New Pokemon Cards Are Here!

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The other day, Kris discovered a new Pokemon Trading Card Game pack called Team Up. This is the ninth expansion pack for the Sun & Moon TCG. This expansion has an emphasis on the Kanto region, though it has Pokemon from all over. Team Up packs may have special duo GX cards such as Pikachu-Zekrom-GX. Team Up was released on February 1, 2019 and we went out and bought some the following day.

Rachel has a huge collection of Pokemon cards while Kris has none. So, we went out and Rachel was eager to get the four booster packs of Team Up – Pikachu & Zekrom, Eevee & Snorlax, Gengar & Mimikyu, and Venusaur & Celebi. While Rachel didn’t get any of the team GX cards, she got some other great cards including an Incineroar GX.

Kris, on the other hand, bought two themed decks along with a mini binder that had a Team Up booster pack inside. With those 130 cards, she’s starting off her collection quite nicely with a mini binder that holds about 60 cards as well.

In the Team Pack expansion, there are about 196 cards in all – 181 plus 15 secret cards. (According to Bulbapedia, that its.) We’re determined to catch ’em all!

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Do you collect Pokemon cards? Have you gotten Team Up yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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How To Make Octopath Traveler Harder

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It’s no secret that we’ve been playing through Octopath Traveler again – rather, we’re still trying to beat it for the first time. We were thinking of some new challenge ideas and it reminded us of the time when we thought of ways to make Breath of the Wild harder. It got us thinking of various ways to make Octopath Traveler harder.

A couple of ideas we came up with were rather simple. Instead of having all eight characters, with having all classes available to go against the enemies, pick just a team of four. Before unlocking second jobs, it will be a challenge to only have half of the classes available.

Not only would you only have half of the classes available, but you’d have less time to level up in between chapters since you’re not traveling through 32 chapters, but instead only 16. Another way you could make it harder is using Pokemon Nuzlocke rules. Have your team of eight but, if someone dies, they’re dead. See how long you can last.

Which, with the way we play, wouldn’t last too long. It would be a great challenge not only because you wouldn’t be getting all the stories, but the party banter between the characters would be lacking as well. Other simple ways to make the game more difficult would be to limit item usage. No attacking items like soulstones or no healing items aside from the cleric or apothecary skills.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Using items in battle can waste a turn anyway – depending on how poorly you’re doing. With the no items though, does the olive of life count or do you need to go to the Inn if someone dies? Actually, that’s something else you can do. Never go to the Inn. Only use items outside of battle. You could also use only the talents. For example, you can’t buy anything at the armory. Any new weapons you get must be from chests or Therion’s steal talent or Tressa’s purchase talent.

Playing off on using only talents, how about not being able to use the class-specific skills? Only perform regular attacks rather than magical attacks, or vice versa. Of course, if you spend most of the battles using skills, you would need to invest in a lot of SP healing items, like the energizing pomegranates.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That would be interesting for sure. You could also make the boss battles harder by only allowing the story character to break the shield. It doesn’t seem like much, but I bet it would raise the stakes a bit.

As mentioned, we’re still working on our first playthrough of Octopath Traveler, having a few more Chapter Fours to complete. However, it’s a game that we know we’ll go back to, and a few of these challenges are on our list to try.

Will you try any of these ways? Have you thought of more? Let us know in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites: Single-Player Games

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!

Today’s post goes along with our #GamingTogether posts that we put up on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, with the question regarding single-player games. With eSports and online play, single-player games tend to be pushed aside for multiplayer experiences, yet single-player games tend to have more flushed-out stories.


Core Pokemon Games

While I admit that I was disappointed at the co-op mode in the Let’s Go duo, the core Pokemon games are tons of fun as a single-player. Exploring the vast regions and befriending Pokemon while crushing your enemies opponents in battle has always been one of my favorite pastimes.

Legend of Zelda series

While I have a blast playing with Rachel in Four Swords Adventures, the majority of the Legend of Zelda titles caters to single-players. I adore the stories, generally the same at their core, but always carrying surprises and twists based on the world that you’re controlling Link in. Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess are a couple of my top games in this franchise.

