Best Multiplayer Game: Super Mario Party Vs. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate [Debate]

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2018 was a great year for gamers. Nintendo especially spoiled us at the end of the year with quite a few games. Two of those games being popular multiplayers – Super Mario Party and Super Smash Brother Ultimate. The question is, which is a better multiplayer?

Both the Mario Party and Smash Bros. franchises started off on the Nintendo 64 and probably have been the result of much yelling and backstabbing fun among friends and family. While I’ve greatly enjoyed both games, my pick for the better multiplayer would be Super Mario Party. A big reason for that is the accessibility for non-gamers and casual gamers alike to join right in. We have a friend who loves the game whenever we bring our Switch over to her place, even though she’s not a gamer herself. Smash Brothers Ultimate was definitely a learning curve when she gave it a try, and she was much more at ease when we played Super Mario Party later.

Sure, Super Mario Party may be easier and slightly more casual for everyone to jump right in, but do you typically have game nights with friends who are “non-gamers?” If you’re going to have play a game with a group, my pick would be Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Speaking of having game nights, Smash allows up to eight players at a time, whereas only four people can play Super Mario Party at a time. Smash takes a few minutes so others aren’t wait long for a turn while Super Mario Party takes at least an hour.

For Smash, it depends on the mode, your personal rules, and the skill of people playing. If you decide to do a stock match among eight players, those who get lost in the chaos — not to mention potential lag from dropped frames with everyone attacking each other — and get out of the match early will have to sit and wait anyway. With Super Mario Party, half of the game is luck, giving everyone playing even footing right from the get-go. Even if the traditional Mario Party game takes at least an hour, I assume you’re committing some time to hang out with said friends and won’t mind waiting and watching other people’s turns. After all, despite the luck, Super Mario Party takes some strategy too, and your friends’ turns may affect your character.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The lag is really just in the online mode. Despite that, the online mode for Smash is better than Mario Party anyway. There’s so much more you can do. But Smash is faced paced and it doesn’t matter if people get out of the match early. They’re still not waiting too long for the next match. Speaking of the modes, there’s a whole lot more you can do in Smash. You can customize games to everyone’s liking and even set up challenges for yourself. Super Mario Party has only a handful of modes and you have to play by the rules no matter what.

There are more modes in Smash, one of the biggest ones which is only single-player. While I enjoy World of Light, I would have loved a co-op mode for it. As for the online mode, we haven’t heard too many great things about it. What’s the point of being able to fight online if the lag is awful? Yes, you can do more challenges in Smash, but with Super Mario Party it’s simple to just play. Pick your character, pick the mode, and buckle up for the ride. The modes in Super Mario Party may be few, but they are diverse — co-op, music and rhythm, traditional boards, and mini games.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Despite your points, I still think Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the better multiplayer game. It’s quick and easy to pick up, fun to button-mash, and great with a large group of friends. There’s always something new to try as well. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate definitely has my vote.

Super Mario Party is arguably even easier to pick up to play, with great mini games incorporated into the bigger modes, and brings everyone together with it’s simple premise, even with the strategy and luck that goes with it. While you brought up fantastic points for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, I’m going to go with Super Mario Party.

Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Take My Star — Yungtown

Happy Wednesday, everyone! As you may have noticed, we’re really enjoying Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch and this month’s music reflects that.

We’ve showcased Yungtown on here before with Settle It in Smash. This time around we’re showing his Mario Party game rap “Take My Star.” It’s a catchy song, with Rachel and I occasionally bursting out into the chorus while playing Mario Party.

While Yungtown hasn’t uploaded on YouTube in a while, his music is enjoyable on that platform, iTunes,  and Spotify. He does stream on Twitch as well, if you wanted to check him out there. Either way, we hope you enjoy “Take My Star!”

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Mini Games In Super Mario Party

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I’ve been playing Super Mario Party so much lately. There are about 80 new mini-games in the game so I thought I’d talk about some of my favorites.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Super Mario Party Mini Games | Nintendo Switch | Video Games | gaming | Nintendo | Mario Party |

5. Net Worth

This is one of the four-player cooperative games from the River Survival mode. It’s a four-player game where you all have to work together instead of against each other. You all hold a fishing net and when a bunch of Cheep Cheep come swimming by you have to collectively pull your Joy-Con up to lift the net. This is a lot more fun when playing with other people because you have to actually communicate. It’s satisfying to get a lot of Cheep Cheep as well.

