Friday Favorites: Harvest Moon NPCs

Time for another weekend! Per Rachel’s and my last debate — Harvest Moon vs Animal Crossing — this Friday is dedicated to my favorite NPC characters of the franchise, minus the characters that are eligible to marry. Felicia from Island of Happiness/Sunshine Islands Felicia is one of the “moms” of the setting in these games. […]

Harvest Moon Vs. Animal Crossing [Debate]

Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are both wonderful franchises that we find relaxing with life simulation-like goals to improve our towns, relationships with others, and our protagonist’s life in general. Harvest Moon is my preferred franchise. While the main point is to work hard and improve a farm from a sad, desolate piece of land, […]

Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness Review

Title: Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness Developer: Marvelous Interactive Publisher: Natsume Platform: Nintendo DS Category: Simulation Release Date: August 2008 How I got the game: I got it as a gift years ago. I’m usually a sucker for the Harvest Moon franchise — they’re my go-to relaxing games. The older games tend to have […]

Best Games To Bring On Vacation

We’re going on a relaxing vacation next week, one where we just rent a cabin to lounge beside a lake. It’s the best kind of vacation for hanging out with family, reading books and, of course, playing video games. Aside from a suitcase full of books, our 3DS systems are always packed with plenty of […]

Dream Loot Crate

  So there’s this awesome thing called Loot Crate, a monthly subscription service where you get a box full of geeky items that range from t-shirts and socks to bobble heads and magnets to towels and comics. Each box contains four to six licensed items from multiple franchises all centered around the month’s theme. While they […]

Who Needs a Map?

To those of you who celebrate it, happy Halloween! I hope everyone gets lots of treats, pulls off awesome tricks, and stays safe during this holiday! Considering that scary games, movies, and books aren’t my thing, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, haha! One of the most anticipated games that will come […]

Single Player Mode

Hey everyone, Kristen here! I have quite a bit of time on my hands this week, so I was thinking about what kind of games I could play to pass the time… Games have made tremendous stride in becoming great social activities, from multiplayer games in the living room to online games capable of allowing […]

Friday Favorites: GameBoy Advance Games

Yay for Friday! I hope everyone’s week went well! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite old games, ones that were for the GameBoy Advance system. That handheld console turned 15 years old this year! 5. Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town This was my first foray into the Harvest Moon franchise, and I adored […]

Friday Favorites: Worlds to Live

I love Fridays! Everyone has had those fantasies where you live in a beloved video game world rather than reality. This week’s Friday Favorites list is to celebrate those certain worlds that I would love to at least visit. Hyrule No matter the reincarnation, Hyrule is always a beautiful place (you know, before and/or after […]

Flashback Friday: Harvest Moon

 Hey everyone, Kris here! This month’s Flashback Friday celebrates the Harvest Moon franchise, a series that dates back twenty years. It is now known as Story of Seasons rather than Harvest Moon due to copyrights and publishers and such, but it’s still Harvest Moon to me. It’s a simulation game that revolves around reviving a […]