Pokemon Sun and Moon: First Thoughts

Rachel Mii Double JumpIf you love Pokemon, then I’m sure this is old news to you by now.

Nintendo has announced the seventh generation of Pokemon and the two games to start it off: Sun and Moon.


Nintendo has recently announced Pokemon Sun and Moon coming worldwide in November 2016. They gave us the name of the new region, where it’s based off from, the three starter Pokemon, and even some unofficial gameplay here and there from the trailer.

I’ve been a Pokemon fan from the very beginning and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next generation. So you can only imagine my excitement when this news came.

Although there’s not much information known about the games yet, they’ve given us a pretty decent heads up.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: First Thoughts Double Jump

The Region

Pokemon Alola Region Double Jump
Via Serebii

The seventh generation is in a region called Alola. It’s island-based and people believe it’s loosely based on Hawaii. I think that’s pretty cool. It’s definitely something different.

I get the feeling we’re going to have to be surfing and riding boats to get to the different cities and towns for gym badges. There won’t be a shortage of water Pokemon, that’s for sure.The map seems to show otherwise, but you’re definitely surrounded by water.

The map seems to show otherwise, but you’re definitely surrounded by water. I’m excited to see what Alola has in store for us.

The Starters

Rowlet Pokemon Double Jump
Via Serebii

First, there’s Rowlet. He’s known as the Grass Quill Pokemon, but I call him an owl because… he’s an owl. He’s grass-flying and absolutely adorable.

He reminds me of a Beanie Boo. You guys know those round-chubby-beanie-baby-like-plushies? That’s what Rowlet reminds me of and I just want to hug and squeeze him!



Litten Pokemon Double Jump
Via Serebii

Second, there’s Litten. Litten is a fire-type known as the fire cat Pokemon. He’s a cat. Obviously.

Fire is my favorite type so regardless of design, Litten is my choice. However, Jimmy Whetzel posted on his Tumblr a picture of a black cat, plus Shadow the Hedgehog, equals Litten. I cannot unsee this because he’s right. It looks like Shadow the Hedgehog got turned into Shadow the Cat. Oh, well. That still doesn’t sway my decision.



Popplio Pokemon Double Jump
Via Serebii

Lastly, there’s Popplio. The water-type sea lion Pokemon. Oh, Popplio…

I feel bad for the guy. Not because of his design, no. But because mostly everyone hates his design and calls him ugly. I think he’s adorable. Instead of basing him off of a real life sea lion, they based him off a performing sea lion like for the circus or aquarium. It’s a weird direction to take, but I think it’s pretty cool.


I can’t wait to see what they’re evolved forms are going to look like!

The Legendaries

Pokemon Sun Art Double Jump
Via Serebii

The two Legendary Pokemon on the box art are just amazing, in my opinion. I’m so happy to have a powerful-looking lion as a legendary. I think that one was way overdue. I’m not sure what type it is, but it kind of looks like it may have fire elements to it.




Pokemon Moon Art Double Jump
Via Serebii

As for the Moon legendary, it looks like a bat of some sort. I’m not really sure, but it looks really majestic and I love it. Again, its type is unknown. But my guess is fairy? Or maybe dark?




Rumor has it, there more information for Sun and Moon coming out today, June 2. Who knows what we’ll hear next.

What are your thoughts on the new games?

Eagerly Awaiting September

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

I had a completely different post planned for today, but then I went onto the Internet and found some exciting news…


If you’re as big a fan of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series by Capcom, then you’ll be excited for this one.

The other day there was news of the release date for the latest game, Ace Attorney 6, in Japan. I was sad when they didn’t mention North America because we already had two other Ace Attorney games that were not released outside of Japan: Gyakuten Kenji 2 (the sequel to Miles Edgeworth: Investigations) and Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodo Ryunosuke no Boken (a prequel to the Ace Attorney series).

I did not want them to hog the game in Japan.

But my prayers were answered the other day when My Nintendo News created the post about the release date of the game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

The game will come to North America and Europe in September 2016. It will be digital only, meaning it will only be sold on the Nintendo 3DS’s eshop. There are mixed reviews about not having a physical copy, but I don’t mind it at all. As long as I get the game, I’m happy.

While I loved Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies, the games certainly weren’t the same as the original trilogy. I missed having Phoenix as the main lawyer. No, I am not complaining, I love every single character this series has thrown at me–good or bad. However, I am excited that Spirit of Justice will feature Phoenix as the main lawyer again.

Not only that, but Maya will be coming back alongside Detective Gumshoe and Miles Edgeworth. Apollo Justice will be there with (I think) Athena and Prosecutor Blackquill. I just hope that Pearl, Larry, and Trucy makes an appearance.

Here’s the trailer for the game:

Are you excited for this new game just as much as I am?