Throwback Thursday: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for another TBT. This time I’m talking about Ace Attorney, a game I mention often. Though I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned the first time I played.

Ace Attorney Trilogy | Capcom | Nintendo | Video Games | TBT |

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy was originally released for the Nintendo DS, though Kris and I had no idea the games existed.

We were upstairs in our bedroom, long before we had an office/game room (our office is our older sister’s old bedroom that we transformed when she moved out). We wanted a new game to play and were scrolling through the games on the Wii shop channel. Yeah, the Wii U didn’t even exist yet.

In fact, we were sitting on our bedroom floor staring at our small box TV that had a built-in DVD and VCR player. I wish I could remember what year this was…

Anyway, we were scrolling and came across the Ace Attorney games. I love mystery and detective stuff and it seemed to intrigue Kris enough. We saw there were three games and downloaded Trials and Tribulations, not realizing the three were a trilogy and we just so happened to buy the final game.

I remember playing the first case together. Then the second and third. Then the finale with Dahlia… if you’ve played, you know who I’m talking about.

We played at night, in the dark, which was a mistake, but we enjoyed ourselves so much anyway.

The cases were so intriguing and well thought out. The characters were amazing. The dialogue was witty and the animations were fun to look at.

Once we finished that game and realized it was the third, we bought and downloaded the first two games immediately. We told our older sister about it, Lisa, and she was interested in it as well. Now, this was long after she stopped playing video games with us so Kris and I were excited we had found a game Lisa wanted to play with us.

We moved the Wii down to the basement where the TV was bigger and there was more room to play. After school and work (and while our dad was still at work because the basement is his man cave), the three of us would go downstairs and play the game for as long as we could.

We played through the whole trilogy together. It was awesome and so much fun.

Of course, Lisa never played the rest of the games with us, such as Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, or any of the handheld games. It was hard enough for Kris and I to stare at the small screen together and play the games. Lisa wasn’t interested in staring at a tiny screen and told us if the games ever came onto the shop channel again, she’d play with us.

Of course, they never did.

Lisa was never one for anime either because the animation always annoyed her. Still, maybe she’d be interested in watching the show with us sometime soon.

Do you remember the first time you’ve played a game? Do you have certain fond memories of Ace Attorney or something else? Let me know in the comments below!

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Donkey Kong Country [Game Review]

Video Game Review: Donkey Kong Country | Nintendo | SNES |

Title: Donkey Kong Country
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: 
November 21, 1994
How we got the game: 
We have the game on the Nintendo SNES Classic

Donkey Kong Country probably makes up some of my earliest memories of video games. It was one of the few games that our older sister played, with her mostly in control of the player one controller, and it was a fun activity for me to join her in. Hearing that this game made it on the SNES Classic’s roster wasn’t a big surprise to me.

I remember watching Kris and our other sister play this when we were kids. If I remember correctly, I think our Dad might have played a couple of times as well. Whenever I played I was also Diddy and never did very well, but it was still fun nonetheless.gameplay

Donkey Kong Country had some simple gameplay in terms of the controls. The D-Pad allows you to move left or right through the levels, and you had your basic jump and run buttons as well. Along with speeding up, the Y button allows you to pick up items, like barrels, to toss at enemies. Both Donkey Kong and Diddy, the two playable characters, had similar controls, but Donkey Kong was stronger and Diddy was quicker.

Donkey Kong was able to defeat certain enemies while Diddy was useless against them. Meanwhile, Diddy was faster especially in the underwater levels. All the levels were well done, each world catering to different types of biomes, if you will, such as jungles, wintery scenes, caves and mines, and more. The levels are pretty straightforward though they can be tricky.

Throughout the levels, there were sometimes other animals that were allies of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. A speedy ostrich, a strong rhino, a flashlight-carrying parrot… They’re all helpful additions and fun to see. They’re included in the bonus stages, each one able to collect tokens to help bolster your life count after you collect three golden pieces in their shape to access the bonus stage. Other bonus stages are hidden throughout the levels, most helping you collect more bananas or extra life balloons.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Throughout some of the levels, there are hidden shortcuts as well. After completing a bonus stage, you’ll often get placed right back where you were or sometimes a little further into the level. There are some shortcuts that allow you to skip parts of the level – sometimes just about half of the level.

