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#BloggersWhoStream is a community event this week started by Later Levels and Hundstrasse for bloggers to share tips, tricks, and set-ups for when they also stream. If you’d like, give the hashtag a follow on Twitter to see other awesome posts from the community!

Streaming was something that was always in the back of our minds ever since we started this little blog back in 2016. Early commenters and readers asked us if we were ever thinking of joining the streaming world and, once we got some of the basic equipment down, our Twitch channel became a thing.

We started streaming in August 2018 and our set-up was basic, to say the least. We have a desktop PC that we crowded in front of together to play a few games that the PC could handle along with Stream Labs. The first few tries were messy, as we weren’t sure what we were doing when it came to the mic and the audio and video settings for the games and webcam.

We have a Logitech Webcam that sits atop of the monitor and plugs into the tower via USB and, at the time, it was pulling double-duty for both our audio and video. It wasn’t the best quality for streaming, but it worked well enough until we had the funds to upgrade some of our equipment. The PC is still used for streaming occasionally, especially for games like the Sims.

About a month later, Rachel received a new laptop from Kris and our parents, mainly for her personal creative endeavors. However, the laptop was also powerful enough for streaming and Rachel generously offered “Lilah” to be used for it. With Lilah, we were on our way to streaming games from consoles. It was a bonus that we would be playing and streaming said console games from our couch — it gave us more wiggle room than the two computer chairs squished together in front of the PC!

Along with a laptop, we needed a capture card for console streaming, and our choice was the Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 S. Rigging up the laptop with the elgato and the webcam is a chore in and of itself, and yet another wire became involved when we got the blue snowball microphone to add to the mix. The snowball mic produces better sound quality for us yakking with chatters in the streams than the webcam did, which is great.

Our main issue, however, was always our Internet. Dropping frames and cutting out occasionally honestly became enough of a running joke that our first emote when we reached Twitch Affiliate was a “no wifi” image that, unfortunately, still gets some use today. For the most part, though, our Internet fares better nowadays, especially once we got a few wifi extenders to help our wifi signal reach the top floor of our house.

Rachel: “It looks like a little alien with his arms in the air, going, ‘Hey, girl, hey!'”

Within the past couple of weeks, we’ve actually had a new gaming laptop arrive for our streaming endeavors, and it’s beautiful. Lilah can retire as a streaming laptop and continue being Rachel’s personal writing laptop as it was always meant to be. The new laptop was deemed Ripper after the wolf NPC that our D&D characters have tamed in our current campaign (don’t think on that too hard). All three USB ports in the laptop are used during each stream session — one for the webcam, one for the mic, and one for the elgato, which in turn is hooked up to the HDMI to the television and the console that is being streamed. When we stream from an older console, we have an HDMI adapter for the consoles that use the colored component wires instead of one HDMI cord.


Our stream set-up is small, but mighty, and it works for us and our current living arrangements. Eventually, whenever we get more space, another monitor and possibly an extra camera or two for more angles would be wonderful. For now, our set-up works well for where we are, and we’re glad we’re able to stream and chat with friends and fellow gamers around the world.

Do you stream? What’s your set-up like? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Join Us For An Extra Life 25-Hour Charity Stream!

Extra Life | Livestream | Twitch | Video Games | Charity | Doublexjump.com

Like last year, our good friend Jett over at InThirdPerson is hosting a 25-hour livestream for the charity Extra Life! It’s starting today at 9 am EST over on his twitch channel.

For those who may be unfamiliar with it, Extra Life focuses on helping sick kids in hospitals and is popular with the gaming community. It’s a fantastic cause, so if you’re interested in helping out a charity stream and enjoy video games, please go and hang out for a while if you can!

We’ll be making a remote appearance on the stream as well for a couple of hours, around 10 am to 1 pm, so come and join us! We hope to see you there!


Come join us on Jett’s Twitch stream at Twitch.tv/InThirdPerson and chat! We’ll see you soon!

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What We Each Bring To Our Live Streams

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We began live streaming on Twitch in August 2018. It’s been a little over a year and while we haven’t been the best with our schedule, we’ve done a lot of live streams in the past 12 months. We aim to live stream three days a week – one together and each do a solo stream. When we first started, a friend asked me, while I was doing a solo live stream, “What does each of you bring to the table when you stream?” What makes our solo streams different? What makes our streams together click? I didn’t have an answer. We were new to streaming and we’re both so similar to one another, I had no idea what to say. Well, a whole year later, we finally figured out the answer to that question.

