Top Tuesday: Favorite Modes In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has been out for a little while now and I’m still having a blast with it. I feel like there’s always something to do in that game.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Modes in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate | Video games | gaming | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Blogging |

3. Adventure

This technically counts as a mode, right? The adventure is a lot of fun in this one. I enjoy the story and I think it’s a lot of fun to go through different “areas” and “levels” to collect spirits by battling fighters in their strength range and then saving the actual fighters from their… doom, I guess you could say.

2. Tourney

This has always been a favorite mode of mine. I always loved pinning myself up against a variety of CPU players or real life friends. I also really enjoy watching the computer players duke it out against each other as well so I’ve always watched their battles instead of skipping them while waiting for my turn.

1. Smashdown

This is a new mode for Smash Ultimate and I think it’s a great way to battle friends and to also try out some characters you wouldn’t normally play as. I always gravitate toward the same handful of characters so this is a lot of fun to have no choice but to try new characters, especially if someone chooses your preferred character first.

What are some of your favorite modes in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Would You Rather: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Edition

Would You Rather: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Video Games | Gaming |

We’re having a blast playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we thought it was time for another round of “Would You Rather?” this time based on the popular Nintendo Switch game. Might as well dive right in. Rachel, would you rather always have to play heavy characters with a strong punch or quick, lighter-hitting characters?

Honestly, I think I might prefer the heavy characters. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at them even though I adore my Zelda and Young Link. Kris, would you rather every mode be only single player or every mode be only multiplayer?

Oh, that’s kind of a tough one. Considering the nature of Smash Bros., I’d go with every mode be multiplayer. While I tend to prefer single player games, Smash Bros. is made in mind with playing with others. What kind of adventure mode would you rather have, one with platform-like levels such as the Subspace from Brawl or a series of challenging battles like World of Light on Ultimate?

Hmm… I think I would prefer the way World of Light is. I enjoy the various battles even though I loved Subspace, but having the multiple battles is Smash to me. Would you rather only have the Adventure mode in Smash Ultimate (you know, have it be more of a story-based game) or get rid of the Adventure mode all together and have it be a sole fighting game.

World of Light definitely reminds me of the Event mode from Melee with the battles, haha! On that note, I think I would rather have the game be a fighting game rather than be a story-based game. I prefer story-driven games to fighting games, but I can’t imagine Smash Bros. being a story-driven series. Would you rather the game’s fighters be filled with Miis pretending to be Nintendo’s best characters or have the game’s roster be overwhelmingly filled with characters from one single franchise, such as more Fire Emblem or Legend of Zelda characters?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Considering that the point of Smash is to have many characters from multiple series, I think I’d rather see the Miis. I think they’d be cute too. Would you rather be locked into playing as one single character every time you play or forced to choose a different character each time you play?

Ugh, you know I have my favorites… I think I’d rather be forced to choose a different character each time I play. I didn’t mind it during the Smackdown mode and, with the limited number of characters despite how large the roster is, I’d eventually get to play as my favorites every once in a while. What answers would all of you have to these questions?

What are your answers to these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Debate: Music Vs. Graphics

Debate Music vs Graphics | Video games | gaming | blogging |

You know how people say, “Never judge a book by its cover?” People judge books by their covers all the time, that’s what the covers are for. You’re supposed to judge the covers, as they are potential readers’ first impression of whether or not they may like the book. Graphics are the same for video games. When researching games, I check out screenshots to get a taste of whether or not I’d enjoy the game based on how it looks. To me, graphics are a bit more important than music when it comes to my opinion on video games.

While I can agree with that since I too look at the graphics to decide if I like the art style or not, I have to say that’s all it is – it’s an art style. Art is unique and interpretation in varies ways depending on who is looking at it and what they’re favorite kinds of styles are. With that said, I don’t think graphics are necessarily important to making a game “good.” All it does is visually show off the characters. Meanwhile, the music has a lot to say about the game. Following along with the story and plot of the game, the music needs to be appropriate and add a certain emotion and atmosphere to the game play. That’s why I think music is more important than graphics.

Music does add a lot to games’ atmosphere, I agree, but if the graphics don’t capture a person’s interest in the game, no one is going to play the game and hear the awesome music. Not only that, the graphics of video games can be wildly different from game to game — cel-shaded, realistic, pixel, watercolor-like visuals, are just a few of the different styles that can make a game. Look at how many variations of art styles the Legend of Zelda franchise has had over the years. Seeing and experiencing a game with amazing graphics really helps to immerse the players and connect them with the characters they are controlling.

True, but how often do you hear about people complaining about the graphics? Depending on the game itself, the graphics are certainly a hit or miss. People will try the game anyway and complain about the art style. Music, on the other hand, can very well be a hit or miss too. I’ve mentioned before that a certain song might not fit a certain part of the game, but how many times do you use the music as context clues for what’s going on in the game? Or the deadly silence that tells you a boss battle is coming up?