The Sims

My favorite installments of the Sims games are Sims 3 with Sims 4 being a close second. Considering most video games are about saving the world or vanquishing some enemy, playing simulator games like the Sims that have the purpose of creating your own story and world is always refreshing.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Is anyone who’s been following this blog for a while surprised at this? I’ve sung the praises of Mario RPG for the SNES ever since Rachel and I started this blog. It’s always been my go-to game for a relaxing, nostalgic experience with great characters and game mechanics.

What are some of your favorite single-player games? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Why I Have Two Copies Of Pokemon Black [Throwback Thursday]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Since Kris and I went through all the video games we own recently, I realized that I still have two copies of Pokemon Black for the Nintendo DS. I laughed at seeing the second copy and I decided to write a blog post about it.

Throwback Thursday: Why I have two copies of Pokemon Black | Pokemon | Nintendo | Nintendo DS | Gaming | Video Games | TBT |

Of course, now I’m wondering if I’ve already shared this story. I’m sure I have at one point or another, but maybe it wasn’t through the blog.

I babysit a lot and the first family I ever babysat for had three kids. They were all avid gamers and their middle child was especially into gaming. As much as I love gaming, we often fought because he wasn’t allowed to be playing video games all the time. He had an hour a day and that was it because he was so addicted.

We had a lot of fun playing games together though – from Smash Brothers to Mario Kart and everything in between. Pokemon was another game we played together a lot. We’d trade Pokemon cards and I’d often bring my DS or 3DS so we could battle against each other or simple continue our journeys together.

Fast-forward seven or eight years later and I ducked out. They were a lovely family to work with but I needed to move on and so did they. Their oldest was going to be 17-years-old and their middle child was going into high school. Despite their disabilities, it was time for me to leave so they could have more independence.

It wasn’t until a year or two after I stopped babysitting for them, I realized I had two copies of Pokemon Black. I had assumed one was Kris’s so I gave one to her. But then she checked her bucket of DS games and had one in there. She turned on her game and sure enough, it was her profile. I turned on one of the games I had and it was my profile.

I turned on the third cartridge and guess who’s name was on the profile? Yep, the kid I used to babysit for.

I remember when he lost his game. He spent a while looking for it and I even spent a great deal helping him look for it. These kids lost everything too and their bedrooms were a mess, so I wasn’t surprised when he lost the small DS cartridge. We never found it.

Until I stumbled upon it in my own bucket of handheld games.

I have no idea how it made it home with me. I assume I saw the cartridge on the kitchen table or something and, thinking it was mine, I took it. Or maybe he had put it in my bag or DS thinking it was mine. Whoever thought it was mine though, never thought that maybe I had brought it home with me through those many weeks of us searching high and low for his game.

It’s been three or four years since I’ve stopped babysitting for them. I’ve forgotten about it here and there. I think, at this point, the game is mine. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to give it back to him and honestly, he’s probably long forgotten about it by now.

If I talk to him again in the near future, I’ll try to remember to tell him I have it. But I probably won’t remember I have it until I decide to play that game again or I go through my bucket again.

Are there any games you have multiple copies of? Have you ever borrowed a game – on purpose or by accident – and forgotten to give it back? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around.

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For the Love of Supports

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday everyone!

A couple of my favorite genres of video games are RPGs and strategy games, particularly ones with multiple classes for your characters. Trying to figure out the best combination and the best attacks for said characters is a fun addition to the gameplay, even if not all of the attacks deal physical damage…


Typical in RPGs, there’s usually multiple classes and types of attacks or moves your characters are capable of. Utilizing all these types of moves usually allows you to come out on top in battles with all of the different strategies you can make.

As a kid, my strategy was usually:


Seriously. Why would I have my Pikachu know Tail Whip if I could give it Quick Attack? Why would I use a Dancer-class character in my old Fire Emblem armies when they couldn’t do anything to defend themselves? Why waste a turn using Geno Boost in Super Mario RPG when Geno’s basic weapons were strong enough already to get the job done? Support moves that buff allies and debuff enemies were never really on my list of moves to use.

