Civilization VI [Video Game Review]


Title: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
PC, iOS, Nintendo Switch
Turn-based strategy
Release Date:
October 2016 (PC), December 2017 (iOS), November 2018 (Nintendo Switch) 
How we got the game:
Bought it for the Nintendo Switch

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this game. I heard it was a simulation game, perhaps something similar to SimCity and the like but with an empire angle instead, which is what caused me to pick it up. I’m brand new to the Civilization series and, so far, it’s been an interesting ride.

gameplayBeing a turn-based strategy game, Civilization VI gives the player the task of dominating the planet through military, technology, or culture might.

Each turn allows players to found cities under their chosen world leader. The player then cultivates and grows their empire with their citizens, making them into settlers to found new cites, scouts to explore the world, builders to craft different districts for the cities, warriors to defend the empire, and plenty more. Technology and culture trees allow your citizens to advance further in the periods of development as the world evolves around them.

The buttons aren’t too difficult to learn, but I did find myself accidentally ending my turn once in a while when I was first learning to play. During your turn, you choose everything, from what your city is currently developing to how far any citizens outside of the city are moving, from scouts to warriors. You can also communicate with the other world leaders and, depending on your friendship level, may be able to make deals or trades with them.

Or go to war. That’s a thing.

Mainly the buttons are the main A button or using the analog stick to move your citizens to where they need to go along the world map. Decisions on what your cities should develop tech- and culture-wise, as well as the number of turns they take, all need to be considered when plotting your path to world domination. It’s a lot of strategy and gives a great challenge.


I was impressed with the graphics of this game, both with the scenery and the models of the character avatars. It was a clean, crisp looking game, especially when one considers all of the different eras that a game goes through. The world map was beautiful, making it enjoyable for me to send out scouts — with their adorable dogs — to all corners of the world to see what they had in store.

The music itself wasn’t as memorable, however. Rather, it was soft, no doubt allowing players to concentrate on making the best decisions they could for their citizens during their turn. The music and sound effects were subtle, which was appreciated. The voice acting for the avatars weren’t too bad at all, though. I was impressed at the voice acting for the most part.

storyThere does not seem to be one specific story line that this game follows. Rather, there are over a dozen historical world leaders that you can use as your avatar for your play through. With your leader, your task is to dominate the world throughout several eras of development while competing against other human or computer controlled leaders.

The story goes depending on how well you play. Want to go through the story and win with the mightiest army? You can do that. How about being the pinnacle of technology or culture? Sure. Navigating through the world and determining how you want to win depends on your actions as well as your reactions to the other players. Rival leaders may have special conditions and their A.I. may reflect some behavior that their real counterparts may have exhibited while ruling.


Replayability is this game’s middle name. With several leaders to choose from as well as multiple ways to run your empire and interesting AI players, no two playthroughs will ever be virtually alike. One playthrough can be a bit long, however, considering how many turns are in a game, so be mindful of the clock when playing. Time can pass by very quickly with this game!

Civilization VI gets…
4 out of 5 lives.

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Tetris 99 [Video Game Review]

Video Game Review: Tetris 99 | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo | Video Games | Gaming | Game Review | Tetris |

Title: Tetris 99
Developer: ARIKA
Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch
Multiplayer, Puzzle
Release Date:
February 13, 2019
How we got the game:
I downloaded it from the Nintendo Switch eShop




Tetris has always been the kind of game that I barely played. I enjoy it, but I never owned the various games of it myself. I’ve played mobile versions and tried my hand at the older games once in a while. So, when they announced Tetris 99, I thought it was cool and I was excited. The best part of all, it’s free.

Gameplay | Video Game Reviews | Video Games | Gaming | Blogging |

Tetris is one of the simplest games to play despite it being a puzzle game. Blocks in various shapes and sizes fall from the top of the screen at a fairly slow pace. Before they reach the bottom, you can move the pieces from side to side as well as turn them depending on how you want them to fit on the ground. The point is to lay them in the straight line to make said line disappear. If your stack gets too high and reaches the top, then it’s game over.