4. Bumper Brawl

This is a crazy version of Bumper Balls from Mario Party 2. The difference is that there will most likely always be a winner. This is a four-player ally mini-game which means it’s every man for himself but you have the help of your allies (should you be lucky enough to have any). The sound effects for this game is great as you’re all in hamster-like balls. Depending how many allies are on the board as well this game gets pretty crazy which is a lot of fun.

3. Absent Minded

This is a “quiz” from Toadette. It’s a four-player mini game. There are three rounds where you’re given three pictures and then have to choose which picture is missing from the big one. The pictures will pixelate slowly on screen or flash real quick throughout the screen. It’s a clever game and harder than it seems.

2. Rattle and Hmmm

This one is similar to Absent Minded except instead of seeing it’s about feeling. It’s another four-player mini game where Toadette “quizzes” you. There are three rounds of three characters doing something on screen and each one has a unique rumble you feel in the Joy-Con. The curtain closes, a rumble happens, and you have to guess who made the rumble. This is another one that’s not as easy as it seems.

1. Slaparazzi

Yet another four-player game and this is the best one, especially if you’re playing with three other people in real life. A Koopa has a camera and tries to get many different angles of you and your friends. You have to try to be the center of attention which means punching your friends out of the way. Once Koopa takes the photo, the picture is shown on screen. The pictures that come out – the poses and faces of the characters – are absolutely hilarious and well done. There are more than five rounds for this game too which is nice so you can really have a lot of fun with it.

Have you played Super Mario Party yet? What are some of your favorite mini-games? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ranking The Four Super Mario Party Boards

Ranking Super Mario Party Boards | Super Mario Party | Nintendo | Nintendo Switch | Mario Party | Video games | Gaming |

Super Mario Party has made many old-school fans happy with the return of the classic boards, where characters take turns moving around to head to the star space while playing mini-games in between the rounds for coins. While the past couple of Mario Party games had boards, the way they were executed wasn’t up to par with the majority of fans. Super Mario Party seems to have gotten it right.

Super Mario Party has a great set up of boards and it’s executed well this time around. My biggest complaint is that the boards are too small, but for the amount of turns and the different mechanics used in the game, the board sizes work. However, a lot of people complain that there’s only four boards total and want more. However, four boards isn’t that much of a difference compared to some of the other Mario Party games. In order from Mario Party to Mario Party 10, here are the number of boards for each Mario Party game in chronological order: 8, 6, 6, 6, 8, 9, 6, 6, 7, and 5. Six is obviously the average of boards so having two less seems like a lot to some, but it’s not much of a difference. I’m personally happy with the types of boards we got for this game.

The first Mario Party had 8 boards? I don’t remember that… I suppose it makes some sense, with each character having his/her own board, then perhaps Bowser and a final board for the “story.” The four boards for Super Mario Party work fine if you take into consideration the other modes that Nintendo stuffed into the game, many of which were modes from Star Rush and even Top 100, just executed much better. Then of course there’s the possibility of more boards being DLC, so who knows? With only four boards, we’ve played them all quickly and each of us have our favorites.

I’m skeptical that they’ll add DLC down the line, but I guess that’s a discussion for another day. If you haven’t played Super Mario Party yet, then feel free to stop reading since this may contain small spoilers for you. There are three boards you can play right away and the fourth and final board is unlocked once you’ve played the other three boards. There’s Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine, Megafruit Paradise, and Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower. All four definitely have their perks, but I certainly have my favorites. Kris, how would you rank these four boards in order from your favorite to least favorite?