We work really well together, hence why we started doing this blog and streaming with one another. Trying to figure out our personal strengths when it comes to streaming threw us for a bit of a loop. Talking about it more in-depth the other night, after about a year’s worth of streaming under our belts, it became a little clearer. For one thing, while our taste in video games is similar, our play styles aren’t. My streams tend to be ones that focus on some story elements, games that I want to complete and share the journey with those in the chat.

We do work really well together. It’s fun to bounce ideas and conversations off one another while we stream. We do have a difference in opinion once in a while too. I think, when the question was first asked, I said we chose to do our stream schedule the way it is because of time. We wanted to stream a few times a week, but both of us doing three streams a week was unrealistically due to work and other life obligations. For the most part, we’re each able to commit to two streams a week. Through our solo streams, as Kris said, we realized we have totally different play styles. She always focuses on beating the game while I tend to play more “ongoing” games. I don’t 100% games, but I do try to collect as much as I can during my play through. I do my best to make certain games last.

Yes, Rachel is the collector while I’m more invested in the stories and characters. We both enjoy exploring in games but for different reasons. Mine is to find secrets that have to do with the adventure, while Rachel generally enjoys getting as much money as possible, haha! Case in point was when we did our joint Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures streams. Rachel was focused on the Force Gems — which, technically, wasn’t money in the game, but the essence was the same — while I wanted to move the plot along. Both of our play styles were necessary for continuing the game.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I also wanted the Force Gems because there was a small competition between multiplayer to see who got the most. So, my competitive side definitely came out for that. Anyway, we came to this conclusion the other day when we were trying to figure out our stream schedule for the following month. I noticed Kris’s game are plot-based and have a solid end goal. For example, Super Mario RPG. Most of the games I’m playing are ongoing. For example, The Sims 4. I’m doing the 100 Baby Challenge at the moment, but it’s a longer goal and even when that’s complete, there’s so much more to do in that game. Kris played through Donkey Kong Country and I started Animal Crossing. We have vastly different goals when it comes to “completing” a game or simply playing a game for the long run.

And, while we have similar taste in games, the genres that we prefer do vary. During joint streams, Rachel always beats me in the races in Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and I do better during the platforming levels of New Super Mario World Deluxe. Super Smash Bros. is a toss-up, a cross between luck and skill, while our early Nuzlocke adventures had me at the helm talking to the NPCs in the RPG and Rachel wanting to just see what Pokemon we can collect in each route. Our About Me page has mini bios with some fictional game stats but, honestly, they’re pretty close to home.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I find it amazing that streaming – and even the blog as well – has made us realize so many things about ourselves and each other. We often have a hard time coming up with post ideas, especially debate topics, because we have such similar tastes and opinions when it comes to certain video games and gaming in general. Though we do not “play” the games in the same way even if we may interpret certain plots in the same way and have a similar meaning to them, if that makes sense. And it makes me wonder, how we each got to play games the way we do? Is it a player-one, player-two thing? Just our personalities? I don’t know.

That’s a fascinating topic in and of itself. Do our play and stream styles come from a nature or nurture standpoint? I grew up playing games like Super Mario RPG and Ocarina of Time, while I believe one of Rachel’s first games was Diddy Kong Racing when she could first pick up a controller. While I don’t believe you understood what was going on, Rachel, you enjoyed zooming around, eluding Dad and me, while collecting all the pretty balloons, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
When I was younger, I gravitated toward games that I thought were “easy.” I loved watching you play Zelda, but the bosses and puzzles intimidated me. I wanted to stick with Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and casual games like Pokemon. Of course, all those games aren’t too plot-based. In Mario Kart, you work to unlock new race tracks, karts, and characters. Smash is similar. Pokemon, you gotta catch ‘em all. I remember playing Gold & Silver and trying so hard to do just that – catch them all. I also didn’t talk to people either. I just went through the motions and you needed to tell me which people to talk to so I could get certain HMs to progress the game.