Tetris 99 is no different – other than the fact you’re playing against 98 other people who are able to target you and sabotage your game so they can be number one. You can sabotage people by clearing lines on your own board. Lines with one or two spots missing will force their stack higher adding pressure for them to clear their own lines before their pieces get too high. Using the analog stick on the Joy-Con, you can choose any player you want to aim for and this can be changed throughout the game. So, if you notice someone is in the red and is close to getting out, then aim for that dude.

I personally don’t really aim for anyone. I’m not very good at checking the other boards to see where people are in their games and try to make them lose faster. I just focus on my own game and play by the rules. For some reason, I get targeted by multiple people at once and get screwed over. I’m not the best at Tetris, to begin with. My OCD enjoys fitting the pieces together just so but the pressure gets to me. With that said, as of writing this review, my best place was 31 and that was the third game I had played. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Graphics & Music | Video Game Reviews | Video Games | Gaming | Blogging |

Tetris 99 looks and feels like a high-tech arcade game. There’s not much to the main menu other than the game itself, your stats, and options/settings. But the colors are bright and the game itself is vivid and flashy. It’s really well done and the first game I played, I got distracted from the Tetris pieces flying around from everyone’s games.

The music is awesome too. It’s the original tune but seems remixed or remastered for this particular game. It’s definitely one that gets stuck in my head and one I don’t mind looping as I play the game for a while.

Replay Value | Video Game Reviews | Video Games | Gaming | Blogging |

The replay value is endless. No two games are ever the same and it’s easy to get addicted to the gameplay. Some games can be short depending on when you get KOed. It’s far too easy to get sucked in and keep saying, “just one more match.”

Tetris 99 gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Nintendo Switch Games We Own (So Far)

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

The Nintendo Switch has been out and about for a little over two years now! We’ve played a lot of games – old, new, indie, and more. All have been great, but here are a few that stick out in my mind. Of course, the games listed below are games I’ve played the most of.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Nintendo Switch Games We Own | Nintendo Switch | Video Games | Gaming | Nintendo | Nintendo Games |

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game was breathtaking (no pun intended). While I’ll admit it’s not my favorite Zelda game, it’s definitely high on the list between the music (which could be soothing or intense), the graphics and open world, and the game play itself. Kris and I put a lot of hours into this game and tried to squeeze out all we could from this game before beating the main story. This is the kind of game where I wish I could turn it on for the first time again and be totally amazed and not being able to wait to see what happens next.

Octopath Traveler

This is another amazing game. The graphics and music are top notch – higher than top notch. The characters are all loveable and while, I would like more character banter and development, Kris and I have a wonderful time filling in the blanks and imagining what they would all do and say on their journey together. Still, we’ve been playing this game since it came out in July 2018 and still haven’t beaten it. We’ve been taking our time and enjoying every moment of it.

Super Mario Party

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Mario Party game, but it’s a good Mario Party game. Would I like more boards? Yes. Would I like them to be bigger and longer? Yes. Is it like Star Rush or Top 100? Yes and no. They added elements from those games and mixed them with old elements we love and it worked beautifully. Are there any vehicles? No cars, no moving together, but there is a raft… but that’s mode’s actually fun, so I can’t complain. Overall, Super Mario Party is a game we’ve played over and over again. It was definitely refreshing to get this game.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

While I haven’t played this one as much as I would have liked, I’ve been enjoying what I have been playing of it. Smash is a good that’s fun alone or with friends, even though it’s better with friends. World of Light is an amazing story mode and the roster is overflowing. This game was certainly made with love and I’m so happy to have the chance to own and play it.

Pokemon Quest

I had to put this game on the list. Even though you don’t do much, I’ve played this game quite often and have put a lot of hours into it. It’s a mindless, relaxing game. It’s good to put on, especially if you don’t know what to play. Someday I will actually beat the game… Pokemon Quest is grinding at its finest.

What are some of your favorite Nintendo Switch Games? Let us know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Friday Favorites: Octopath Active Skills

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Considering Rachel and I are still playing Octopath Traveler, and that there is talks of a prequel and sequel in the future for the game, I took a look at the active skills that get the most love from us when we play. Here is a list of the favorite skills we use during battles.