I think my favorite is Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower. While it was the smallest, the race to get to the star spot and the price changing for the stars, allowing you to possibly get more than one if you had the coins, made it quite the challenge. There was also plenty of opportunities to sabotage your opponents too! Megafruit Paradise is up there in the list, as I enjoyed the bright colors, the board’s secrets, and the fact that it seemed to be on one of the largest boards. Whomp’s Domino Ruins is probably third in line, as the dungeon aesthetic was cool, then King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine. King Bob-omb’s board wasn’t too bad, but it just didn’t climb the ladder of my favorites for some reason. What about you, Rachel?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree that Kamek’s board was my top favorite of the four. I loved how you could get up to two stars, especially whereas the stars now cost 10 coins instead of 20 coins like the other games. However, the price changed to be either 5, 10 or 15 coins per star whenever someone reached Toadette. It was a good challenge. Next would be King Bob-omb. I felt as though that one had the most stakes during gameplay. King Bob-omb stood in the middle with many event (happening) spaces around him which ticked down a clock before his fuse blew. If you were caught in the middle when he blew up, you’d lose half of your coins. There are also smaller bob-ombs that may go on your “team.” They roll a dice block as well like your allies, except their dice block is 0, 0, 0, -1, -1, -1. So it can mess you up. Also, if you already have three allies and get a bob-omb, the bob-omb automatically kicks a random ally out and you lose a friend. Third on the list was Megafruit Paradise. I enjoyed the four different islands and with limited ways to get to each one certainly made for an interesting challenge. Whomp’s board was just kind of like a plain Jane to me. There wasn’t a whole lot at stake and it’s also the first board so I’m assuming it’s to ease the players into the game.

I’m glad we can agree on at least one of the boards, haha! Overall, none of them were bad, although they definitely had elements from previous Mario Party boards that made some of them have that familiar nostalgic feeling. Like, Megafruit Paradise reminded me of the Yoshi board from the original Mario Party, and the Whomps moving and blocking paths in the Whomp’s Domino Ruins had been an obstacle in previous Mario Party boards as well.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, overall, all the boards were great in their own right. I enjoyed playing them even if they were small and there aren’t many boards to choose from. I think Nintendo did a great job with the boards for Super Mario Party.

What are some of your favorite Super Mario Party boards? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: Super Mario Party Features

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Last Friday, Super Mario Party was released for the Switch, much to everyone’s excitement. Rachel and I streamed it last Friday night on our Twitch channel, having a great time exploring the game and being thrilled that it seemed to go back to its roots with a few of the better updated features from the more recent Mario Party games.


Character Roster

Character rosters are usually a hit or miss for me. Fire Emblem Warriors, despite my love of the franchise’s characters, has too many sword users and Mario Kart 8 has too many clones — Pink Gold Peach, all the baby characters, the Koopalings — for example. Super Mario Party has a great character roster with a fantastic balance between the hero and villain characters. While I’m still on the fence with Bowser being on the roster, since I’m used to him being more an antagonist (as much as you can be an antagonist in a Mario Party game), I can’t deny it’s amusing seeing him marching around the board!

Special Character Die

Mario Party games are usually all about luck when it comes to going around the game boards with a bit of skill for the mini-games. With each character having their own special die, it brings a bit of strategy to going around the boards. The standard die allows you to move one to six spaces. Some characters have die that help you gain or lose some coins while giving you a chance to move more spaces than the standard die. There’s a risk with every die, but plenty of chances to get ahead if your plan pans out.


The allies is a feature that was first showed in Star Rush, which… wasn’t the best Mario Party game. I did enjoy the way the allies were featured in Super Mario Party, allowing you to use their specific character die as well as giving you an extra move or two. Some mini games also include your allies to give you a helping hand. It’s also just really amusing to watch a parade of Mario characters going around the board as your allies follow you!

Mini Games in between Turns

Having the mini games after every turn on the boards is back and it’s amazing! That feature is what defines the Mario Party series for me and I’m excited to see it back. That, and the mini games that we’ve played so far have all been pretty fun. I haven’t had a complaint about any of them yet!

What do you like best about Super Mario Party?

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Super Mario Party [Game Review]

Video game review: Super Mario Party | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo | Mario Party | Game Review | Gaming | Video Games |

Title: Super Mario Party
Developer: Nintendo, NDcube
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
October 5, 2018
How we got the game:
We bought it

There was so much riding on this game. After being disappointed with the likes of Top 100 and Mario Party Star Rush, we were hoping so much that Super Mario Party would return to the original Mario Party games, with boards and mini games after every turn. The more we saw of the game, the better it looked.

I was trying not to get my hopes up for this game, but of course I did anyway. And guess what? I actually wasn’t disappointed!


Super Mario Party’s main mode goes right back to the beginning of the franchise, giving us boards to take turns going around and competing in mini games for coins to purchase stars. The player with the most stars (and coins, in the event two players tie for first place with the stars) at the end of the game is deemed the winner.

Each character has their own turn – no cars – and a mini-game is played after all four players end their respective turns. The mini-games are decided based on what color spot your character lands on. The 4-player, 2-versus-2 and 1-versus-3 games are back. There are no duels and no more battle games, but there’s a rumble mini-mini-game that can be played that acts like a battle game.

