Friday Favorites: Tracks with Lyrics

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello, hello! Kris here on a lovely Friday!

This Friday Favorites post is dedicated to some of my favorite tracks from video games with lyrics. Soundtracks from video games are some of my favorite tunes to listen to in general, but there are always a few lyrical tracks that get stuck in your head (for better or for worst).

Donkey Kong 64

This song is just hysterical. The animation for the characters is spot on and the tune will definitely be stuck with you for a while!

Simple and Clean

This beautiful tune, along with the opening animation, is just gorgeous. I still have the old burned CD that my friend gave me about ten years ago in high school with the original English version, a remixed version, and then both of those versions in Japanese.

City Escape

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was not the best Sonic game, we all know this. However, it did have some damn catchy music, especially City Escape!

Azura’s Song

Fire Emblem: Fates brought along a new character, a dancer named Azura in the English version. She sings this particular song throughout the games, and I found myself using her in battle more often than I thought I would because of this song.

What are you favorite video game songs?

What Are You Playing?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s one more day closer to the weekend! Rachel and I are blessed with a long weekend coming up and, of course, we’re talking about what we’re going to do with our free time. Besides a Disney movie marathon (because why not), our weekend will definitely include video games.

We are going to have no social life this week! But that’s great because I can’t wait to kick my feet up and play through a couple of games. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and just worry about the next boss battle in my game for a long time. There’s always something that needs to get done or I have to go to work or something like that…

But that’s what makes playing video games special. We’d get bored pretty quickly if we did nothing but play video games all day. Not to mention, it’s probably not that healthy to be staring at a screen with pixelated characters all day. When we can play video games, it’s usually a great time!

We’re still playing Yoshi’s Woolly World. We still have to get all those flowers and unlock those extra levels! In the meantime, I’ve been playing Paper Mario, one of my all-time favorite games.

Paper Mario won’t take you long at all to finish. We’ve played it so many times, it barely takes us twenty hours to finish the game anymore. I’m still working on Fire Emblem Fates, Birthright to be exact. I probably could have finished the Birthright storyline by now, but Birthright is known for being the easier of the three Fates installments. I’m a sucker for building my army and their supports.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m almost done with the game. I got the second star in about an hour and got two other stars in one night in just a couple of hours. It’s a pretty easy, straight-forward game, but when you’ve played it so many times it just gets easier and easier. Though I’ll never stop playing it. I have to say, I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game.

Paper Mario may be simple, especially after enjoying the game so much, but it has fantastic replay value for us. I think I’m going to make you play a Fire Emblem game. It’s definitely more of a solo game with the strategy that’s involved, but it’s challenging with a great storyline and awesome characters.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m sure it is! It’s just not something I’m used to playing. If I could have a bunch of games just like Paper Mario I would play those all day long.

What have you been playing lately?