That Time I Did Not Pick Legend of Zelda

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone!

Something that I’m trying to do for the new year is to be a little more active on social media, such as Twitter. It includes trying to respond to more people, throw my opinion out there more, and just see what comes up.

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Fairly recently, a Twitter account we follow — @GifZelda — posted an image of a plethora of Nintendo 3DS games and posed the following: “You can only choose three. What do you choose?”

I took a few minutes, looked at the list of games, and retweeted my top choices for fun:
Fire Emblem: Awakening was a no-brainer, as that is probably one of my favorite Fire Emblem games to date. Pokemon Y had to be included to represent my love of the franchise and, out of the three games presented, I enjoyed the Kalos region the most. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney had a fun story with both old and new characters that I’ve grown to love. The three games encompassed most of my video game tastes, and it wasn’t too difficult to choose them.

Then I realized that the first line of games were all Legend of Zelda titles and I had a mini existential crisis.

The Legend of Zelda is a franchise that literally helped introduce me to video games and as since grown into one of my favorites. Our mom may not know too much about video games nowadays, but she knows the Legend of Zelda title and what the Triforce looks like, able to link the series with my love of gaming (pun originally not intended, but awesome enough to stay there). By not choosing one of the titles, I felt as if I was betraying the Legend of Zelda.

Granted, just because I preferred other game franchises for the Nintendo 3DS to the Legend of Zelda did not diminish my love for the series. The majority of the Legend of Zelda choices were remakes of previously released titles, for one thing. For another, this choice merely solidifies how I prefer to play certain series. The Legend of Zelda franchise was always a series that I preferred to play on a television console rather than handheld, just as I prefer Fire Emblem as a handheld series instead of console.

It’s a bit funny how I categorize the franchises I play, especially with the Nintendo Switch’s ability to, well, switch between handheld and docked modes. Being able to take Breath of the Wild on the go is wonderful, but the gorgeous world is better appreciated on a bigger screen. Likewise, seeing Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the television is great, but I enjoy seeing the smaller details on handheld mode. Indeed, Three Houses was one of the first game data that I transferred from the original Switch onto my Switch Lite so I could always enjoy it.

Then there are franchises that can go either way. It’s been awesome to see Pokemon on bigger screens, especially the latest installments with the new world details, but I still enjoy the handheld versions. C’mon, they’re called pocket monsters, after all. Professor Layton and Ace Attorney are also games that I like on handheld, the mysteries and smaller screens giving a cozy sense to the games, but since Rachel and I enjoy playing them together, having the game on the television is much better for our eyes and postures.

In the end, there’s usually no right way to play your favorite franchises, even when some lend themselves to one screen over the other.

Are there any series that you prefer on a handheld screen? Or a television screen? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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What’s In Our Gaming Buckets?

What's In Our Gaming Buckets? | Video Games | Handheld Games | Gaming | Nintendo |

Each of us has these mini “trash cans,” I believe they are. They’re small buckets with a flip top that’s decorated and has our names on them. We’ve had them since we were little and, admittedly, I don’t remember where they came from. Kris, I don’t know if you remember at all? Regardless, somewhere down the road, we decided to use these buckets to hold our handheld gaming cartridges.

I do remember where they came from, actually! When we were kids — I think more so me than you, Rachel — there was a craft fair that we went to, joining Mom and our late Aunt Theresa, sometimes with Aunt Theresa’s sisters. I’m not sure where this craft fair was, but I remember it being huge and crowded and just filled with all sorts of fascinating art and homemade goods. There was a booth that had different kinds of home decor, like the mini trash cans, and I remember watching one of the workers actually paint our names on our buckets.

Behold our gaming buckets!

Now that you mention it, I think I vaguely remember the craft fair. Though I don’t remember actually getting the buckets. However long ago that was, we clearly still have them and use them to this day. They’re almost at the point of overflowing with games, but they’ve been awesome so far. I always love dumping the whole thing out to search for one single game. Or to look through them and decide which games to bring with me on vacation or something.

That led us to actually dumping the buckets out to compare our handheld gaming collection, per Rachel’s idea. Considering the Switch tends to be our most gamed console nowadays, it was interesting to see all of the old Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and DS/3DS games we still have. A few were missing, figuring that they’re in our Nintendo DSes or Gameboy SPs, but the majority of them splayed out on the floor was an interesting sight.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It was certainly interesting to see a lot of the genres too. For example, my Gameboy Color games are mostly Disney, Winnie the Pooh, or Tom and Jerry. I also had a lot of puzzle games, sports games, and racing games. As the games evolved, or new handhelds came out, my genre tastes changed a bit. I have more simulation, Pokemon (well, actually half my collection is Pokemon), mystery/visual novels.

My older games were mostly action and adventure, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Legend of Zelda, with a bit of Disney here and there. The Legend of Zelda games became a staple as I grew older, but plenty of simulation, RPGs, and story-driven games joined my collection, like the Harvest Moon and Fire Emblem series. Pokemon was the main reason why I first got a Gameboy Color and I’m still a big fan of the core series today. For the heck of it, we then took out all of the games that we had in common to see what our collections would look like.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I have 43 games that Kris doesn’t have and she has 51 games that I don’t have. It was interesting to see the games we had in common. Even though I don’t have all of her games, I’m interested in playing a lot of them or I had wanted my own copy at some point but just never got around to getting it. For example, like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Plus, I have a lot of the Ace Attorney games like Apollo Justice that we share. That just happened to be in my pile and not Kris’s.

I believe I also have more Professor Layton games that we play together, as another example. These are also just physical copies of games. We’ll have to compare all of the digital copies that are on our 3DS and 2DS systems one day. We’re betting that Rachel has more digital games, which goes hand-in-hand with an old debate we had on this blog, Physical vs Digital. It was fun to compare our collections!

What does your handheld game collection look like? Have your genre tastes changed throughout the years? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Confession: Physical Games

Happy Thursday!

I thought I’d elaborate a little more on why I love digital download games.

This isn’t exactly another reason, but more of a regret.

I have a small barrel that sits atop my dresser in my bedroom. I don’t know why, but I use that to hold all my handheld games.

I have my Gameboy Color games, Gameboy Advance/SP, DS, and 3DS games in it.

Every single one of these was, of course, a physical copy. In the drawer next to my bed I kept all the covers.

That is until the drawer was too filled to keep anything else in there.

I thought, why keep these when they’re just sitting in a dark drawer not even holding any of the games they came with?

So, I regret to say, I threw them out.

One day I would love to have tons of bookshelves to display my games, but I don’t have the room now and, at the time, I hadn’t even thought of that.

Needless to say, I don’t have very many covers to my games anymore. I was thinking about it the other way and I’m sad I made the decision to get rid of them. I love the cover art and feel bad for throwing something like that out.

Maybe, if I ever win the lottery, I’ll rebuy all the games just for display purposes. In the meantime, I just have a barrel full of games.

Do you keep your games on display? Let me know in the comments below!

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