Top Tuesday: Favorite Zelda: Skyward Sword Characters

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

It’s time for another top list and to go along with my favorite Mario characters, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite Zelda characters since Breath of the Wild is a huge deal at the moment. Of course, I’ll be talking about Skyward Sword today. It’s my favorite Zelda game and I haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet…

I of course love Zelda and Link respectively, but seeing as they’re the protagonists, I’ve decided to keep them off the list. So, without further ado…

5. Pipit

Pipit doesn’t really do anything in this game, but he’s really cute and I absolutely love his voice even though he just mutters a simple “yeah” when you speak to him.

4. Impa

Impa carries this story. Without here, everyone would be dead. I love the older version of her and even though she was mean to Link as an adult, she’s such a bad-ass and it’s amazing.

3. Ghirahim

I think Ghirahim is my favorite villain from the Zelda series. I found him hilarious and I loved his personality, even though he was creepy. I love his character design as well.

2. Fi

Most people find Fi annoying, but I always loved her. She’s so majestic and naive, yet is totally aware of what’s going on. Like most games, Link would be lost without Fi, his companion for the game. She’s not very good at math and she wasn’t always the best at giving advice, but I enjoyed her company anyway.

1. Groose

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the character with the most development throughout the entire game. You don’t see Groose much and I know he’s a jerk in the beginning, but he’s insecure, that’s all. My favorite part of the whole game was the final boss when Groose came swooping down to catch Zelda and aid Link in battle from the sidelines. He didn’t like Link, he only wanted to impress Zelda, but when it came to the fate of the world, he realized Link was the obvious choice. Instead of being bitter about it, he took it upon himself to do whatever he could to help. And it was the best thing ever.

Who are your favorite Skyward Sword characters? Let me know in the comments below!

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