Apothecary’s Empoison

Generally, if I have an apothecary in the party, one of the first things I do against a boss fight is poison the main baddie. Seeing the boss slowly lose health from the extra “hit,” if you will, has definitely helped us to whittle away their HP, especially when their shield is up.

Thief’s HP Thief/Steal SP

Technically two active skills, the thief being able to swipe back some HP and SP is extremely useful. Instead of wasting a turn with using an item, your thief hits the enemy twice with a dagger to steal a percentage of HP or SP depending on the damage. It’s a bonus if the enemy’s shield is weak to daggers, as you can get two hits in without using a boost, if you’d like. I’m also amused at needing to spend SP to use Steal SP.

Scholar’s Analyze

For the low cost of just 1 SP, scholars can reveal the current HP balance of an enemy as well as at least one — more with boost points — shield weakness. It was nice to just take away the guess work, especially for boss battles with high shield counts, while also giving us an idea as to how long the battle may take.

Dancer’s Lion Dance/Panther Dance

I definitely became more appreciative of the support buffs of many of the skills from this game, but the Lion Dance and Panther Dance became a couple of favorites. The Lion Dance buffed allies’ physical attacks, and the Panther Dance was used mostly on my thieves to help with their Divine Skill, which dealt damage proportional to their high speed.

What were your favorite skills and attacks from Octopath Traveler? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Picross Puzzle Game

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

I enjoy my fair share of puzzles and logic games that help exercise the mind. Am I necessarily good at them? No, but I still get them done eventually and have fun doing so. 

Picross Puzzle Game | Picross | Puzzle Games | Video Games | Gaming |

Word Search puzzles are fun. I’ve always been a fan of Sudoku. I love word puzzles (just not crosswords or word scrambles unless I have a word bank) and jigsaw puzzles. One type of puzzle I recently got into was Picross.

I had never heard of the game before until Pokemon Picross came out in late 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. To this day, I’m not very far in the game. It of course has “energy” so if you use it up you need to wait a certain amount of time before you can play again. That said, I often went into puzzles, got stuck, and exited out of them to try a new puzzle. Thus, using up my energy in just a few minutes without actually accomplishing anything.

I understood the concept of the game pretty well though. The numbers on the left side and the top needed to match in the order and the numbers couldn’t touch each other. For example, if the grid is 12×12 and the numbers are 2 and 10 in that order, then you know automatically the row will have two colored squares, an X, and then then ten colored squares to fill up the rest of the row. Those rows, that equal the amount in the row, are the easiest to figure out. From there, you can figure everything else out.

Of course, it’s not easy to explain the game through a blog post. Even in person I have a hard time explaining the rules of the puzzle. It’s just something you need to play and practice in order to understand what to do.

I found a Picross app on my iPad and I’ve been playing it for a few months now. There are nearly 2,000 puzzles. There are two packs containing 64 puzzles, five packs containing 100 puzzles, and two packs containing 400 puzzles. I’ve completed them all and am about halfway done with the first 400-puzzle pack. I need to complete all those puzzles into order to unlock the second and final 400-puzzle pack.

The funny this is, while writing this post, I went onto the app to count the puzzles and noticed they updated the game. I thought I was going to beat the game fairly soon but they added a new pack that has 225 puzzles. So, I guess I’ll be playing for a while longer.

There’s a hint option for each puzzle that costs 250 coins (which you get by completing the puzzles). When I first started playing, I used the hint option a lot – to the point where I ran out of coins and I just needed to scratch my head and really think until I got more coins.

Now, though, I have a ton of coins because I haven’t needed to use the hint button in a long time. It’s amazes me how much your brain can learn and figure things out when you do the same thing over and over again. Even if I get super stuck, I sometimes exit out of the game and immediately jump back into it. Right away, my mind finds what I was missing just a minute ago.

While I have nearly 800 puzzles left to solve, I’ve completed more than half of what’s on the app. I’ve been playing for months, but it tracks how long you’re on the app for. According to it, I’ve played the app for almost four days. This means that it’s taken me a little less than four days to solve all the puzzles I’ve solved. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Picross isn’t an easy puzzle to solve or to even understand in the beginning. I never thought Picross would be my go-to puzzle, but I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought I would. I definitely need to look up the Picross games on the Nintendo Switch and give those a try.