Growing up, I’ve learned a little more strategy when it comes to gaming, especially my RPGs. My Pokemon teams have more rounded move sets, such as utilizing status-inflicting moves and physically damaging moves that dole out more damage against opponents that have a status ailment. Toxic has become a favorite move throughout the years, and I have a couple of tried-and-true Pokemon match ups whenever I’m in a double battle. Powerful Ground-type moves paired with a speedy Flying-type Pokemon are one of my go-to combinations in a double battle.

Granted, physically damaging moves are still at the forefront because, honestly, how else are you going to win RPG fights? However, the importance of support moves has never been so apparent as it had with one of the latest boss fights in Octopath Traveler.

(Small spoiler alert for the game’s bosses, I suppose.)

Rachel and I have been catching up with Octopath Traveler and recently were finishing up H’aanit’s Chapter 3. The big, bad boss at the end is a dragon, of all creatures (I want a dragon), and I got my ass kicked. Twice.

My team — Therion, Ophelia, Alfyn and, of course, H’aanit — were of the appropriate level, Therion even higher considering he is my main character, and all of them had weapons that were strong against the dragon’s defenses. Yet, the damn dragon still ended up defeating our team.

It wasn’t until the third time when I started utilizing the characters’ more supporting moves rather than just going for the kill that I was able to defeat the dragon.

Ophelia’s class was Cleric-Dancer, granting her not only Reflective Veil (which was an absolute Godsend, considering it not only protected her teammates from the dragon’s strong Dragonfire move, it also reflected the damage back to the dragon), but also the Dancer class’s ally buff moves. H’aanit had moves and creatures that hit multiple times to bring down the dragon’s shield faster, and Therion was able to debuff the dragon’s physical defense. With Alfyn’s physical strength being buffed by Ophelia’s Lion Dance and boosted to the max, his Amputation skill knocked out a bit over six thousand HP.

After doing that a couple of times, mixed in with Alfyn’s Empoison move and the other characters’ getting buffed from time to time, the dragon was taken down in what was probably one of the shortest boss fights we’ve ever had.

I probably won’t underestimate the power of Support moves again. At least, in Octopath Traveler.

How often do you use support characters and buffs in games? Do you think they’re worth it? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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The History of Triple Jump


It’s amazing how time flies! Back in June 2018, which was when I was on the hunt for other video game-centric blogs and found Jett. The poor sap was subjecting himself to the demo of the GameCube’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is not the best TMNT video game out there. It brought back memories of Rachel and me playing it when we were younger, as we are both fans of the the Ninja Turtles, and I wrote a little comment about the post and video. Little did I know that starting that little correspondence led to Double Jump and In Third Person becoming great friends, on our blogs, streams, and in real life.

I was always looking for new gaming blogs to read and follow as well. I remember Kris mentioning the blog post to me and how she commented on it. Instead of thinking, “Cool, a new friends!” I thought, “Oh, my God! I forgot about that game. We should play it again!”

I was never planning on streaming that Ninja Turtles game. Actually forgot that I owned it. When I opened the Mario Kart: Double Dash case, there was a demo disc that had the Ninja Turtles demo on it, so I tried it on a whim. I hated my life in the moment, but put the video out there anyway cause the work was already done. Not long after, I saw Kris had commented on my video, and as I tend to do, I clicked through to see what she was writing on her end. That’s how I first found Double Jump. Talking a lot about Nintendo helped catch my eye, but as I read more of your posts on that first visit, I quickly grew to admire you as writers and as gamers. I loved (and still love) your point-of-view on this hobby. I respected your hustle in posting every day, which is really hard to do. And the sister dynamic really gave you something unique. I hit subscribe without hesitation. Even though I mixed you up in our first post together about Favorite Mario Spin-Offs, I started to get a sense of the differences between you two as well during the early days of reading your blog. It’s great to see your works as individuals as well, especially in areas where you two differ in interests and opinions.

