Flashback Friday: Fire Emblem

Happy Friday, everyone! These past few months have been spent trying to find comfort with some favorite games, both old and new alike. While I haven’t found Animal Crossing New Horizons to be too bad so far, I’m finding myself drawn right back to some old favorites. When Super Smash Bros. Melee first became a […]

My Thoughts on Cindered Shadows

Happy Monday, everyone! While I really didn’t need an excuse to get back into playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Cindered Shadows DLC was a great reason to turn the game on again. And, honestly, I wouldn’t mind more DLC like this for the game! The Cindered Shadows DLC came out for Fire Emblem: Three […]

Byleth Should Have Been a Student

Happy Monday, everyone! Amidst Zelda Month and Pokemon Sword and Shield hype, I’m still enamored with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Yet, I’ve been thinking more and more about Byleth’s position in the game. Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses should have been a student. I honestly believe there still would have been as much potential […]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses [Game Review]

Title: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Developer: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo Games Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Switch Category: Tactical role-playing Release Date: July 26, 2019 How we got the game: Bought it on Nintendo Switch Pssst…. There may be story or gameplay spoilers in this review! You’ve been warned! I’ve finally finished my first playthrough of Three […]

Friday Favorites: Three Houses Students

Happy Friday everyone! The Golden Deer are my children. I will admit that I have yet to try out game files with the other houses since I am so invested in the Golden Deer and their stories. However, I love exploring the monastery during free days to talk to everyone, regardless of house. Excluding the […]

Friday Favorites: FE Three Houses Details

Happy Friday everyone! While I feel I could have found a better word than “details,” I felt as if this encompassed everything that I enjoy so far about Three Houses that didn’t fit into one box, so to speak. This is just a random list of things that I wish to gush over. Please note […]

Friday Favorites: Fire Emblem Three Houses Wish List

Happy Friday everyone! The Nintendo Direct was just a couple of days ago and it showed off a bit of the newest Fire Emblem games that’s going to come out, Three Houses. As mentioned in Rachel’s and my joint reactions post, I’m still optimistic for the game if a little confused as to how the game was […]

Play for the Story, Not the Game

Happy Monday everyone! The narrative and storytelling techniques in video games are generally a big factor in whether or not I enjoy said video games. In fact, there are definitely some games where I enjoy the story more than the gameplay itself.  I am a writer. Not just of blog posts, but also of stories, […]

Friday Favorites: 2019 Game Releases

Happy Friday everyone! The end of 2018 is only in a couple of weeks! Are you already thinking of your 2019 video game lists? What kind of games are you looking forward to for the new year? Untitled Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Okay, I know we just got the Let’s Go titles, but I am […]

Preferred Gender Tropes

Happy Monday, everyone! Have you ever noticed if the gender of the protagonist effects the game? Perhaps one gender has better stats or different powers or something as simple as clothing options? Many games, particularly RPGs, allow the player to choose between playing a male or a female protagonist. While most games tend not to […]