Top Tuesday: Hoenn Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

I’m journeying through the Hoenn region, so here are my top favorite Pokemon from the third generation.


Top Tuesday: Favorite Hoenn Pokemon Double Jump

5. Wurmple

I know Wurmple gets a lot of crap because it’s considered that “weak bug” Pokemon, but Wurmple can be anything he wants to be. Even though it depends on his number, I think it’s cool he can change into different butterflies.

4. Gardevoir

Majestic. Enough said.

3. Mightyena

I love all the dog-like Pokemon. Mightyena is tough and has such a cool design. It’s also dark-type which is pretty epic.

2. Swellow

Swellow is your standard bird. It’s huge and I think it would be the perfect bird to hop on its back and sore through the skies.

1. Blaziken

I feel like my number one Pokemon for each region is always the fire starter. But I can’t help it. Fire is my favorite type and the starters are just awesome.

Who are your favorite Pokemon from Hoenn?