A New Toy [Nintendo 2DS]

We both have the original Nintendo 3DS (2011). They both work fantastic, despite them being six years old. Nintendo has decided to let go of the original 3DS since they’ve come out with many other versions since then. We both knew we’d have to get a new handheld at some point and were thinking of […]

Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch

So, in the very slim chance that you’ve missed it, Nintendo officially revealed the Nintendo Switch (formerly known only as the NX). In my opinion, the new console looks fantastic! Slim and sleek, it boasts modes both for the television and for on-the-go gaming. I think the console looks awesome and I’ve never been so […]

Old Saves and Memories

As many of you know, Rachel is doing a run-through with all generations of the Pokemon games in preparation for Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out this November. She had just reviewed Pokemon Blue last week. Have you guys played the original first generation games?   With Rachel playing through the Pokemon games in anticipation […]

Console vs Handheld

Debate: Console vs Handheld   Hi everyone! We hope you’re all having a good week! Today Rachel and I are debating on whether or not consoles — like the Wii U — or handhelds — like the Nintendo 3DS — are better platforms for games. Personally, I prefer the consoles. There’s nothing like playing a […]