Each character — and there’s a good-sized roster with minimal “clone” characters — has his/her/their own dice block that gives more strategy to the turns rather than leaving everything to luck to go along with the standard dice block. There are a few items that can be gained and used throughout the boards as well, of course, to help even the odds.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
One thing about Star Rush was that I enjoyed some of the mechanics but didn’t think they were executed well. Each character having their own dice block is a mechanic from Star Rush and pairing it with the old boards again was a great idea. It really added a lot of strategy, like Kris said. What added more strategy was that there are Ally spaces on the board as well as a cell phone that calls a random ally to your aid. An ally comes, gives you their dice block in addition to the ones you have, they follow you around and roll a dice block that rolls 1-2, and they can even help you in special ally mini-games.

Yes, those seemed to be great additions to the Mario Party franchise and I’m glad they were well executed with Super Mario Party. Aside from the board mode, there are a few other modes to explore. A mini-game mode is included, which was expected. A River Survival mode was introduced in this game, a mode where four characters are timed as they raft down a river, avoiding obstacles that slow them down and playing co-op mini-games to give them more time. It was interesting to play co-op mini-games rather than always competing against each other!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I really enjoyed the co-op games. I thought that was a great idea. That would even be great in the main mode. Sometimes you won’t want to work with a certain someone and you can always choose to sabotage. I do wish we could play the main modes online with friends. I also wish there were more than four boards and they were a bit bigger. The small size did work, but it made the game less intense and easier to reach the stars. I also miss the Bowser spaces. Like I said, there’s more strategy which is awesome, but the overall game is less intense – despite there being some intense moments. The game as a whole was just a lot of fun and really well done.


We’ve always been pretty impressed with the Nintendo Switch’s graphics, and Super Mario Party is no exception. You can see the details of Mario’s overalls, Bowser’s shell, and Monty Mole’s fur. All the characters are charming with their animation!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I really enjoyed the looks of the characters. They each have their own personalities as well. They laugh when they use a poison mushroom on another player, they talk and cheer with one another, and yes, they’re walking animations are adorable.

The music wasn’t too bad either. I’ll admit, we were probably louder from laughing or teasing each other than the music for the majority of the time, not allowing the music to really cement with me, but there was nothing I disliked about the music.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The music is always upbeat and catchy. The sound effects are just as well done too.


Super Mario Party is a fantastic game to play with friends, and is decent to play in single-player mode as well. While I am a little disappointed at the few boards for the main mode, I still will go back to them (although, who knows — more boards may be a thing with DLC down the line). Super Mario Party is a game that we will definitely keep going back to.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ve had this game for less than a week and we’ve already put in quite a few hours. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to it some more.

Super Mario Party gets…
4 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Friday Favorites: Multiplayer Games

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!

Growing up, my friends and I were always the group to crowd at one of our houses for pizza and video games. It was easy on our parents — they always knew where we were! Throughout the years, here are some of my top multiplayer games.


Mario Kart

Mario Kart has always been a great series to play with friends, despite its reputation for ruining friendships like Monopoly. While I definitely enjoy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the extra characters and the awesome battle modes, one of my favorites was always Double Dash for the GameCube. Working in tandem with someone else to destroy the opposition was always fun!


This is a newer game that Rachel and I discovered and, with our Xbox One gifted to us from our generous brother-in-law, we were finally able to play it. We first discovered the game through PB&Jeff, a series on the PBGGameplay YouTube channel. It’s a ridiculous little game where you need to cooperate with others to complete orders in absurd kitchens. It’s always a challenge no matter how many people you’re playing with!

Mario Party

Mario Party 1 through 6ish, of course. The latter Mario Party games, the ones with the microphone gimmicks and the cars that cart everyone around the board, seem to have forgotten what a Mario Party truly is, in my opinion. The older Mario Party games were also ripe with minigames that sometimes seemed to favor one player or team over another, bringing about another challenge (or argument) for the players.

Super Smash Bros.

Before this series, I wasn’t one for pure fighting games. Seeing how much fun it is to pummel your friends with one of your favorite Nintendo characters had changed my mind. Melee was probably my favorite installment of this series, but I’m always eager to see what future games will bring!

What are your favorite multiplayer games? Any that you would recommend to play or any that you felt were a waste of time?

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