A Handheld Only Nintendo Switch [Rumor]

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Nintendo has always been known for being predictable – and yet – totally unpredictable. They’re always trying to surprise us, always taking risks, and doing something out of the ordinary. One thing is normal though and that’s Nintendo Directs.

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Nintendo usually puts on a Direct in January and a lot of people (just check Twitter) are expecting one. There’s even a rumor going around that it’ll be on the 10th, which is a week from today. I obviously don’t know if this will actually happen or not – hence “rumor” – but people have been making predictions of what Nintendo may show.

I have to be honest – I don’t have any true predictions other than hopefully they’ll show more of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing for the Switch, and Pokemon for the Switch. They may announce a new DLC character for Smash Ultimate too. Maybe they’ll announce a release date for Piranha Plant for Smash. Who knows?

Okay, I guess I did have a couple of predictions.

That’s not the point of this post. Some other people have been making predictions of what Nintendo might plan to do for 2019 – not necessarily what they may announce in this supposed Direct in a week.

Wow, that was an interesting sentence.

Anyway, some Analysts got together to predict Nintendo’s plans for 2019. One guy, Michael Pachter, said:

“Nintendo will launch a fully handheld version of the Switch at $199.”

Would that be a good idea? I’ve gone back and forth about buying my own Switch so Kris and I can trade Pokemon in the Let’s Go games and play other games together. But all our games are on the Switch we have so I’d have to start from scratch. Not to mention I already have my own account on the Switch and I don’t know how I feel about making yet another Nintendo account.

I do, however, use the Switch in handheld mode a lot. I loved the 3DS and I think I prefer handhelds over home consoles, even though I enjoy seeing my games on the big screen.

Honestly, I could use the Switch we have now as a handheld only and just use the dock as a charging station. However, the battery life in handheld mode isn’t great.

Getting a Switch without the dock for $100 less wouldn’t be a bad deal. I assume a charger would come with it. The only thing is, again, they would have make it so the battery life of the Switch lasts longer. Whether that’s possible or not, I don’t know.

Also, would they change the Switch in any way to make sure it didn’t fit in a dock so people didn’t cheat out on buying the $300 Switch? I assume they would keep the game cartridges the same… but who knows with Nintendo. They can be fickle sometimes.

I know they once said their aim was to have a Switch per person in every household. For my house and each one of us having our own Switch, that would cost us $1,200 – not including multiple $60 games or $80 extra Joy-Con and other accessories.

Granted, this is just a prediction, but I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to do this. It’d be cheaper (though not by much). There would certainly be pros and cons to buying the handheld version over the docked version and vice versa.

The Switch is still doing extremely well, but it’ll be two-years-old two months from today. I expect they’re thinking of a new console or handheld or something to add to the Switch.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think of this rumor? If Nintendo did this, would you buy it? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Rumors of a Mini Nintendo SNES

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone! I… just really want to keep playing video games right now instead of thinking about my day job, haha!

One of the more recent rumors that has popped up in video game news is about Nintendo producing a Mini SNES for the holidays this year. I’m honestly not as excited about the news as I thought I would have been…

So, everyone knows that Nintendo had severely underestimated consumer demand for the Mini NES, ending up with scalpers making the price skyrocket if you were lucky enough to find one for sale. Recently it was revealed that Nintendo is discontinuing the production of the Mini NES.

I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be at that kind of news. The Mini NES would have been a nice addition to our video game collection, of course, but when we weren’t able to get one right away and saw what scalpers were doing to the little consoles’ prices, we thought better of it. We still have our original NES and the few games that I vaguely remember our older sister playing once in a while. It would have been great for nostalgic purposes, and it was a little disappointing to see Nintendo discontinue them rather than produce more to meet the demand, but we’ve moved on from the news.

Then the rumors of a Mini SNES system came to be. The SNES was the console that I first grew up with, and I have tons of fond memories about the games I’ve played on it. Yet, when I heard that there’s a good chance Nintendo will be producing the Mini SNES, I was fairly indifferent about the news.

I still have my original SNES console along with the games I played. Any of my old favorites that I truly enjoyed playing were downloaded on the Wii’s and Wii U’s Virtual Console. And, while I hope Nintendo would have learned their lesson from the mini NES, will there even be enough of the mini consoles to go around?

Of course, I would love to have a cute compact console filled with some of my favorite games from that era — Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the original Donkey Kong Country trio, Yoshi’s Island, Turtles in Time — but many of them have had their own remakes or, as previously stated, are available on the Virtual Consoles. So, assuming there will be enough stock of the console, should I splurge on the Mini NES?

I suppose we shall see!

What do you think about a Mini SNES being produced? If you could create the perfect game list for the Mini SNES, what games would be on it?

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Is The NES Mini Already A Thing Of The Past?

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

I wasn’t too sure of what to talk about today, but then I came across an interesting article about something that I had completely forgotten about until now.


Nintendo released the NES Classic Mini, a miniature version of the original NES that was released in America way back in 1985. That’s over 30 years ago. And while we’ve been able to get our hands on those old, nostalgic games through the Wii and Wii U virtual console, Nintendo had the bright idea to create the NES Mini with 30 original titles already included in the system. The best part? It was only $60.

As soon as the NES Mini was announced, it sold out so fast that I didn’t even have enough time to type Amazon’s URL into my search bar. I was disappointed, but there would be more.


The harder I looked for it, the more I started to believe that it was all a dream. A mini version of a classic console with 30 games included into the system for only $60? I must have made it up myself.

I eventually stopped searching, forgetting about it until I came across an interesting article on My Nintendo News.

Rumor: The NES Mini Production Will End

The NES Mini was only released less than six months ago in November 2016. They didn’t make very many to begin with and now they may end production on it?

Is this because this was a special treat and they want us to go back to the virtual console, especially now that the Wii U is no more? Or maybe they don’t want it to overshadow the Nintendo Switch?

Or, with it being just a rumor, maybe this is a plot to get people to rush out and buy it if they didn’t already.

I don’t think Nintendo would do that, but I’ll admit that’s exactly what I did. When I found it that this may be my last chance to get my hands on the console, I went straight to Amazon.

And I was immediately disappointed.

Sure, the NES Mini is in stock now, but they raised the price to about $158.

Now the questions is: is it worth it?

Well, that’s up to you.

The price is a little scary, but I would love to have that mini console on display along with my other consoles. On the other hands, I’ve been putting money aside in a jar for the Switch. That alone will make my wallet cry.

With that being said, as much as I want the NES Mini, I’m not entirely sure I’ll get it.

A few days after I wrote this post, I noticed that My Nintendo News posted another mini article in regards to the rumor. They debunked it, saying it wasn’t true… Then again, it was Nintendo UK that responded.

Do you think they’ll ever end production on the NES Mini? Will you buy one now just in case, despite the price? Let me know in the comments below!

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