Which is interesting to think about, as you don’t seem to mind puzzle games now, but I suppose many of those tend to rely on collecting and unlocking more items and levels, which is on par for you. As for me, talking to the NPCs and exploring the areas to dig deep in the games’ stories are what I’m all about. With that said, our streams tend to benefit from our play styles. With Rachel’s excitement with collecting, that energy follows her into her streams and allows her to be so engaged with the chat and her personal goal with the games. While I do well with the chat, I’m interested in bringing the topics around to deeper questions about the games themselves, maybe gaming news that we’ve heard recently and what that may mean for how we play games. During joint streams, I play off of Rachel’s energy but I also tend to focus on the gameplay, especially during single-player games we may be streaming.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The puzzles, as I move up through the levels, give me a good sense of accomplishment and I feel like I’m making progress, which is a similar feeling that collecting things makes me feel. Because yeah, I do enjoy puzzle games now even if I’m terrible at them. Also, “energy” is a good word to describe the way I stream. I love engaging with the chat about the game I’m playing and also general chit-chat, but I also get super distracted. I either lose my place in the chat because I’m focusing on the game or I screw up in the game because I’m too busy reading chat or responding to something. My brain can’t do both.

Your energy is something I want to try to mimic during my solo streams, haha! Granted, when streaming together, it works great. Your energy and my focus on the gameplay keeps both the chat and the game moving, which hopefully creates entertaining streams. As we keep streaming, both together and on our own, I bet we’ll mold our own entertainment brand. We’ll see what another year of streaming brings!

If you live stream, do you find yourself fitting into a certain “play style?” Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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The Switch Stream is a Wrap!


Yesterday was our 6-hour long stream, and we considered it a success!

The stream itself was to celebrate our personal 2-year anniversary with our Nintendo Switch, and we had a great time playing through a bunch of the games. We did some Mario Kart racing, somehow made it through a few levels of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, did a tourney in Smash Bros. Ultimate, did a quick round of Super Mario Party, and completed a couple of levels in Yoshi’s Crafted World. Our cousin Kat joined us for most of the stream, and we had a great time!

We were also thrilled that our WiFi did not cut out at all during the stream, haha! We got a new WiFi extender that seemed to work really well yesterday, keeping our Internet nice and steady during all that gaming.

Many thanks to everyone who happened to pop in and join us in the chat, as well as the half a dozen new followers! We’re excited to reach out and connect with even more fellow gamers via streaming. If you happened to miss the stream, feel free to go to our Twitch channel and watch the VOD.

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Anniversary Live Stream Today!

Switch Stream

Today is the day! Come and join us at our Twitch channel for a 6-hour long stream to celebrate our personal two-year anniversary with our Nintendo Switch!

We’ll be going live at 9am EST, so be sure to give us a follow on Twitch to know when we go live.

We’re going to be playing games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Yoshi’s Crafted World, to name a few. We’ll also have an hour or so dedicated to a slew of the indie games we have on our Switch, like Tetris 99, Miles & Kilo, and Robbotto.

So, please, come and join us if you can. Even if you can only pop in for a quick hello, we’d love to see and chat with you!

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The Future of Content Creators

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

This post is a little jumpy with me trying to articulate my thoughts regarding the main topic. I certainly hope you share your thoughts on this as well, as I’m curious as to what other people think.


I need a Grandma Rocking Chair so I can use it whenever I start writing a post that begins with, “Back in my day…”

So, back in my day, video games weren’t as social as they are now. If you got stuck on a part in the game, hopefully you either knew someone else who could help you or you could buy a strategy guide. Like, a physical book. (R.I.P. Prima Games.) Once the Internet was a little bigger, you could search for online guides as well. Then YouTube appeared and now there’s a good chance you can search for a video for the spot where you’re stuck and figure out how to get yourself out of it.

I remember about five or so years ago when Rachel and I really started watching YouTube. I was amazed that people were able to make a living off of creating videos for the website, mostly videos based on their love of video games. I grew up with the mentality that video games were a nice hobby, but playing them wasn’t going to help in “the real world,” then people started doing Let’s Plays on YouTube.

Fast forward to now, and people are putting “Live Streamer” on their resumes and folks like Ninja are being paid $1 million dollars to stream certain games. I was a little baffled at seeing EA pay Ninja (and other streamers) so much to stream Apex Legends for a day, but thinking further on it, it’s a typical marketing move. Instead of saturating television channels with commercials on the game, EA spends the money to let streamers advertise for them. Considering how much traffic Twitch gets in a single day, seeing a load of top streamers spending their time playing just one game was bound to help EA’s sales.

Streaming is something else that Rachel and I are balancing with this blog. To us, our Twitch channel is another way to reach out and connect with fellow gamers, to have real-time conversations. We’re lucky in that we were able to reach affiliate status with the channel and, admittedly, we’ve wondered what would happen if we somehow were able to make a living through streaming.