I concede that graphics may be more hotly contended rather than music when it comes to critiquing video games, but that can also prove how invested people are in the art style of games. No two gamers’ tastes are alike (although you and I come pretty close), so to see arguments or even disappointment over a game’s graphic style just shows how passionate people are about the game’s look. Graphics can be used as context clues as well. Aside from the obvious healing spots or the game throwing healing packs at you, how about when horror or stealth games start using shadows and dim lights to set the mood? Or small movies that showcase the arena right before the boss enters? While music — or lack of it — certainly helps in amping up the tension before a boss fight, if the graphics don’t adequately show me a terrifying boss, I’m not going to be intimidated.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Fair enough. But how many times do you coo and awe at the graphics of a game? When you first turn on a brand new game, sure. You’re amazing and impressed at the various people and places you come across – especially Breath of the Wild and other games on the Switch. Music, however, changes and upgrades throughout the game. The art style never changes while the battle music for some can be completely different the further you get into the game. You’re always surprised.

I am always in awe of graphics on my favorite games, haha! Graphics are what got me interested in Gris, they’re still what I think about in Breath of the Wild, and I am floored by the amount of detail in the artwork of Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only that, a game with good graphics keeps inviting you back like home. Music does that as well, I know, but it’s the visual immersion that’s important to me.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Well, I guess that’s what it comes down to then… are you more a visual person or an auditory person? We’ll let everyone else decide.

Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: 2019 Game Releases

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

The end of 2018 is only in a couple of weeks! Are you already thinking of your 2019 video game lists? What kind of games are you looking forward to for the new year?


Untitled Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game

Okay, I know we just got the Let’s Go titles, but I am still looking forward to the next Pokemon Switch game. I’m presuming it’s another core title in the main series and will give us a new region and a new generation of Pokemon to capture. I was a bit indifferent when it came to the Alola region, so I’m crossing my fingers that the untitled Pokemon Switch game will capture my attention much more than Sun/Moon did (along with the awesome mechanics that Let’s Go has brought to the table… Or at least the mechanic of having your Pokemon follow you).

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite franchises. That’s honestly enough reason for me to be excited for the new Switch title. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Echoes title back in 2017, and the Warriors title wasn’t the best when it came to a variety of classes and characters, so here’s hoping Three Houses will be better than both of them!


Anthem was actually showcased in the Game Awards last week and I thought it looked interesting. Being able to play both in single-player or multiplayer mode, taking on the part of a exosuited-up hero to explore a contiguous open world. It’ll be a different kind of game than what I’m used to, so I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

I love this series so much. Honestly, we probably don’t need the Ace Attorney trilogy on our Nintendo Switch — not when we have it on our still-working Wii and I have it on my 2DS XL — but… it’s Phoenix Wright. You have to have Phoenix Wright on your Nintendo Switch. I would love a new Ace Attorney game, but I’ll take this to tide me over until we get that.

What 2019 releases, so far, are you looking forward to?

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2018 Games I Wish I Had Played

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Weirdly enough, we’re already halfway through December and 2018 is coming to an end. We’ve played a lot of games that came out this year, especially indie games. However, there’s always a few that seem to miss quite a few games from Nintendo and other companies.

So, in no particular order, here are some games I wish I had played this year.

2018 Games I Wish I Had Played | video games | gaming | nintendo | blogging |

Lost Sphear

This is a game I’ve heard about over and over again. It’s an RPG and the graphics look gorgeous. I wanted to give this one a try but it fell to the wayside. I will definitely keep this one in mind though.


I know for a fact I would not be good at this game. I’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube and Twitch play this game and it looks cool and pretty. The plot itself isn’t something I’d normally play but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.


This is probably the number one game I wish I had played. I plan on getting it at some point, but people rave about this one. A bonus is that it’s about mental health and I’m all for that, especially since I suffer from it myself.

Kirby Star Allies

Another one that missed our radar. We don’t play Kirby games that much but this was one I wanted to try. We didn’t get the chance to though.

A Way Out

I don’t play rated M games because I don’t like the blood, gore, and violence. Though this definitely seemed like an interesting one and I think Kris and I would have had fun with the multiplayer.

Nintendo Labo

We have this. It’s still in the box.

Unravel Two

We have this too. Still haven’t had a chance to play it.

Mario Tennis Aces

For some reason, we were iffy on getting this game. There were mixed reviews and while we wanted to give it a try, we ended up spending money on something else gaming related. So, this is definitely one I want to get down the line.

Lego Harry Potter Collection

I asked for this one for Christmas, so maybe I’ll get to play it before the year is through?

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

I believe I also asked for this for Christmas… we’ll see if I can play it before 2018 is over!

