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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

On a fairly recent post, I mentioned how a comic app was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Then I heard about a mini comic series based on a game that we played and enjoyed almost a year ago…


Way back in November 2017 Rachel and I did a review for a visual novel/dating simulation game produced by the Game Grumps, a popular YouTube channel, called Dream Daddy. It was a fun game, one with fantastic characters, writing, and graphics, as well as celebrating gender and sexuality diversity.

Recently I heard that the Dream Daddy game is going to have comics based off of them. There will be five issues, with one available now and the rest being released within the next couple of months. Each issue will feature one to two of the dads that your character can romance in the game, and they’ll be available on quite a few digital platforms — Steam, Google Play, iTunes, Comixology — as well as a print version through Oni Press online shop, the folks who are publishing the series.

Considering Rachel and I enjoyed the game, I figured if we have a little extra money on our Steam account we’ll get an issue or two. Depending on the writing and the artwork, maybe we’ll splurge on all of the issues to see how the comics expand on the game lore.

Did you play Dream Daddy? What kind of comics based off of video games, or vice versa, have you read?

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Dream Daddy [Game Review]

Dream Daddy Game Review

Title: Dream Daddy
Developer: Game Grumps
Publisher: Game Grumps
PC (Steam)
Visual Novel
Release Date: 
July 20, 2017
How we got the game: 
We bought it

The Game Grumps are a popular channel on YouTube, with a plethora of different gaming videos with rapid uploads. Sometimes their commentary is a bit NSFW, but if you can overlook that, they’re entertaining. When Dream Daddy was announced, we thought it sounded like a random and, perhaps, silly concept. However, we were quickly impressed with not only the quality of the game, but with the gender and sexuality diversity within it.

We’ve only played one other visual novel game before and it was another dating sim based on a group of YouTubers. It was an amazing game and we had a feeling Game Grumps wouldn’t disappoint.


Dream Daddy is a visual novel, so the game controls are simple. Players read along with the story and, whenever they’re available, choose multiple-choice answers that will determine how other characters feel about you and, in some cases, how scenes will play out.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Some of the choices are difficult, some aren’t. Based on what you answer, the Daddy you’re currently with will either get happy at your response or sad. This all determines whether you get a good ending or bad ending for them.

You are able to go on a couple of dates with each Daddy, with most having mini games that you need to complete to help boost your date score. The date scores, along with the choices made during the multiple-choice responses, help to determine the kind of ending you receive. The game itself is mostly point-and-click, but remembering certain details about the characters and their backgrounds will help you make the correct choices to get the good endings.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the mini-games to be the most clever part of the game. There’s a fun Pokemon battle kind of game as well as game that mimicked Bejewled. Some were pretty creative and others… we just didn’t understand and didn’t do well with. Still, they were pretty cool.


The graphics were so much fun in this game! The scenery was beautiful, especially during the date nights with the eligible bachelors of the game, but also with the characters themselves. No one looked alike and their expressions were always on par.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I think that’s my favorite part about visual novel games. I love seeing the expressions on the various characters. Each one was unique as were their houses and the various scenery of each date. I also loved the fact that you could customize yourself. Apparently, if Kris and I were boys, we’d have red hair and green eyes.

Red hair, green eyes, glasses, clean-shaven, and named Dean Jay. That was our Dadsona, haha! Considering your character was completely customizable, I was definitely impressed with the level of graphics and the programming that enabled your custom Dad to be present by the dialogue box whenever he spoke. The music was on point as well, with some talented scores and mood music whenever it was called for.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, the music was great. I especially loved the opening theme on the main menu. Every time we played, I got it stuck in my head.


Rachel Mii Double Jump
Upon beginning the game, you create yourself, a single father. You and your daughter have just moved into a cul-de-sac and now you have to meet and get friendly with all your neighbors, who also happen to be fathers, most of them being single.

While the main goal is to make friends, as per your daughter, you can connect deeper with the fathers via Dadbook, a social media platform for dads. With Dadbook, you set up and go out on dates with the other fathers, getting to know them better as you decide who you ultimately want to pursue.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We went on two dates with each Dad and then on the third date we had to choose who we want to hook up with. Of course, you can go on three dates with one Dad right away. Or you can go on two dates with some, one date with others, and zero dates with other guys. There’s no right or wrong way to go about your love life.


Dream Daddy has a couple of different endings per character, not only with the date-able dads but also with your daughter. If the multiple endings are not enough reason to replay the game, then the plethora of dates and mini-games would certainly help. The graphics, music, and even the characters’ backstories and development arcs are also fantastic points to keep playing this game until you uncover all of the achievements.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ll certainly be going back to the game to try to get the good ending with all of the Dads. We also wanted to get the bad ending with our daughter. Well… we don’t want to, but we’re still curious as to what happens.

Dream Daddy gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Currently Playing: Dream Daddy

Double Jump Kris MiiRachel’s and my Steam account has been getting more of a workout lately, which is awesome. One of the games that’s getting the most love at the moment is a visual novel called Dream Daddy.

…Yeah, I know, the name threw me off a bit too when I first heard about it.


Dream Daddy is a visual novel dating sim game that was released on Steam this past July. It was developed and published by Game Grumps, a popular gaming YouTube channel that Rachel and I occasionally watch.

The premise of the game was that you play a single dad who searches for and romances other dads. It sounded a little silly to us when we first heard about it, but it was always highly rated both on Steam and from social media. The graphics looked fun, with the character designs and the interface of the game, and Rachel and I don’t mind visual novels, so we thought we’d download it.

Holy crap, it’s so much fun!

The writing is phenomenal, especially the relationship between your main Dad character and his daughter! There’s obviously a lot of love put into the script, and the reactions and dialogue can be so genuine and natural that Rachel and I have found ourselves spewing out lines before they show up in the text box.

Aside from the little “dates” that your character does with the other dads, there’s obviously an underlying story for each character, from your own character and his daughter to the “brooding dad” to the “goth dad” to the “youth minister dad” and beyond. While the characters start off as stereotypes, they develop and grow throughout the game enough so Rachel and I have a hard time picking favorites.

But my absolute favorite aspect of this game is the diversity. Right off the bat when you’re creating your “Dadsona,” you get the option of creating a transgender character. I’ve never seen a video game character that’s transgender, and to see the representation just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The other dads in the game represent all sorts of different family dynamics, with the single dad, the divorced dad, the transgender dad, the gay dad, the bi dad, and it was fantastic.

Rachel and I are definitely looking forward to completing this game and uncovering all the stories of the characters!


Have you played Dream Daddy? Are there other visual novels you enjoy?

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