With how quickly technology and consumer want grows and changes, will streaming continue to grow or will it fall to wayside in favor of the next technological shift? Will streaming still be a feasible way to advertise or make a living ten or twenty years from now? People went from reading the evening newspapers to having all the news at their fingertips with the help of phones that rarely use their original intended purpose. I’m curious as to how content creators will be affected in the future.

What kind of creator are you? How do you believe the future and technology will affect the way you create your content? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

Save the date! We’re doing a special Twitch Stream to celebrate the Nintendo Switch! You can learn more about it here.

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Nintendo Switch 2-Year Anniversary


Hello everyone, and happy 2nd birthday to the Nintendo Switch! We really want to do something special to celebrate such a wonderful console, and we finally figured out what it is.

On Saturday, April 6th, we will be having a six-hour stream on Twitch to celebrate our personal anniversary of getting our hands on the Nintendo Switch console — with how popular the Nintendo Switch was when it first came out, it was common to hear it being sold out. We were a little bummed for a while, but we eventually got the Switch through a bundle offered from GameStop.

So, if you want to see the collection of Switch games we have amassed over the past two years, and just want to hang out and talk about video games and life, come join us at our Twitch channel on Saturday, April 6th, from 9am to 3pm EST! We may do a bit of Super Mario Party, some Smash Ultimate, maybe a little Mario Kart, and we have plenty of awesome indie games to show off!

Are you doing anything special to celebrate the Switch’s anniversary? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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The History of Triple Jump


It’s amazing how time flies! Back in June 2018, which was when I was on the hunt for other video game-centric blogs and found Jett. The poor sap was subjecting himself to the demo of the GameCube’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is not the best TMNT video game out there. It brought back memories of Rachel and me playing it when we were younger, as we are both fans of the the Ninja Turtles, and I wrote a little comment about the post and video. Little did I know that starting that little correspondence led to Double Jump and In Third Person becoming great friends, on our blogs, streams, and in real life.

I was always looking for new gaming blogs to read and follow as well. I remember Kris mentioning the blog post to me and how she commented on it. Instead of thinking, “Cool, a new friends!” I thought, “Oh, my God! I forgot about that game. We should play it again!”

I was never planning on streaming that Ninja Turtles game. Actually forgot that I owned it. When I opened the Mario Kart: Double Dash case, there was a demo disc that had the Ninja Turtles demo on it, so I tried it on a whim. I hated my life in the moment, but put the video out there anyway cause the work was already done. Not long after, I saw Kris had commented on my video, and as I tend to do, I clicked through to see what she was writing on her end. That’s how I first found Double Jump. Talking a lot about Nintendo helped catch my eye, but as I read more of your posts on that first visit, I quickly grew to admire you as writers and as gamers. I loved (and still love) your point-of-view on this hobby. I respected your hustle in posting every day, which is really hard to do. And the sister dynamic really gave you something unique. I hit subscribe without hesitation. Even though I mixed you up in our first post together about Favorite Mario Spin-Offs, I started to get a sense of the differences between you two as well during the early days of reading your blog. It’s great to see your works as individuals as well, especially in areas where you two differ in interests and opinions.

At this point though, I didn’t think anything else of it. I’d read your posts and we traded a few comments across each other’s blogs. But over time, I felt this weird sensation in my gut that said I needed to reach out to you. This was particularly odd for me, as I very much consider myself to be a “lone wolf” in the world of blogging. Blogging is a very personal experience for me, and I didn’t make any sort of effort to build an audience, collaborate with others, or promote my site because that’s not what I do this for. I essentially look at my blog as a private online diary where I forgot to adjust the privacy settings. Even so, the feeling that I had to reach out to you two grew stronger over time, and I didn’t really know what do with that.

It got to a point where, out of the blue, I told my wife about you two while we were driving. I told her that I’d found your blog, loved it, and that I felt like I should reach out. Didn’t even know what for, really. We talked about it some more, and she told me to go for it. Even after that talk, it still took me a few days to muster up the courage to reach out. Eventually, I did. I figured at worst, you’d never get back to me and I’d carry on as I always did.

