Friday Favorites: Asexual Characters

Happy Friday everyone! Asexual Awareness week was October 20 – 26 and, as some of you may know, I identify as asexual. Representation of any kind of diversity has always been important to me, even before I realized my sexuality. In a belated celebration for Asexual Awareness week, this Friday Favorites post details a few […]

Don't Forget

I apologize for how late this post has come out. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do originally, perhaps talk about the E3 conference, but something tragic has happened over the weekend and it cannot be forgotten. This is not my usual sort of post, but this is a cause that is near and […]

Pro-Diversity in Sims 4

The Sims franchise has always been a favorite of Rachel’s and mine ever since an old coworker years ago had let me borrow her collection of Sims 2 games and expansion packs to try it out for myself. Since then, we had been hooked. Now the Sims 4 have been creating more and more customization […]