Flashback Friday: Fire Emblem

Happy Friday, everyone! These past few months have been spent trying to find comfort with some favorite games, both old and new alike. While I haven’t found Animal Crossing New Horizons to be too bad so far, I’m finding myself drawn right back to some old favorites. When Super Smash Bros. Melee first became a […]

Friday Favorites: Rune Factory 4 NPC Characters

Happy Friday everyone! Rune Factory 4 Special Edition was released for the Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago. I have the game for the 3DS and I enjoyed it enough to justify buying it again for the Switch. It was great to re-meet some of the colorful characters in the game! This Friday Favorites […]

Would You Rather: The Sims Edition

Considering our celebration of simulation games this month, we figured playing “Would You Rather” with an emphasis on the Sims franchise was appropriate. With everything you can do in the Sims games, there are plenty of ideas and what if scenarios for it. Starting off simple, Rachel, would you rather play the Sims by recreating […]

To Be In Control

Happy Monday, everyone! I apologize for no solo posts last week. This whole virus nonsense has been throwing many people — myself included — for a loop, particularly where my day job is concerned. Diving into video games has been my go-to coping method. When Rachel and I decided to do a themed month of […]

D&D Adventures: The End of Our First Campaign

Considering the holidays in December, we picked our campaign back up in January. Our January session of our campaign had us leaving Cragmaw Castle. We did not explore the whole castle since we, you know, somehow found what we needed within our last session quick enough. Since we didn’t fully explore the place, our DM […]

Friday Favorites: Harvest Moon Games

Happy Friday everyone! The Harvest Moon series — rather, Story of Seasons as it’s called now — was probably my first dip into the simulation video game genre. While I’ve definitely turned my attention more towards Stardew Valley than this series, plenty of Harvest Moon games still hold a special place in my heart. Animal […]

Monday Memories: Game Start

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the first Monday of 2020! I’m being a little nostalgic today, mostly due to the new year and the fact that my birthday is coming up. I started thinking about where my love of gaming all began. I’m going to be 30 years old this year, at the end of […]

Life with Pets [Board Game Review]

The board game Life was a staple in our childhoods. While I don’t remember playing it as often as Monopoly or Clue, it was a fun game with the spinning wheel and the random “life” events as you traversed the board. We recently found a slightly updated version of the game that includes pets. Yes, […]

Gaming Goals for 2020

Considering the past couple of months have kind of been a blur with holidays (and, admittedly, being low-key obsessed with Pokemon Sword and Shield), I’m looking forward to setting some gaming goals for 2020. There are some games we’ve missed from the past couple of years that I want to try as well as expand […]