certain weapons.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
In a way, it helps you strategize, but it’s hard to strategize for a game that’s completely random. You can certainly determine which character in your party would be better for the decision ahead, but it might not always work. Still, it’s fun to customize a character as yourself.

Even as yourself, however, you never have full control of their stats and personality. There was one play-through that Rachel and I were playing where Rachel thought it was a good idea to steal not once but twice from random NPCs. Due to that, my Kris character got fed up enough to leave during a random event, taking half of the food with her. The two-player mode turned into a single-player game without our input! It was definitely a unique gameplay element.


Both the graphics and the music are rather quirky. The graphics are pixel-y, which is paired nicely with a game about zombies. Despite the setting of the game being the zombie apocalypse, there isn’t much gore except for some cartoon-like zombie brains and guts. Being a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously at times, the graphics don’t seem to take it too seriously either, and it works.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If this game had realistic graphics, I probably wouldn’t be playing it. It adds a certain charm to the game, though it’s hard to customize your character. There are face, hair, and clothing options, but they’re hard to see because everything looks grainy. And it’s also easy to lose your character in a swarm of zombies all the same size as you.

That may be the point, actually, to give the game an extra challenge. You’re fighting in a zombie apocalypse, you’re not supposed to look pretty, haha! The music and sound effects go well with the graphics, keeping the tone of the game generally lighthearted despite the situation. It’s easy to focus on the game and not get too distracted by the music which, considering you’re trying to survive against zombies, is a plus.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The music is definitely lighthearted, yeah. It’s got a fun beat and I think it’s a perfect match for the kind of graphics it has. Plus, you wouldn’t expect it from a zombie game, but it works.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This game is pretty simple when it comes to a “story.” Zombies have overrun the United States, but Canada seems to be zombie-free. You’re trying to travel from Florida to Canada without dying.

Ideally, you’ll have a car to help shorten the travel time and to get to abandoned houses and buildings to loot for weapons, food, and gas. You can meet up with and help strangers and companions alike, but while they’re useful in helping against the zombies, they may stretch your resources thin.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It’s like a “choose your own adventure” kind of game where every decision you make can either make or break your chances to win.


This is a fun and, oftentimes, ridiculous game. With so many random events, traits, perks, and character attributes, no game is alike. It’s difficult, but not frustratingly so, making you want to keep going rather than rage quit. It’s a game that I don’t mind picking up for a quick round at any time!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, this game is easy to say, “One more round!” as it makes you so determined to win and get to Canada! It’s a fun game to pick up at any time and doesn’t take too long to play (unless you actually win).

Death Road to Canada gets…
4-lives4 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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ZD T Wired Gaming Controllers

Double Jump Kris MiiWhile Rachel and I grew up playing mostly Nintendo games, we have grown to try out games from all sorts of developers and on different platforms. In particular, I am exploring more PC games whenever I want to take a break from the Nintendo Switch or 3DS. While a keyboard and mouse work just fine for PC games, I definitely wanted to get a nice PC controller.



Rachel and I are trying out more PC games, but we’ve grown up with consoles and controllers in our hands. After hunting around for a bit, we found the ZD T gaming controllers for PC, Android, and the PlayStation 3. We were only interested in the PC aspect of the controller so we could have a more comfortable time playing our Steam games.

We recently tried out the controllers for the first time while playing Death Road to Canada. The handles fit comfortably in our hands with us able to reach the buttons we needed with ease. There were plenty of buttons to fully customize the controls for the game, with the controller having the familiar template with the A, B, Y, and X buttons.

I was really pleased with the way the controller handled and it was a blast playing Death Road to Canada with Rachel with them! We were a little hesitant with using wired controllers, as wireless seems to be the way to go nowadays, but the wires were nice and long, allowing us to play easily on the couch after hooking up the laptop to our television. The controllers were able to be used as soon as we plugged them into the laptop — after the drivers were found and installed by the laptop, the controllers worked wonderfully!

I’m looking forward to using the controller on plenty of other Steam and PC games!

Do you have a PC or other gaming controller that you like using? What’s the brand?

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Steam Haul

Double Jump Kris MiiWe’ve been getting so much snow this past week! I hope everyone else who may be getting hammered with snow are staying safe and warm.

On the bright side, snow days are one of the best excuses to play video games!


My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I was graciously given a few gift cards for Steam, a platform that delivers tons of PC games right to your desktop. It’s a great place to find new games to try, with plenty from indie developers and a good handful even free to play. With the gaming laptop that we had bought off of a friend a few months ago, we figured it was about time to really get used to Steam.

I used up my gift cards to get three games that I’ve been looking forward to playing for a while now. The first was Batman: The Telltale Series which, lucky me, was half off for the weekend. Yay for video game sales! I haven’t tried out the visual novel just yet, but I’m excited to find a good hour or two to really get invested in the story.

The second was Stardew Valley, finally! The entire game — art, music, mechanics, characters, plot — was created by one person, and it utterly blows my mind. I played up to about a game’s week, and I’m enjoying the simple farming game. It’s reminiscent of the older Harvest Moon games, the ones where all you had to do was take care of and raise a farm, maybe get married if you wanted. The newer Harvest Moon games, while still enjoyable, are more goal-oriented, such as restoring entire towns and islands. Stardew Valley brings me back to the fun, simpler games that originally had gotten me into that franchise.

The third game is Death Road to Canada. It’s a zombie apocalypse survival game where the player controls a car full of people with different quirks and strengths on their journey from Florida in the U.S. to Canada, the last country standing against the zombies. Rachel and I made ourselves and, while we didn’t do too badly on our first run, we did end up dying before reaching Canada. I died first, then Rachel, and eventually the random NPC that we had picked up and a dog character croaked as well. It was entertaining!

Do any of you use Steam? Any favorite or recommended games? Have you played any of the three that I’ve mentioned above?

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