Friday Favorites: Harvest Moon NPCs

Time for another weekend! Per Rachel’s and my last debate — Harvest Moon vs Animal Crossing — this Friday is dedicated to my favorite NPC characters of the franchise, minus the characters that are eligible to marry. Felicia from Island of Happiness/Sunshine Islands Felicia is one of the “moms” of the setting in these games. […]

For the Love of NPCs

Being the hero of a video game is one of the best parts of playing. Many boot up a console to escape the real world for a while, to fall into a fantasy where you help to save the world. Along the way, you generally meet many NPCs…   Non-playable characters, or NPCs, make up […]

What Kind of NPC Are You?

So the best part of playing a video game is being the hero and saving the world, right? Have you ever given much thought to all of those non-playable characters that help you out, like the innkeeper or the shop owner? It’s a little strange to realize that these pixel people exist solely for your […]