The Digital Age

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy July, everyone!

Recent news about game stores and physical games have made me come to a realization, one that I’m a bit bemused by…


Fairly recently, I read a couple of stories about how GameStop is in buyout talks and physical copies of Fortnite are being sold for hundreds of dollars, and it made me realize something…

I’m old.

Not really, but considering how fast technology has grown during my lifetime, it makes me feel a little old. For example, I know that the “save” symbol in Microsoft Word is based off of a floppy disk. My cousins, who are about half of my age, have never seen a floppy disk nor do they even use Word anymore — it’s all Google Docs, which I have yet to fully figure out.

I have lived during the release of every Nintendo video game console with the exception of the original NES. I have seen Blockbuster at the height of its business as well as when they closed their doors for good. Guys, I’m as old as the World Wide WebAnd now nearly everything is at our fingertips — video games, groceries, clothes, these can all be bought at the click of a button and be delivered to your house if not able to be downloaded right away. I’m totally guilty with that too. I download games way more often lately than I do buy physical games, and if I do get a physical game, it’s probably ordered from Amazon.

On a side note, Whose Line is it Anyway? was a fantastic show.

It’s amazing how many strides video games have made during my lifetime, from the NES’s blocky cartridges that only supported two players at most to being able to play with multiple people around the world while online to even virtual reality. These innovations are being programmed rapid-fire and, while feeling old is still there, I’m also excited to see how much farther programming and coding can leap while I’m alive.

Are you “old” like me? What are your favorite advancements in the digital age?

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Gamestop Pokemon Haul

This past weekend, we went over to Gamestop to spend money. Being Pokemon Month, we scoured the store for all sorts of Pokemon goodies, having fun in the process and probably amusing the workers. There wasn’t that big of a selection, but we each got a little plushie, Rachel got some Pokemon cards, and I got a couple of Lego-like Construx sets.

We had gotten an email about “Pokemon Day” for Gamestop and ThinkGeek, hence why we went. Of course, it was then that we realized the sales were mostly for online. Still, we went a bit crazy and bought stuff anyway. My Pokemon cards were “buy one, get one 50% off.” So, naturally, I got two big boxes.

Rachel was really happy, haha! With all the booster packs and the two jumbo cards, she got a little over one hundred and fifty new cards. Not that we really do anything with the cards other than admire how pretty they are… Back in elementary school, I did play a couple of games with the cards, but it’s not a game that I remember how to play nowadays.

I don’t even know how to play the game… I just like collecting them and organizing them in my binders. Of course, now I have a lot more Kanto cards to sort out…

We’ll have a day where we just put on a bunch of Pokemon movies, try not to cry with them, and you can reorganize the cards while I build the Construx models. I got a small box of Ivysaur and a larger model of Gyarados. I wonder if we can find any sort of spray-on glue that will set the pieces permanently once they’re built?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, how do we keep them together? Someone tell us! Also, I don’t think we’re going to have enough room to build legos and sort Pokemon cards… and I also want to help you build those. They look like a lot of fun!

We’ll just have to make a wallpaper of your Pokemon cards while we use the floor and tables for the legos. No biggie, right? Our little Jolteon and Charizard plushies can supervise, provided the dog and cat don’t think the plushies are their toys!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Charizard is standing guard on the top of my bed shelf! (Along with a few other Pokemon plushies.) Did any of you guys take advantage of this sale? Has anyone tried out the Pokemon legos? They look like a lot of fun!

Did you take advantage of Pokemon Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: Places to Buy Games

Double Jump Kris MiiYou know what I want? A thrift store that sells old video games from way-back-when at decent prices. I would so become a regular and probably not see much of my paycheck.

However, since a place like that does not exist near me, I do have a few favorite places to go whenever I need a new video game to play.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us was the number one toy shop for us when we were kids. Nowadays, we tend to go straight to the electronics section, of course, where we usually have a decent selection of video games to sift through. They also usually have a massive section for amiibos, so if we ever need to get our amiibo fix, Toys R Us is the place.


Who doesn’t love Amazon? With the quick shipping and the mostly-painless clicking method of purchasing, Amazon is great when it comes to buying our new games. The boxes get delivered right to your door and it’s like coming home to a present after a long day of work!


Most people tend to have a love-hate relationship with GameStop, as far as I hear. I know they tend to make the most profit off of selling used games and can be a bit loud when it comes to their rewards program, but the couple of GameStop stores around me tend to be pretty good. They’ve got great selections, and Rachel and I feel comfortable talking with the sales associates whenever we have questions about anything. Most of the associates at the stores we frequent are very knowledgeable and, when you have an expensive hobby like gaming, it’s fantastic!

Do you have any favorite places to shop for games?

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Video Game Raffle Basket

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

Kris and I are pretty active at our church and this past weekend we had our annual Holly Fair.

We always run the raffle table with our grandmother.

We dropped a few baskets off at our church a couple days before the fair and noticed that there wasn’t a big selection. So, when we went Christmas shopping with our other sister, we stopped at Gamestop.

If we recall, there has never been a video game basket at our church before. It was something different and Kris seemed to be in the mood for spending money. Yet, she had no idea what to get people for Christmas, so why not buy things for a raffle basket?

While Kris paid for everything, I suggested items for her to buy for the basket–and for myself (though she didn’t fall for that one).

She ended up buying a Sonic the Hedgehog Amiibo, Charmander socks, a deck of Mario Uno cards, a Yoshi doll, a small Pikachu keychain, a Hidden Block with a surprised figurine in it, and a Gamestop gift card.

It was a nice basket and I really, really wanted it. If nothing else, just for the socks.

Except, the Gamestop worker rang in the Hidden Block, but forgot to put it in the bag… We didn’t notice it wasn’t there until we had gotten home. It was cheap, so there was no point in going back to the store.

I put 13 raffle tickets in the basket. 12 were mine, 1 I had found on the ground that no one had filled out.

Yes, I basically just stole a ticket from someone who had bought it themselves, but you know what? When it comes to raffles, it’s every person for themselves.

I didn’t win. Some lady I don’t even know won. She wasn’t there when we pulled the tickets, so if she doesn’t claim it in a week or so, I’m taking it.

I still have a chance!

But probably not.

I also put 12 tickets in a basket that had seven different kinds of bags of chips. I didn’t win that, either.

I never win at raffles.

Have you ever splurged at a gaming store, whether the items were for you or not?