Google’s Project Stream

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

While every gamer has their favorite console, PC games and services that help to stream the games to computers have always been a contender in the “console wars” as well.


Google is joining the streaming field with a little thing called Project Stream. It aims to be able to successfully run any game on any laptop or PC. It’s in beta mode at the moment and only runs Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but if it works like it promises, it could be yet another platform to play games.

Has anyone tried out Google’s Project Stream? I’ll admit that I haven’t. The writer of the article that I saw about it found it favorable, though. It’ll definitely be an interesting option when it comes to playing video games. We have Steam to help keep our PC games all together, but just going onto our browser to play a game may be the simpler way to go.

How would this change the home console scene? If we could just stream games from our laptop browsers, would home consoles become obsolete? Not only that, but more and more games are coming to mobile. In fact, Microsoft is starting a project as well that will bring AAA games to mobile, helping to broaden where and when players play their games.

It’s a wonder how browser streams will effect the home consoles.

Have you tried Google’s Project Stream? What do you think of browser streams for video games?

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Excited for the NX?

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

Yes, I have been talking a lot about consoles lately.

No, I am not bothered by that. I hope you’re not either.

The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996. The Gamecube was released five years later in 2001. The Wii was released five years later after that in 2006. After that, the Wii U was released six years later in 2012.

Five years, five years, six years. Do you see a trend?

I didn’t realize that there was at least five years in between each home console. I wonder, when do they start working on the next one? Immediately? One year after the previous console’s release? Two years after? How long does it take to develop a home console, anyway?

Whatever the answers are to these questions, I thought to myself back at the beginning of the year, “The Wii U is old. When are they coming out with a new console?”

Of course, the Wii U isn’t as old as I thought it was. And I love the Wii U, I’m not trying to replace it or anything. But it’s always fun to think about the new, creative things they’ll come up with next.

I had heard of the NX before, but it didn’t have a name and it was just a rumor. After four years, they surely were working on a new console, but it was all speculation.

In April 2016, it was confirmed that the NX indeed a thing and it will be Nintendo’s next home console with a release date of March 2017. Less than a year away.

Five years, five years, six years, four years. Or, technically four-in-a-half years. Either way, they’re ahead of the game.

Not much is known about the NX. I don’t know what it may look like, I don’t know if the controls will be similar to the Wii series or something like the Gamecube or even the Super Nintendo. I don’t know if the layout will be similar to the Wii series or if they’ve come up with some brand new aspects.

In an article by VG 24/7, a little more light is shed on the NX.

In an interview with Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, he stated:

“[…] the NX is neither the successor to the Wii U nor to the 3DS. It’s a new way of playing games, which I think will have a larger impact than the Wii U, but I don’t feel it’s a pure replacement for the Wii U.”

There’s also a rumor saying that the NX will no longer be using discs, but cartridges instead. Maybe we will end up going back to the old school controllers. Who really knows?

And while this information is a few months old, they didn’t say too much about the NX itself during E3 2016. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the NX console?

To view VG 24/7’s full article, click the link above, or click here

Updated Consoles

Rachel Mii Double JumpHello, guys!

I don’t know about any of you, but Kris and I have a lot of video game consoles. I mean, you have to if you want a grand variety of games, right?

Of course, the consoles get old eventually. And then what?

The Xbox 360 was developed by Microsoft being released in November 2005. That’s almost 11 years ago. That’s a long time, right?

Well, the Xbox 360 was officially discontinued on April 20, 2016. While Xbox Live is still being supported on the 360, the console has run its course.

I got the 360 a few years ago (maybe in 2011 or 2012?) for my birthday. It’s the original Xbox 360, preowned. Yet it never gave me any trouble.

I tend to play more Wii games than Xbox, but I do have my fair share of Xbox games. I played it off and on throughout the years.

Now, being ten/ten-in-a-half years old, my Xbox has finally decided that it’s going to retire. Of course, I had no say in the matter. The other day Kris and I went to turn it on and it just decided not to. We tried to figure out why, looked up ways to fix it, but in the end… it’s old.

We’ve been thinking of upgrading to the Xbox One for a while, but haven’t. The 360 was working fine and we really didn’t feel like spending the money. Of course now it looks like we may upgrade sooner than we thought.

It’s funny because we’ve had the Wii since it came out and it still works just fine. We don’t use it too much anymore as we use the Wii U now, but it’s still plugged in and there if we ever need it.

Speaking of the Wii U, Kris and I had the original Wii U. It came out November 2012 and we got it for Christmas that year. However, it didn’t have much space on it.

Before we knew it, we had run out of space, it being only 8GB.

A few months ago we traded it in and got a 32GB Wii U, the Mario Maker bundle. We didn’t think we were going to need a new console until the newest Nintendo console was released (meaning the NX).

It stunk replacing a perfectly good console just because it wasn’t able to handle the amount of games we wanted to play… I mean, that’s what the console is for, right? To play a lot of games?

The NX is supposedly being released in March 2017. It’s not near the holidays so Kris and I can’t ask for it for Christmas, like we usually do. Kris’s birthday will have already passed and mine won’t be for another six months. Usually we ask for new consoles as gifts, but we won’t be able to for the NX.

Seeing how the consoles are always updated and upgraded, I wonder if will be worth the wait? Maybe instead of splurging and buying the Nintendo NX when it comes out, I should wait for my birthday or Christmas. Maybe in those few months they’ll come out with another NX that will have more space on it. Maybe some possible glitches will be fixed by then.

Who knows?

Home consoles can last a lifetime. At the same time, they seem to need to be updated a lot. How do you feel about that? How’s your luck been with your consoles?