Top Tuesday: Favorite Bosses In Octopath Traveler

Happy Tuesday! The boss battles in Octopath Traveler were amazing. Even while you get further into the game, they become somewhat repetitive, they were all still fun to battle and the strategy was strong.┬áThis post may contain spoilers for the game, so read at your own risk.┬áThen again, the game has been out for a […]

Character Spotlight: Alfyn Greengrass

Happy Tuesday! We’re already at the end of June, so here we are with another character spotlight. Alfyn Greengrass is a 21-year-old apothecary in Octopath Traveler. He’s one of the eight main characters you can choose to play as and he is a great asset to your team. He’s a perky guy and seems to […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite Talents In Octopath Traveler

Happy Tuesday! Octopath Traveler is one of those games that I will think about here and there and get a sudden urge to play again. I have the soundtrack in my car and when the CDs cycled through and one of the battle themes began to play, I itched to play this game again. Most […]

Top Tuesday: Favorite Character Stories In Octopath Traveler

Happy Tuesday! Kris and I beat the main story in Octopath Traveler a little while ago. There’s still a lot to do in the game though and I think about it all the time. So, here are my favorite character stories from the game, in no particular order. Therion Therion, the thief, was the character […]

Character Spotlight: Mikk & Makk

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Character Spotlight. Kris and I have been playing a lot of Octopath Traveler lately and I thought Mikk and Makk would be fun to talk about! Mikk and Makk are two minor characters from Octopath Traveler. They’re pirates, baddies at first, but are complete dopes. Well, they’re not dopes […]

Friday Favorites: Octopath Active Skills

Happy Friday everyone! Considering Rachel and I are still playing Octopath Traveler, and that there is talks of a prequel and sequel in the future for the game, I took a look at the active skills that get the most love from us when we play. Here is a list of the favorite skills we […]

Octopath Traveler Prequel and Sequel

Happy Monday everyone! Despite how many new games there are, we’re still trudging along with some other favorites. As a blog that does game reviews, we find ourselves sometimes rushing from game to game, but it’s always nice to take the time to fully enjoy a game that we love, like Octopath Traveler. Why, yes, […]

How To Make Octopath Traveler Harder

It’s no secret that we’ve been playing through Octopath Traveler again – rather, we’re still trying to beat it for the first time. We were thinking of some new challenge ideas and it reminded us of the time when we thought of ways to make Breath of the Wild harder. It got us thinking of […]

For the Love of Supports

Happy Monday everyone! A couple of my favorite genres of video games are RPGs and strategy games, particularly ones with multiple classes for your characters. Trying to figure out the best combination and the best attacks for said characters is a fun addition to the gameplay, even if not all of the attacks deal physical […]

Octopath Traveler's Decisive Battle II – BrawlBRSTMs3 X

It’s the end of the first month of 2019! How’s everyone doing? Your resolutions holding up? Discover any awesome new games in January, or are you focused on finishing up some of 2018’s games? Rachel’s and my Spotify playlists are a bit dominated by video game soundtracks, but there are a few that are missing […]