We’re actually floored by how our writing about our beloved hobby of gaming resonated so strongly with someone, but we’re so glad it did! Rachel and I definitely started our joint blog in order to reach out to fellow gamers, especially if one considers that the only close gaming buddy we have is each other. However, sometimes with our schedules — me with a day job and pet sitting, Rachel with working on and collaborating with other authors on her main blog along with babysitting — it’s difficult to reach out and develop even stronger relationships with other gamers. I’m definitely grateful that Jett made the first move past the occasional comment we tossed at each other’s posts, and quickly came to admire the posts, streams and videos Jett constantly puts out.

Working with Jett on streams, both his Boss Rush show and for the Extra Life charity stream, in these past six to seven months has given us so many more connections with fellow gamers and writers alike. The support to our own streams that Jett has given us has been nothing short of fantastic, as well!

One of the big reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to share my passions with like-minded people but also to inspire others whether they have the same interests or not. I do that through my main blog but Kris and I decided to start Double Jump and reach out to the world through gaming. It blows my mind that, even though Double Jump is still a toddler, we had that kind of an impact on you, Jett. Because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do – inspire others, make friends, and share the love of gaming. Of course, I never imagined we’d be collaborating so much. You’ve helped us grow in more ways than one and we always value your opinions and help.

Aw, thank you both (blush)! Glad to have been a positive influence on you two, as you’ve done the same for me. We’ve collaborated a bunch all over the internet at this point, and all of our interactions big and small have been wonderful. Whether we’re liking each other’s Instagram posts, or getting super mushy in a written post like this, making appearances on each other’s Twitch channels – including the time you give me the opportunity to share fart stories on your Twitch channel – I cherish them all. Maybe not so much my fart story, but you can’t win them all. It’s so cool to me that we’ve lived completely separate lives up until this point and now they’ve converged in this really cool way.

Admittedly, I was not expecting our friendship to go the way it did. I greatly enjoyed writing those first posts with you, but I saw a potential outcome where we just never got around to collaborating again. Not for malicious reasons, but just we each move on with our respective agendas and nothing more comes out of it. Unbeknownst to me, around the time we were writing those posts, you two started streaming. I think I stumbled on it by happenstance and that’s where I first saw you two play The Lion King. I felt like that was a turning point, as that seemed like where we started to get to know each other better.

Hey, you voluntarily told that fart story, haha! Nevertheless, all the stories we’ve shared between streams and posts have been fantastic, and to have each other’s support for our endeavors — mostly video game related, but occasionally other life goals — is something that not everyone gets. I’ll forever be grateful that we have each other for that.

I’m glad that we became friends rather than mere acquaintances on this journey! While we’re always excited for the achievements that all of our blogging friends have made, being in a creative field such as writing and entertaining via streams, can be extremely competitive. Having others to be excited with you when good things come your way through hard work is absolutely squad goals!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m so bummed (no pun intended) that I missed the fart story… I have plenty of fart stories. But anyway, we had been wanting to stream for so long and finally got around to it. Thankfully you were there to help fix our technically difficulties (more times than we can count). I think it was just all good timing. And I do agree with Kris – I love how we’re able to collaborate in various ways and cheer each other on all the time.

Rachel, I look forward to hearing your fart stories! Doesn’t matter where we are on the internet, I’m all ears. As for the streaming part, I vividly remember one night during one of your early streams where the frame rate started to drop really badly. Though we’d never actually spoken voice-to-voice before, I felt compelled to give you a call to try and troubleshoot the issue. Screen resolutions and bitrates are an odd icebreaker, but in the moment, it was more important to try and assist if I could. So proud to see your channel grow the way it has since then, and I’m always available to help you out however I can, even if that means playing the role of tech support, behind-the-scenes clipper, or whatever other role helps me contribute positively to your ventures.

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had during streaming was hanging out with you Kris while playing Pokemon on stream. The matches were great, but just hanging out and talking about completely unrelated stuff really felt like we’ve been friends all along. Considering how we didn’t even know each other at the start of the year, that was next-level cool. Rachel, you and I have yet to battle, but I look forward to us hanging out like that sometime, just chatting about life while Pokemon is in the background. Hopefully you’ve got an answer for my Snorlax though! And of course, all three of us hanging out in some form, whether the internet sees or not, will only get better with time.

At this point, I’ll collaborate with you two on anything and cheer you on in everything. Never foresaw any of this happening, but this friendship is really special and I’ve been blessed to have made this connection with you. Looking forward to what the future may hold for us!

Considering we were brand new to streaming and had no idea how the screen resolutions and bitrates could affect our stream, we are forever grateful for that icebreaker. Moreover, we’re incredibly thankful that you were kind enough to reach out to help us with that in the first place. Sharing what you’ve learned from your own streams to help us was wonderful of you!

