Confession: I Don’t Like Z-Moves

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We’re going to dive right into my perhaps controversial thoughts regarding a major feature of the latest generation of Pokemon games.


The Pokemon franchise has always been a favorite of mine ever since I got my first GameBoy Color and the trio of the first generation games twenty years ago. It’s been an amazing ride seeing how the series has evolved, with the creatures, the stories, and the technology of the games. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed seeing the improvement, but there are sometimes new aspects of the latest games that make me scratch my head in confusion.

In the case of the Alola games, I don’t know why the Z-Moves exist.

The graphics for the Z-Moves are great for the handheld systems, but… I don’t understand why they are needed. Perhaps Nintendo had wanted to do epic graphics for every move but, due to time and technology constraints, could only do so for one to two moves per type? The little dances done for the Z-Moves were cute the first couple of times I’ve seen them, but I’m more interested in getting back to the battle rather than watching my character look a little silly for a minute or two.

Power-wise, it makes sense that a Z-Move can only be used once per battle. If that’s the case, then, what’s the point? I generally forget to use the Z-Moves because I tend to try to strategize my Pokemon’s attacks rather than use one all-powerful move as a cop-out. That, or I try to “save” my Z-Move for when I need it but it doesn’t work out that way. At the very least, with Mega Evolutions from the Kalos region, you were able to keep a Pokemon in their Mega form for the duration of the battle.

Speaking of Mega Evolutions, what happened to those? Nintendo had introduced them in the previous generation only to drop them in favor of Z-Moves. I would rather explore the world searching for Mega Evolution stones for my team than collecting Z-Crystals as makeshift gym badges from trials. I wonder if Z-Crystals were partly created to try to ease the players into the idea that gym battles were not part of Gen. 7, a little token that had more of a role — however small it was — in battles instead of a pixelated gym badge.

This is all just my opinion. Perhaps disliking one of the major new features of the latest Pokemon games is a sign that I’m starting to get old, haha!

What do you think of Sun and Moon’s Z-Moves? Are there any other new features that you like or dislike about the newer Pokemon games?

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Features in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

I’ve got another Top Tuesday list for you all and it’s about… (drumroll, please!)

Pokemon! I mean, what else do I talk about?


5. Ride Pokemon

I never realized how much I disliked the HMs until I didn’t have them in Pokemon Sun. Getting rid of the HMs, forcing some of your Pokemon to learn certain moves, was such a great decision by Nintendo. I also love how they allowed us to ride more Pokemon. The concept has been introduced before, but they gave it a new meaning, which is awesome. I still wish we could ride whatever Pokemon we wanted whenever we wanted, but I’ll take this.

4. Battle Help

I have no idea what this feature is called, so I made up the title “battle help.” I thought it was awesome that there was a tracker for your Pokemon’s (and the opponent’s) status conditions. It was easy to see how many times your speed was lowered or if their attack was up by three points. It was also helpful to see which moves were effective against which Pokemon. I’ve been playing Pokemon for so long and I still have a hard time memorizing all the different types and moves.

3. Pokemon Refresh

I wasn’t sure where to put this one on my list. I absolutely loved Pokemon Amie in Pokemon X and Y. I loved feeding and petting my Pokemon, but I also loved the mimic game (even though it barely registered my face half of the time) as well as the other three mini-games you could play with your Pokemon. They took the games away from the Pokemon Refresh, but they added the grooming, which included an item to get rid of status conditions. I missed the games, but then again, I always spent way too much time on the games.

2. Poke Pelago

I love the idea that my Pokemon in the PC aren’t just sitting around in a box! I like being able to grow my own beans for Pokemon Refresh and to lure other wild Pokemon to me. I enjoy the berry island as well. It’s nice to have those anywhere at my fingertips rather than having to fly to a certain town in the region. I’ve gotten so many goodies from my Pokemon going treasure hunting and the springs and exercise playground are a fun aspect as well. A+ idea in my book!

1. Rotom Pokedex

I have never fully filled out my Pokedex. I got close in Pearl and even closer in X, but none of the Pokedexes have been 100% filled out. Having Rotom makes me even more determined. He’s supportive and encouraging and he can evaluate your dex and give you hints on where you should go to get more Pokemon. That aside, he’s just adorable. I loved how they utilized a new form for him to help us out and be a map. I loved his personality and that he showed us the way to go throughout the game.

What are some of your favorite features from the new Pokemon games? Let me know in the comments below!

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