Do you play Picross? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Octopath Traveler Prequel and Sequel

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

Despite how many new games there are, we’re still trudging along with some other favorites. As a blog that does game reviews, we find ourselves sometimes rushing from game to game, but it’s always nice to take the time to fully enjoy a game that we love, like Octopath Traveler.


Why, yes, we are still playing Octopath Traveler. Despite the Nintendo Switch RPG coming out last July, we’re still going with the game on our first play through. At the time of this writing, we only have three of the last chapters to go.

With that said, we’re excited to hear about a prequel to the game, but it’s coming to the Android and iOS. That’s not bad at all, considering how the market for mobile games is growing, but I’m here lamenting over how my Android — as wonderful as it is — does not have a big enough screen to let me properly fawn over the art style of the game. Not for the first time, I’m wondering if I should buy a tablet for mobile games.

At the moment, the prequel is slated only for release in Japan later this year — so I’m not in quite the rush to get a tablet — but judging by the popularity of Octopath Traveler, I believe we’ll be seeing an international release at some point. That’s my hope, at least, considering how wonderful the teaser trailer looks:

Not only does the gorgeous music make me want to turn Octopath Traveler back on, the updated battle mechanics look fantastic. It seems as if, instead of just choosing four people for a battle party, everyone is invited in on the fun with the opportunity to switch between the front and the back lines during the fight. I would have loved to see  something like that in the original Octopath Traveler.

There’s also talk of a sequel for the game, which I’m very excited for and hope that we see some familiar faces in it. I’d love to go on another adventure with the characters that we’ve learned to care for in the original, but I don’t think I would complain if the sequel puts us in the same location with the art, music, and game mechanics.

Are you interested in the Octopath Traveler prequel? What would you hope to see in a sequel? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Friday Favorites: Sword & Shield Wish List

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Like a couple of weeks ago, this Friday’s Favorites post is dedicated to a wish list. With Nintendo’s latest Pokemon direct, there is so much speculation and hope about the newest Pokemon games coming out, Sword and Shield. Here is what I wish to see in the games.


True Co-Op

I have no idea how plausible this is. However, when the Let’s Go duo was released and boasted a co-op mode, Rachel and I were disappointed at it. Granted, it was fun seeing another trainer run around with you in the over world and help out with battles, but it wasn’t what we expected or wanted. I would love to see a co-op mode where your trainer is exploring and battling on their own, but your friend’s trainer is still there in the over world doing their own thing as well. I want to experience the journey with my friend’s avatar there beside mine, even if all we get is just seeing the other avatar running around. Of course, granting us the option to do double-battles together, each with our own Pokemon, against NPCs would be awesome. We’re able to go online with Smash and Mario Kart together — why not Pokemon? (Or would this be too close to a Pokemon MMORPG?)

Pokemon Following the MC

I don’t remember seeing Pokemon following the main characters around in Sword and Shield’s footage from the direct. I understand that not all the footage was from the game and the game itself wouldn’t be finalized just yet, so I’m remaining optimistic that they keep the option of having your Pokemon follow you around as you explore the region. It was adorable, fun, and since random battles seem to be back rather than over world Pokemon, it’ll help the game seem more alive.

A Good Story

I want to be completely invested in the plot line of Sword and Shield’s adventure. I’m sure it’ll boil down to the world needs to be saved by your young MC, but still. Give me a story to truly care about. I adored the story lines involving the regions’ legendaries in the earlier generations, especially Johto and Hoenn, and I severely miss the extra oomph that the stories received in the third-tier games. Speaking of which…

A Third Game

This is obviously a long way off, but I would love it if Nintendo went back to bolstering the story lines of the games with a third game for the region. Crystal and Emerald were some of my favorites and I was seriously disappointed that Black 2 and White 2 existed instead of Pokemon Gray for the Unova region. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon didn’t bring much of anything new to the Alola region, and poor Kalos was skipped out entirely when a plot line involving Zygarde could have been created to balance out X and Y. I’m hoping Sword and Shield will break the trend of “sequel” games for the Galar region and give us a more in-depth story with a third Galar game.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? What are you hoping for in the new Pokemon generation? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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