At this point though, I didn’t think anything else of it. I’d read your posts and we traded a few comments across each other’s blogs. But over time, I felt this weird sensation in my gut that said I needed to reach out to you. This was particularly odd for me, as I very much consider myself to be a “lone wolf” in the world of blogging. Blogging is a very personal experience for me, and I didn’t make any sort of effort to build an audience, collaborate with others, or promote my site because that’s not what I do this for. I essentially look at my blog as a private online diary where I forgot to adjust the privacy settings. Even so, the feeling that I had to reach out to you two grew stronger over time, and I didn’t really know what do with that.

It got to a point where, out of the blue, I told my wife about you two while we were driving. I told her that I’d found your blog, loved it, and that I felt like I should reach out. Didn’t even know what for, really. We talked about it some more, and she told me to go for it. Even after that talk, it still took me a few days to muster up the courage to reach out. Eventually, I did. I figured at worst, you’d never get back to me and I’d carry on as I always did.

We’re actually floored by how our writing about our beloved hobby of gaming resonated so strongly with someone, but we’re so glad it did! Rachel and I definitely started our joint blog in order to reach out to fellow gamers, especially if one considers that the only close gaming buddy we have is each other. However, sometimes with our schedules — me with a day job and pet sitting, Rachel with working on and collaborating with other authors on her main blog along with babysitting — it’s difficult to reach out and develop even stronger relationships with other gamers. I’m definitely grateful that Jett made the first move past the occasional comment we tossed at each other’s posts, and quickly came to admire the posts, streams and videos Jett constantly puts out.

Working with Jett on streams, both his Boss Rush show and for the Extra Life charity stream, in these past six to seven months has given us so many more connections with fellow gamers and writers alike. The support to our own streams that Jett has given us has been nothing short of fantastic, as well!

One of the big reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to share my passions with like-minded people but also to inspire others whether they have the same interests or not. I do that through my main blog but Kris and I decided to start Double Jump and reach out to the world through gaming. It blows my mind that, even though Double Jump is still a toddler, we had that kind of an impact on you, Jett. Because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do – inspire others, make friends, and share the love of gaming. Of course, I never imagined we’d be collaborating so much. You’ve helped us grow in more ways than one and we always value your opinions and help.

Aw, thank you both (blush)! Glad to have been a positive influence on you two, as you’ve done the same for me. We’ve collaborated a bunch all over the internet at this point, and all of our interactions big and small have been wonderful. Whether we’re liking each other’s Instagram posts, or getting super mushy in a written post like this, making appearances on each other’s Twitch channels – including the time you give me the opportunity to share fart stories on your Twitch channel – I cherish them all. Maybe not so much my fart story, but you can’t win them all. It’s so cool to me that we’ve lived completely separate lives up until this point and now they’ve converged in this really cool way.

Admittedly, I was not expecting our friendship to go the way it did. I greatly enjoyed writing those first posts with you, but I saw a potential outcome where we just never got around to collaborating again. Not for malicious reasons, but just we each move on with our respective agendas and nothing more comes out of it. Unbeknownst to me, around the time we were writing those posts, you two started streaming. I think I stumbled on it by happenstance and that’s where I first saw you two play The Lion King. I felt like that was a turning point, as that seemed like where we started to get to know each other better.

Hey, you voluntarily told that fart story, haha! Nevertheless, all the stories we’ve shared between streams and posts have been fantastic, and to have each other’s support for our endeavors — mostly video game related, but occasionally other life goals — is something that not everyone gets. I’ll forever be grateful that we have each other for that.

I’m glad that we became friends rather than mere acquaintances on this journey! While we’re always excited for the achievements that all of our blogging friends have made, being in a creative field such as writing and entertaining via streams, can be extremely competitive. Having others to be excited with you when good things come your way through hard work is absolutely squad goals!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m so bummed (no pun intended) that I missed the fart story… I have plenty of fart stories. But anyway, we had been wanting to stream for so long and finally got around to it. Thankfully you were there to help fix our technically difficulties (more times than we can count). I think it was just all good timing. And I do agree with Kris – I love how we’re able to collaborate in various ways and cheer each other on all the time.