Being able to stream with each other — whether watching and getting yelled at by your autobot for excitedly using all caps in your chat or joining each other’s streams for some Pokemon battles — is still amazing to me. If you allow me to go into Grandma mode for a moment, way back when I first started gaming as something to pass the time, I never imagined that I would be able to be in such close touch with a friend in another country! It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and here’s to it never slowing down!

Jett, thank you so much for being part of Triple Jump and for joining us again on our blog! Everyone, if you haven’t already, please check out Jett’s blog and Twitch channel!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This is going to sound corny, but it really goes to show how powerful blogging and communication can really be. Thanks for all you do, Jett!

miijettThank you for Kris and Rachel for everything! I’m not sorry for making your blog all mushy. You deserve all of the love! I’m sure we’ll make it a point to continue crossing paths whenever we can. #teamkris #teamrachel #triplejump

What friendships developed for you due to video games? How has blogging and the Internet connected you with others? Don’t forget to give Jett’s blog come love! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Join Us For A 24-Hour Charity Stream! [Hosted By Jett]

Extra Life | Charity Stream | Live Stream | Twitch | InThirdPerson | Video games | gaming | DoublexJump.com

Our good friend Jett is hosting a 24-hour live stream for the charity Extra Life today at 8 am EST. Check out his Twitch channel at InThirdPerson, where the streaming will be happening. We’ll be popping in at some point to join in the fun to chat and play a few games as well!

Extra Life is a charity organization for sick kids in hospitals. It’s a wonderful organization with a great following and is certainly popular in the gaming atmosphere. We’ve heard of this before and have thought of doing something to help out down the line. Jett is doing his part and is trying to raise $400 for Extra Life. To reach that goal, as Kris said, he’s doing a 24-hour live stream today.

So if you enjoy video games (which, hopefully you do, considering that’s the main focus of this particular blog) and helping out a fantastic cause, come and chat for a while on Jett’s live stream today. We’ll also be around, so come and join us! Spreading the word around also helps, if you’re able to do that!

We’ll be in the chat as much as we can and we’ll also make a remote appearance on the stream. We’d love to have you there. It’ll be for a good cause and it’ll be a lot of fun!

Come join us on Jett’s Twitch stream at Twitch.tv/InThirdPerson and chat! We’ll see you soon!

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Twitch Update

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If you follow us on Twitch you’ve probably realized that we skipped this past week of streaming. This was due to wi-fi issues that effected our desktop computer – our main streaming hub. Not only were we not able to stream but we also couldn’t really work either. The desktop holds Photoshop and Illustrator and while the programs themselves still worked, the saved images wouldn’t even sync onto Dropbox to be transferred to our laptops.

It’s been a weird week and long due to this issue – you never really notice how much you use and need wi-fi until it’s gone.

Long story short, we finally figured out the issue was only out of the wi-fi for about three or four days. However, neither of us were home Friday night so even though we were able to stream, we couldn’t.

We’ll be starting fresh with streams again next week starting on Monday. As a reminder, here’s our tentative schedule:

Monday night – Kris solo stream
Wednesday morning – Rachel solo stream
Friday night – Double Jump stream

In the meantime, you can give us a follow over on Twitch so you know when we go live and you can also check out some of the past live streams we’ve done.

Also, we wanted to take this moment to give a few shout outs to people:

Justin from TWOTALL4UFOOL is a great blogger here on WordPress. He too streams on Twitch and also co-hosts the Game ‘N’ Watch Podcast. Be sure to check him out. He’s an awesome guys with a lot of great content.

Jett from In Third Person. He’s another awesome blogger who streams frequently on Twitch. He also hosts a talk show on Twitch called Boss Rush which is a lot of fun. He’ll be doing a 24-hour live stream on Twitch on Saturday, November 3, 2018 for Extra Life Kids for charity. Be sure to mark your calendars for the event! You can also read about it and donate on his Extra Life page.

Nick from DKCNick is a gamer and streamer we met through Twitch. He’s a great guy with fun content. Definitely be sure to check out his Twitch.

We’re always looking for new people to follow on WordPress and Twitch – as well as like-minded gamers and new friends. Please be sure to give Justin, Jett, and Nick a shout out.

Let us know some of your favorite bloggers and streamers. We’ll see you on Twitch again soon!

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