Some of our favorite shortcuts were the ones that allowed us to skip half of the level, haha! Donkey and Diddy weren’t the only Kongs in the game, considering they had half of their family playing important roles as well. Candy Kong was in charge of the save points and Funky Kong flew DK and Diddy to other worlds if need be. Cranky Kong gave out advice, if one deigned to ask him.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I would actually be interested in playing as them. I think that would be fun. (Super Smash with just the Kongs, anyone?) The map outside of the levels was straight forward, a Diddy or DK icon on the completed level showing off who was the one who

The graphics of Donkey Kong seem to have held up well throughout the years. Being over twenty years old, the designs of the levels and characters are still well done enough to make the game fun without being annoying or frustrating. Sure, there are the occasional glitches here or there while playing, but for the most part, the graphics were still nice and nostalgia-inducing.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
If anything, the glitches made us laugh. But yeah, the graphics have certainly held up well and I think the level designs were great and aesthetically pleasing.

The music is some of the best, in my opinion, for Nintendo games. Donkey Kong has some iconic music, and every tune matched the levels well.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This is the kind of music that I hum to myself in the shower or randomly get stuck in my head! I absolutely love it and wish I had the soundtrack. The sound effects are also great. I love the sound of collecting the bananas or the klaptraps’ (the little crocodile guys) mouths chomping.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The banana horde has been taken! DK asks Diddy to keep an eye on the bananas, but he’s attacked and trapped inside a barrel. When DK comes back, he frees Diddy and then together they go off on a journey to get their bananas back.

…That’s it. The story is simple enough, prompting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong traversing through multiple worlds to find King K. Rool, the fiend behind the banana hoard theft. Considering how many bananas are littered throughout the worlds, K. Rool didn’t do a very good job.


This is a game that we’ve gone back to once in a while, even if it’s purely for nostalgia reasons. There are a few modes to play — single-player, two-player cooperative, and two-player versus — when it comes to completing the levels and game, so that’s not too bad.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ve come back to this game a couple of times within the past few years – we have it on the SNES Classic now, but we also have it on our Wii from the virtual console. It’ll definitely be a game we go back to again.

Donkey Kong Country gets…
5 out of 5 lives.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments! 

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Top Tuesday: Favorite Nintendo Wii U Games I Own

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Since I talked about my favorite Wii games, I thought I’d give a shoutout to my favorite Wii U games.

Favorite Wii U Games | Nintendo | Video Games |

4. Yoshi’s Woolly World

This game is just so darn cute. It was great to have another platformer starring Yoshi. It’s difficult to play with other people at times (you know, sabotage), but it’s a lot of fun. It’s a game I haven’t played since it first came out and I want to revisit it again.

3. Paper Mario: Color Splash

This was actually a good game, one I want to revisit again. It’s not exactly like the first two Paper Mario games but it’s improved from the three after that… I still shudder thinking about Sticker Star. This one wasn’t bad though and I had a lot of fun with it. It was decently long too, but not too long.

2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This is another cute game. It’s short and I certainly wished there were more to it, but it’s a fun, casual puzzle game that you can pick up and play at any time.

1. Mario Kart 8

It’s Mario Kart. A new and improved Mario Kart. That is all.

What are some of your favorite Nintendo Wii U games? Let me know in the comments below!

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Friday (Least) Favorites: Super Smash Bros. Items

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!

Last week, I shared a list of some of my favorite items from the Super Smash Bros. video game franchise. This week, I thought I would share a few items that are not my favorites. If these items below do not make an appearance for Smash Bros. on the Switch, I will not be heartbroken!


Lip’s Stick

This item was always annoying to me, especially on the receiving end. I mean, that’s the point, but I still hated getting hit with this item and having a damage-causing flower pop up on my character’s head. It definitely wasn’t the most powerful battering item, either.

Banana Peel

Just like when I see them on the Mario Kart tracks, seeing a banana peel join the fight makes me groan. I almost always chuck it off the stage, if I’m able to, as I’m more wont to tripping on the peel myself during the melee.

Mr. Saturn

While I’m guessing his appearance is a nod to Earthbound fans, I don’t understand Mr. Saturn’s existence in the Smash Bros. games. Why is he there? He only makes an odd sound if he’s thrown at someone. Otherwise, he just kind of wanders around.