Rachel, I look forward to hearing your fart stories! Doesn’t matter where we are on the internet, I’m all ears. As for the streaming part, I vividly remember one night during one of your early streams where the frame rate started to drop really badly. Though we’d never actually spoken voice-to-voice before, I felt compelled to give you a call to try and troubleshoot the issue. Screen resolutions and bitrates are an odd icebreaker, but in the moment, it was more important to try and assist if I could. So proud to see your channel grow the way it has since then, and I’m always available to help you out however I can, even if that means playing the role of tech support, behind-the-scenes clipper, or whatever other role helps me contribute positively to your ventures.

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had during streaming was hanging out with you Kris while playing Pokemon on stream. The matches were great, but just hanging out and talking about completely unrelated stuff really felt like we’ve been friends all along. Considering how we didn’t even know each other at the start of the year, that was next-level cool. Rachel, you and I have yet to battle, but I look forward to us hanging out like that sometime, just chatting about life while Pokemon is in the background. Hopefully you’ve got an answer for my Snorlax though! And of course, all three of us hanging out in some form, whether the internet sees or not, will only get better with time.

At this point, I’ll collaborate with you two on anything and cheer you on in everything. Never foresaw any of this happening, but this friendship is really special and I’ve been blessed to have made this connection with you. Looking forward to what the future may hold for us!

Considering we were brand new to streaming and had no idea how the screen resolutions and bitrates could affect our stream, we are forever grateful for that icebreaker. Moreover, we’re incredibly thankful that you were kind enough to reach out to help us with that in the first place. Sharing what you’ve learned from your own streams to help us was wonderful of you!

Being able to stream with each other — whether watching and getting yelled at by your autobot for excitedly using all caps in your chat or joining each other’s streams for some Pokemon battles — is still amazing to me. If you allow me to go into Grandma mode for a moment, way back when I first started gaming as something to pass the time, I never imagined that I would be able to be in such close touch with a friend in another country! It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and here’s to it never slowing down!

Jett, thank you so much for being part of Triple Jump and for joining us again on our blog! Everyone, if you haven’t already, please check out Jett’s blog and Twitch channel!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This is going to sound corny, but it really goes to show how powerful blogging and communication can really be. Thanks for all you do, Jett!

miijettThank you for Kris and Rachel for everything! I’m not sorry for making your blog all mushy. You deserve all of the love! I’m sure we’ll make it a point to continue crossing paths whenever we can. #teamkris #teamrachel #triplejump

What friendships developed for you due to video games? How has blogging and the Internet connected you with others? Don’t forget to give Jett’s blog come love! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Octopath Traveler’s Decisive Battle II – BrawlBRSTMs3 X


It’s the end of the first month of 2019! How’s everyone doing? Your resolutions holding up? Discover any awesome new games in January, or are you focused on finishing up some of 2018’s games?

Rachel’s and my Spotify playlists are a bit dominated by video game soundtracks, but there are a few that are missing from the streaming service. One such soundtrack is Octopath Traveler, which I was grateful enough to receive for Christmas, but since the CDs are in my car, it is also nice to have the soundtrack readily available on the computer or something for while we’re working.

Enter BrawlBRSTMs3 X. Rachel discovered this YouTube channel fairly recently. Whoever is behind this channel seems to somehow upload full soundtracks. Each song is individual and most of them are put on a loop for about thirty minutes or so, so if there’s a particular song that’s your favorite, you can continue to listen to it for as long as you like.

This song is from Octopath Traveler, titled Decisive Battle II. We adore the fast-paced battle themes of this game, and we hope you like it too! If not, take a couple of hours to dive down the rabbit hole that is this YouTube channel. There are so many soundtracks and songs on there, it’s almost too good to be true!

As someone pointed out on Twitter, the uploader does not allow these videos to be played on other sites. You can follow this link to YouTube to listen to it there!

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