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Last month, Rachel and I did a post about the card game Skip-Bo. While we were playing the game for the review, we were obviously playing against each other. However, there were times when we looked at the other and made deals, promising to play certain cards so the other could get rid of whatever card was on her stock pile to keep the game moving. We came to the realization that we tend to always play as a team, even in games when we are supposed to be against each other.

It’s true. We tend to team up even when we’re not supposed to be on a team. Of course, the game was lasting longer than we thought it would and I needed to go out so we wanted to keep it moving, but still. I feel like we would have “teamed up” anyway.

It’s pretty apparent in Mario Party games. Generally, if it was one of the games where we could be on a team, we would work together. The games where it’s every character for themselves, Rachel and I still tended to ban together and try to prevent the computer characters from winning. It doesn’t always work, haha!

True, true. I forgot about Mario Party. We always played the team games us ganging up on the super hard CPUs. When team wasn’t an option, we still competed against each other a little, but if it were between one of us and a CPU, we chose to take down the CPU.

Granted, we still have a competitive spirit between us, but we’ve just grown up playing video games that way. Two-player games had us working together while single-player games had us passing the controller back and forth. If you think about it, we were always hanging around each other, so it probably seemed natural to us to have that team mentality.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s a good point. We did always play together even when it wasn’t multiplayer. I wasn’t adventurous when I was younger when it came to gaming, so I just did whatever you did anyway. So, if you think about it, I probably didn’t give you much of a choice when it came to being “against” me.

Apparently, I was nice enough to actually be on a team instead of demolishing you in the games. Considering, though, that our older sister’s interest in video games was short-lived during the Super Nintendo days and you and I were always close growing up, it was inevitable that you became Player Two. Those were the days before the Internet was such a social hub, so I needed someone to play games with me!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
You probably were nice enough because you just wanted someone to play games with you. Of course, that backfired quickly when I wanted you to play games with me such as Goof Troop or I wanted to watch you play Banjo-Kazooie. With Goof Troop, even though we were on a team, we sometimes sabotaged each other. I remember picking up barrels and throwing them at each other.

While I wasn’t a fan of the game Goof Troop in general, it was great trying to sabotage each other. It’s like when we had the game nights with our friends while playing New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Switch. While all four of us were on a team, there were definitely times when we tried to shove each other aside for the best power-up. Granted, there were also times when we sacrificed ourselves for each other, too.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Well, Mario games are notorious for sabotaging each other – even if it’s by accident. The characters slide around so much, but that adds to the fun it. So, I guess, overall, we tend to stick on a team regardless of whether we’re supposed to or not. But there are times when we tend to gang up on one another. I guess it all depends on the game.

Do you tend to stick to a team with a certain someone when you play games? Or do you follow the “rules?” Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Discord and Nintendo’s Voice Chat

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!

While single-player games are amazing, especially since Rachel and I have each other as sometimes-snarky cheerleaders for each other whenever we play those games, multiplayer games can be so much fun. With the online capabilities of nowadays, being able to play with friends who don’t live around the corner is fantastic. Voice chatting definitely helps, but the platform needs to be done well…

How many of you actually use Nintendo’s voice chat? You know, the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone? We personally haven’t. We’ve heard it wasn’t that great…

We do use Discord, however, mostly just between each other when we’re working in different rooms, but we’ve also played around with Discord’s voice chat while playing online games together. Recently, there was an article on My Nintendo News that mentioned how Discord would be willing to talk with Nintendo about powering Nintendo’s voice chat, and it honestly sounds like it would be a good partnership.

The article itself didn’t mention many details, but from what I’ve heard of the Nintendo Voice Chat, it needs an overhaul. Discord is a popular choice amid gamers nowadays, as forums, video, and voice chat. With all the games that Nintendo is bringing to the Switch, especially multiplayer games, having a well-working voice chat system is crucial.


Do you use Nintendo’s Voice Chat app? How well do you think Discord would work as Nintendo’s voice chat platform?

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Single Player Mode

Double Jump Kris MiiHey everyone, Kristen here! I have quite a bit of time on my hands this week, so I was thinking about what kind of games I could play to pass the time…

Games have made tremendous stride in becoming great social activities, from multiplayer games in the living room to online games capable of allowing you to play with people from all over the globe.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be able to just a play a game by yourself.

Fire Emblem games are ones that I prefer to play by myself. They’re brilliant to talk about with others, and there’s a lovely fandom for the game, but if you’re just sitting next to the person playing the game, it’s not the most exciting. Rachel can testify to that!

Harvest Moon is another game that I prefer to play while hanging out alone. It’s so relaxing (usually), and I almost always get sleepy after a good virtual farming session.

Then there are games that are one-player games that should be multiplayer, like the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. They’re utterly brilliant, and it’s so much fun trying to find clues and figure out how the crimes were committed with others. It’s not so much fun trying to cram together to stare over one Nintendo DS console to see the game.

What about you? What kind of games do you enjoy playing solo?


Top 5 Multiplayer Games

Rachel Mii Double JumpHey everyone!

There are a lot of games out there that are definitely more fun to play with others rather than playing alone.

The games I mentioned in my favorite games to play with friends post, here are five games I enjoy playing in multiplayer mode!

5. Skylanders

This game is definitely playable alone, but I do enjoy playing with other people. I like being able to use more Skylanders at once. You can see more of the powers they have, level each Skylander up faster, and it’s always fun to have a sidekick by your side in a level.

4. Donkey Kong Country

Whether you’re playing the old SNES DK game or you’re playing the new Wii U version, this game is so much better with friends. I find it more fun to run through each level with DK and Diddy running separately with each player rather than together with just one player controlling them.

3. Yoshi’s Woolly World

This game is too cute not to play with friends. End of story.

2. Super Mario Bros.

Like Donkey Kong, this game is a lot more fun no matter which version you’re playing. Though I have to admit that the newer Wii U versions seem to be easier with more people playing. You can explore more of the level in less time and there are certain levels that I feel would be hard to beat without the help of another player.

1. Just Dance

Who wants to have a dance party by themselves? You just look like an idiot if you’re dancing alone. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to laugh at your friends when they in fact can’t dance.

What are some of your favorite multiplayer games?