E3 2016: Nintendo’s Anticipated Games

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

As I’m sure all of you gamers know, E3 has been a thing the past few days. I have yet to have a chance to sit down and watch some streams due to work, but I wanted to touch upon a few Nintendo games that caught my eye.

4. Mario Party Star Rush

I absolutely love the Mario series. The older ones are classic and the newer ones (up until number 8) are great and still fun. I’m not a huge fan of Mario Party 10 and I’ never played Mario Party 9, though I heard it was similar to number 10. Star Rush is quite indeed. It’s not the same as the old school Mario Party games, but it’s not so similar to Mario Party 10 that will make me turn away from it.

From the trailer, it seems as though you all play as Toad and move at the same time, but not together. You have your own dice block, roll it at the same time as everyone else, you plan out your path based on the number you roll, and then you all move at once. Honestly, I was chuckling watching four toads rampage through the one board. So it’s different in that aspect and may even make things fun if we compete for spaces. You can also recruit other Mario characters for your “team.” I’m not entirely sure how that works, but it’s an interesting mechanic nonetheless.

I wasn’t impressed with the last Mario Party and while I’m disappointed Star Rush doesn’t go back to Mario Party’s original routes (and it’s for the 3DS. I prefer to play Mario Party games on a console.), it does look like they tried to improve some aspects from Mario Party 10. I’m willing to give it a try.

The release date for this game is November 4, 2016.

3. Paper Mario: Color Splash

I’ve talked about Color Splash before. Paper Mario is one of my all-time favorite games and while I would like a new Paper Mario game that’s similar to the first and second games, I still have hope for Color Splash.

We now have a release date for October 7, 2016.

2. Pokemon Sun & Moon

Who is not excited for a new Pokemon game? Let’s be real now.

Again, I’ve talked about Sun and Moon before so there’s not too much to say. Though they did showcase three new Pokemon, which I think are absolutely adorable, even if other people say otherwise. I’m super excited for this generation as a whole and wish I had enough Pokemon to start planning my team!

These games are being released November 18, 2016.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Again, I haven’t actually watched any of E3 so I’m going by my own knowledge and views of trailers on YouTube as well as wonderful spoilers of the Internet. Due to that, I’ll talk more in-depth about this game in a later post.

However… I just want to say that I cannot wait for this game. It looks absolutely gorgeous and you can’t go wrong with a Zelda game. I can’t wait to see all the new things they have in store for us. I absolutely loved Skyward Sword, but this is such a step up.

We are long overdue for a Zelda game, but now I see why it took them so long.

This game will be released in 2017.

What are some games you’re excited for?

Mario Party 10

Title: Mario Party 10
Company: Nintendo
Console: Wii U
How we got the game: We bought it.

Our Review:

So before Mario Party 10, what was the last Mario Party game I played? It was probably Mario Party 8, although the installment that we’ve probably played the most was Mario Party 4 for the GameCube (Team Treasure Trek and Dungeon Duos were the best mini games!). I know we skipped Mario Party 9 entirely, which was probably why we were surprised by Mario Party 10 having all the characters travel the maps together in a car and collecting mini stars instead of the traditional power stars. May I just say that I was not impressed.

I always wanted to play Mario Party 9, but we never ended up getting it. I have to agree that I wasn’t too impressed with Mario Party 10, either. I missed playing a mini game at the end of every turn and I missed duking it out for stars. There wasn’t much strategy to this game. It was all luck. The other Mario Party games are based on luck as well, but you still have to strategize a bit.

The “mostly luck, not enough skill” aspect to the game was not impressive to me either. The mini games were my favorite part of the early games of the series, and to only play them once in a while if someone happened to land on one of their designated board spaces was discouraging. Also discouraging were the Bowser versus everyone else games. They were so rigged in favor of Bowser that it grew annoying.

I enjoyed that you could play as Bowser. I think it’s an interesting addition to the game play, but I agree–Bowser was pretty overpowered. That kind of game makes you lose friends depending on who you play with! I also wished there were more boards to play on. There are only five total. You can unlock more using Amiibos, but those stages don’t look too appealing.

I think the concept of Mario Party (like Mario Kart and Monopoly) can make you lose friends anyway, haha! Going to the board topic, I honestly had no idea about the Amiibos unlocking more boards. While I agree that more boards would definitely be nice, I do believe that the graphics of the boards and characters that come with the game were done nicely. I especially enjoyed the underwater board, surprisingly enough!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t know about the Amiibos, either. I just looked it up! The graphics were pretty awesome, I have to say. As much as I didn’t enjoy the game play as much as I used to, I did enjoy the updated graphics and music and character styles.

Yes, I believe the updated graphics were the best part of the game. I did also enjoy the mini games that we did play, even if we couldn’t play them as frequently as we did in the past games of the series. The Boss Battles in the middle and at the end of the boards were interesting as well. Fighting with and against the other characters at the same time to defeat the boss but get the most points was great! Other than those few aspects, though, Mario Party 10 was not that brilliant. It was good for a few casual games with friends, but it’s not a game that will be broken out to play very often.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I forgot about the boss battles! Those were great additions to the game play.
This certainly wasn’t my favorite Mario Party installment, but I have to admit that, like you said, it’s fun to play every once in a while. We haven’t played in a while, but now that we’re talking about it I kind of want to play it again!

Mario Party 10 gets…
3/5 Lives