Screw Attack

This is a hit or miss for me. Generally, the characters I use in the Smash games are characters who have decent jumps and up-slashes. The Screw Attack kind of nullifies the jumps of the characters, and I tend to forget if I’m wearing the badge or not, generally ruining whatever combo I may have been planning.

What are your least favorite Super Smash Bros. items?

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My Favorite Thing About Detective Pikachu

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

I preordered Detective Pikachu for myself. (My mother was not happy since apparently, she was planning on getting it for me for Easter… oops.)

I’ve been taking my time with it because I want it to last. I know I’ve already talked about it and have a review coming soon, but I had something else I wanted to say.

My Favorite Thing About Detective Pikachu | Pokemon | Nintendo | Gaming | Video Games |

There are a lot of things I love about the game, but there’s something in particular that stood out to me about it. And I was really impressed since it’s not something you really see in the games… or necessarily in the anime for that matter.

The Pokemon actually seem to be scaled to size.

The 3D graphics are well done and there are no pixelated Pokemon anywhere. So, when you’re running, Pikachu is small running right behind you. That’s a given.

But what I’ve noticed is that they made sure the other Pokemon are somewhat true to their actual size (I say somewhat because I don’t necessarily know how big they’re all supposed to be).

Your character, Tim, meets Trevenent at one point. While they’re looking at each other, they’re eye level. According to the Pokedex, Trevenant is about 4’11”. Tim is, I believe, a teenager and most likely still growing. He’s probably around that height if not a little taller.

Alakazam also stands at 4’11” while Pikachu is 1’04”. At one point Pikachu picks up Alakazam’s spoon and it’s the same height as him. Looking at a picture of Alakazam, his hands are rather large so it makes sense the spoons may be about a foot. I was certainly impressed with that little factoid.

Also, a Joltik is 4-inches which means Pikachu is exactly a foot taller than it. I knew Joltik was small, but it hangs out on Pikachu’s shoulder at one point. Again, I was impressed with the size difference.

I know I always complain how the Pokemon are never as big or small as they’re supposed to be in the games or sometimes the anime. I complain that I want my Pokemon to follow behind me in the games and I knew they won’t be able to scale them to size.

I’m still impressed how they created all the Pokemon in Detective Pikachu though. I’ve been waiting for this game for so long and I’m realizing how worth the wait was.

Have you played Detective Pikachu yet? Is this something you’ve noticed and that you’re impressed by? Or is it just me? Let me know in the comments below!

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Animal Crossing Overhaul! [Gaming News]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I have found some exciting news! That may or may not be that exciting… especially if it’s not true…

But we can still get our hopes up, right?

Animal Crossing Overhaul | Nintendo | Video Games | Gaming Rumors |

There’s a rumor going around that Nintendo is revamping the Animal Crossing website.

There are placeholders on certain pages on their official Animal Crossing website, such as the news page. People are wondering if this means Nintendo is preparing to reveal something big.

A new game, maybe?

And when I say a new game, I mean a new main game? I want another New Leaf.

I’m sure they’re working on something new because so many people want it and it’s about time a new Animal Crossing game is made. Plus, Nintendo is very good at keeping secrets… Super Smash Bros. for the Switch being a prime example.

Keep your fingers crossed something is announced fairly soon.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you hope they’ll announce a new Animal Crossing game soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: Smash Bros. Items

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!

With Super Smash Bros. for the Switch arriving this year, this week’s list is a look at some of my favorite items from the franchise. Sure, it’s a great challenge to take out the items from matches, but the chaos some of these items create can be fantastic!


Bunny Hood

I always had a penchant for the speedier characters, and with the Bunny Hood, I was able to go even faster. The high jumps this item gave the characters was also so much fun!

Motion Sensor Bomb

Bombs are always great to mix a little chaos into the matches, with the motion sensor bomb being one of my favorites. In a battle with 4 or more people, it was great when you were able to sneak one of these bombs without anyone else noticing and watching as they go flying off the screen due to the unexpected explosion.

Warp Star

The Warp Star from Kirby’s games was a great item to deal that finishing blow on an opponent, as long as you were able to control it well enough. It’s quick and pretty and just fun to use in a fast-paced battle.


C’mon, who doesn’t love the pokeball item in the games? Aside from the random Pokemon being an addicting gamble, some of the Pokemon can be particularly devastating to your opponents. And they’re adorable!

What are your favorite Super Smash Bros. items?

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