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2019 has been funny so far. We reviewed a handful of games on the blog in 2016, when Double Jump first started. We reviewed more in 2017. We reviewed even more in 2018. We would love to review even more games in 2019. However, that hasn’t been the case. We’ve barely kept up with out two reviews a month as well as each of us doing one solo review a month.

Case in point was how yesterday’s blog post was supposed to be a game review, which was originally supposed to go up last Wednesday. However, with life and day jobs and the new baby in the family, we haven’t really been keeping up with actually playing new games despite us being a, you know, video game blog. Not only that, we’ve been playing Octopath Traveler more because we want to play that game and finish the characters’ stories. It brings up the age-old question that I’m sure we’ve discussed before on here about our duty, if you will, of playing new games to review them as opposed to games we want to play.

We aim to each have one solo game review and two game reviews together for a total of four game reviews each month. If we can do more, great. If not, at least we met our “quota,” if you will. Of course, we have a lot of great games. So many new games came out last year or old gems went on sale that we never had the pleasure of having before. Normally we hop from game to game. We play it enough, write a review, and move on. Except, we haven’t been feeling that lately. We want to play something we love, something we’re familiar with. We want the satisfaction of actually playing a game in its entirety.

Octopath Traveler became that game. An RPG with great characters and beautiful art and music was right up our alley, and we’re sorry that it’s taking us so long to finish the main stories. We’ve also been trying to keep up with Jett at In Third Person with his Paper Mario streams, making us itch to return to old favorites like that. While we obviously want to play new games to experience them and write about them, there is that fine line in between playing video games for fun and playing the games out of a sense of obligation. Usually the latter makes playing the games feel like a chore, which we obviously don’t want.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
All games are fun. Old, new, ones we’ve never played and ones we’ve played a billion times. Sure, there are games we don’t like or don’t enjoy as much as some others, but the fact remains the same – all games are fun. We reviewed Octopath Traveler not too long after it came out. We’re proud to say we’ve finally beaten the main story, but there’s still so much to do. Games on our “to play/review” list may be sitting back for a little while longer.

Eh, some games aren’t that fun, but that’s all a matter of opinion, haha. We’ve had pretty good luck with fun games, I’ll admit. For Octopath Traveler, there’s the post game content that we want to play. Hopefully after being satisfied with that we’ll turn our attention towards other games that we can review for the blog!

Do you review a game and immediately move on? Or do you play until the end? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Favorite Board Games Growing Up [Top Tuesday]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Since we’ve started doing more board game reviews, I decided to talk about some oldies that I used to love growing up.

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5. Scrabble

For being a writer, I was never good at this game. I wasn’t great at trying to make words out of only seven random letters and placing them strategically on the board to score the most points. In fact, I remember my mother always helping me even though we were playing against each other. She didn’t let me win all the time, but I think she definitely did some of the time. Still, it’s a great game and a lot of fun.


I always enjoyed playing the game of LIFE because I was a stupid child and believed that would be how my life would actually end up. I was honestly confused the outcome would change each time I played. It was fun to imagine though and choose different life paths. I still play this game to this day with the kids I babysit. It’s a popular one.

3. Sorry!

I believe this is my mom’s favorite game and, if I’m honest, I haven’t played it in a really long time. This was a fantastic (and frustrating at times) game. Bringing all four of your pegs to “home” and having the ability to send people backwards is fun. It’s one I need to go back to soon.

2. Clue

We’ve talked about this a few times. Clue is a favorite of mine and my cousins. We play it a lot – the board game and the DVD game. I love a good mystery and a game where you need to think and figure things out. It’s harder with the more people you play with, but it’s great all around.

1. Monopoly

Monopoly has always been a favorite of mine. I have a lot of different versions – Nintendo, I Love Lucy, Snoopy, and a few others. I’m terrible at math, but I’ve always loved it. Maybe it’s because you’re collecting things and I’m a sucker for that. Either way, this is my top favorite game – even if it takes hours to play.

What are some of your favorite board games? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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