Binge Buying Indie Games

Everyone knows how expensive gaming is as a hobby, right? Thank goodness for indie games! For less than the price of first-party games, we bought half a dozen indie games to enjoy for a while. I believe all of these games are visual novels, or at least close to it, right? Yes, ironically enough, these […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite Nintendo Switch Games We Own (So Far)

Happy Tuesday! The Nintendo Switch has been out and about for a little over two years now! We’ve played a lot of games – old, new, indie, and more. All have been great, but here are a few that stick out in my mind. Of course, the games listed below are games I’ve played the […]

Nintendo Switch Wish List

Happy Thursday! While I still hope that they’ll announce a Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch, I was exploring the Nintendo eShop the other day and added a few games to my wishlist. 1. I Am Setsuna 2. Yooka-Laylee 3. ARMS 4. Snake Pass 5. Graceful Explosion Machine 6. Puyo Puyo […]

Friday Favorites: 1-2 Switch Games

Happy Friday, everyone! Going off of Rachel’s last Top Tuesday, I thought I would share the few 1-2 Switch mini games that I do not mind. Granted, 1-2 Switch is not a game that I play on a regular basis, but the few times Rachel can persuade me to turn it on, there are some […]

Nintendo Direct 2017 Recap

If you have to work like Kris and I, then chances are you missed this year’s Nintendo Direct. It was hosted on the 12th of April, which was a Wednesday. I was able to catch the tail-end of it, but then dinner was ready, so you know. Lucky for us, Nintendo posted a recap of […]