Are there any games you missed in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate [Game Review]

Game Review: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate | Video games | gaming | nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Video game review |

Title: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Developer: Nintendo, Sora Ltd., BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Action, Fighting, Multiplayer
Release Date:
December 7, 2018
How we got the game:
We pre-ordered it through Amazon

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Yeah, this game needs no introduction.

I mean, how long have we waited for this? How many times have we talked about it?


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is a multiplayer fighting game like its predecessors. This installment was made from the ground-up and it’s been a blast so far. The controls are very intuitive and familiar, even if some of them are a bit oversensitive. Case in point is when you try to use the Joy-Con’s analog stick — even if you don’t believe you’re touching it in a certain direction, your character may still respond as if you are. We have yet to try the game with GameCube controllers, so I’d be interested in hearing from others what they think of those controls.

While that gets annoying, I do like the Joy-Con. I don’t miss a “regular” controller that much. Ultimate is an understatement for this game. Every single character is back, plus some brand new ones and some “echo” fighters to go along with some of the regular characters. There are a good amount of modes that are the same such as the regular Smash and Tournament, Classic mode is back, and there are some brand new modes and mechanics such as the Spirits.

One of our favorite new modes is Smackdown, which allows players to only use each character in the roster once in a series of battles. Once a character is used in one fight, they are unavailable for the following matches. It really forces players to use characters that they may otherwise not use. There is also Squad Strike, allowing teams of multiple characters in a fight.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The tournament mode is how it sounds – there’s a bracket and everyone fights to be on top. The regular Smash mode is normal battles which you can set your own rules to. There are basic rules and you can save your own rules. No more turning on the game and fixing all the rules to how you like it. You can set up multiple rule sets beforehand. The adventure mode is one of my favorites though. You move around on a map that reminds me of a board game, collect spirits by battling the characters in the game, and then free the characters as you come across them and battle them.

With the main goal of the adventure mode being to rescue your fellow fighters, you can actually unlock the fighters via the adventure instead of waiting for the new challenger approaches screen when you’re doing the other modes. Granted, I enjoy the surprise element of the new challenger battles, but by going around on the adventure mode map, there is a chance that you’ll run into one of your favorite characters that you’ve been waiting to unlock. It’s definitely interesting that there are multiple ways to unlock characters.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I do enjoy the multiple ways to unlock the characters. With the roster so huge, I’m eager to fill it up as quickly as we can.


This game is so pretty! I’m really enjoying the character models and seeing all of the details — from Donkey Kong’s fur to King K. Rool’s scales to the fabric of Link’s tunic — is amazing. The stages all look great as well, even the ones from the N64 version of the franchise.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The old stages have definitely aged well and it’s great nostalgia. I was young when Smash 64 came out, but I do remember playing it and I remember the levels. The newer levels are so well designed and add a whole new level to the battles!

And the music is wonderful, as well! So many tunes from our favorite Nintendo franchises — and then some — are in this game. You’re able to customize which songs you would like to hear on given stages and how often. They really pump you up for fights.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Honestly, I could just listen to all the music tracks all day long. I do enjoy how there’s more to offer with the music and you can choose which songs to listen to. Most of the time you get too focused into the game and don’t hear the music that well, but it’s a nice touch anyway.

Being a fighting game, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’s main mode doesn’t really have a story. There is an Adventure mode that details how Galeem, the lord of light, captured all of the fighters — with the exception of Kirby — to create puppets of them. These puppets must be bested in battle in order to save not only them, but also the Spirits of other video game characters that were trapped by Galeem’s light.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Which is a cool story, in my opinion. Usually the darkness is the bad guy but now it’s the light, which is a nice twist on things. I’m definitely looking forward to beating the adventure mode.


This game has tons of replay value! From playing on your own with the myriad of fighters in any of the modes to playing local multiplayer to kick each other’s butts to playing online, Smash Brothers Ultimate has plenty to do to keep gamers busy for a long time.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I don’t know what to say here. We’re going to be going back to this game for a long time.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Character Spotlight: Young Link

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

This is the last Character Spotlight for 2018. I’m doing it early this month too because we’ll be having some different posts for the end of the year.

Character Spotlight: Young Link | Legend of Zelda | Video games | Gaming |

Young Link has always been one of my favorite characters. He’s cute and innocent and I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Part of this is because he was always my main character to play as in Super Smash Brothers.

Young Link appears in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask both for the Nintendo 64. Since then, he’s appeared in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube, Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii U, and now Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

I love getting the opportunity to play as Young Link again in the latest Smash Brothers game. Which his attacks are similar to Link’s, just a tad weaker in some ways, I always found him to be a little faster and more efficient with his attacks. This could very well just be me, but that’s how I feel anyway.

I do hope Young Link appears in another main Zelda game at some point. I’d love to play as him again other than just in fighting games. He’s an overall great character and the cute factor definitely works in his favor.

How much do you love Young Link? Let us know in the comments below!

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