Throwback Thursday: Shrek Super Party

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday and end of May!

It’s time for another Throwback and whereas I’ve been getting together with old friends and having more game nights with them, I was reminded of a certain game we used to play.

TBT Shrek Super Party | Nintendo | Gaming | Video Games |

A long, long time ago, I was sleeping over my friend’s house. We were in the basement and were playing video games. I can’t remember if we were playing the Playstation or the Gamecube, but we were playing Shrek’s Super Party.

It was a terrible game. But it was in the middle of the night, we were overtired, and therefore everything was hilarious. The game itself was pretty funny because it was an awful game, but 3AM makes everything funnier.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember too much of the game. I believe she played as Fiona and I was Donkey and we played the mini-games instead of the main part of the game. I remember the game “Chick Magnet” the best.

As your character, you collected eggs from the chicks inside a farm. Whoever had the most won. We played this game on a loop because watching the baby chicks chase our big-headed characters was hilarious for some reason.

It’s funny to me how a game so bad – that much I remember – can give me such fond memories. We had played the game once more after that sleepover and as we played it, I remember we asked ourselves, “Why did we stay up all night playing this one game…?”

Obviously, I wouldn’t try to track it down and buy it now. But the memories are good.

Do you remember Shrek Super Party? Have you ever played it before? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top Tuesday: 5 Games That Will Never Get Old

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

Lately, I’ve been playing games that have been sitting in my game bucket for a while. Some of these games have been forgotten over the years, especially with new consoles and games constantly being announced and released. There are some games, however, that will always and forever just be awesome.

5 games that will never get old | video games |

Mario Party 2

Kris and I have played this game a couple times recently. I don’t know what made us decide to play it again but we did and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s refreshing to play again since there haven’t been many great Mario Party games in a long time.

Paper Mario

I will never get over this game. Paper Mario is just fantastic all around. Between the gameplay, characters, music, and graphics, Paper Mario is one of my favorites. I especially love the graphics. The Nintendo 64 had great graphics for its time, but I feel like Paper Mario took it up a level, despite how simple it is.

Animal Crossing

The original Animal Crossing game for the Gamecube was great. It was simple and casual. I love New Leaf, probably more so than the original game, but the Gamecube game has a certain charm to it. It was the beginning of a now huge series that everyone loves and adores. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a Switch game.

Pokemon Crystal (or any old Pokemon game)

I say Crystal specifically because Nintendo just released it on the virtual console for the 3DS. Playing the older games now can be annoying because you can’t run right away or not at all, your item inventory is limited, etc. Still, the original games are wonderful and bring back a lot of memories.

Super Mario 64

Who doesn’t love this game? This game has made history. It’s hard for me to explain why I love this game so much because I just do. Like Paper Mario, I just love the goofy graphics, the random glitches (as annoying as they are), the music, and various levels and tasks. It’s great.

What are some games you’ve played and replayed over the years? Let me know in the comments below!

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Currently Playing: Fire Emblem Blazing Sword

Double Jump Kris MiiOur attempt to get a Nintendo Switch this past weekend did not work out… Cross your fingers for us that we somehow get one this week!

In the meantime, Rachel and I are keeping ourselves busy so we don’t end up wallowing in self-pity that we still don’t have the latest console.



While we don’t have the Switch just yet, we do still have the Wii U and the lovely Virtual Console with plenty of games to explore. One of the first games that I remember downloading on the Virtual Console was Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword.

I have the actual GameBoy Advance cartridge of the game, generously gifted to me from my parents for one Christmas or birthday years ago. It was probably fairly soon after I had just gotten into the franchise after Sacred Stones, eager to dive further into the Fire Emblem series.

It had been a little difficult for my parents to find the game, but they eventually found a used one, which was more than okay with me. I burned through the first section of the game, Lyn’s story, on that day. However, when I picked it up again the next day, none of my progress was saved. I was a little disappointed and confused, sure I had saved it, but I figured the only thing to do would be to play it again.

The same thing happened.

Apparently the game was so used that the saving mechanic no longer worked. My young-self’s brilliant solution was to keep the GameBoy SP on 24/7, plugged in when necessary, so I could experience the game. I believe I had beaten the next section of the game, Eliwood’s story, before finally giving my GameBoy SP a rest. I never played the game again until I downloaded it on the Virtual Console.

Over the weekend, I started a new game on it, enjoying the nostalgic feelings as the GameBoy graphics popped up on the Wii U’s Gamepad. I don’t remember too much of Eliwood’s story, so I’m looking forward to playing through it while waiting to get a Switch.

What have you been playing lately (I mean, besides Breath of the Wild, haha)?

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What Do You Recommend?

Double Jump Kris MiiMonday again, huh? What happened to the weekend and all that time to play video games? Nevertheless, I hope everyone had a lovely start of the new week!

Has everyone heard that Breath of the Wild may be delayed again? My only consolation to this news is that I’m sure Nintendo just wants to make the best possible game they can…

That and there’s plenty of other games that I can play in the meantime. I’m itching for a new Zelda game, of course, always am. Yet, I realized fairly recently that I haven’t really played too many new games this year. While Rachel and I are currently working on Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I spent much of this year replaying old favorites, like Super Mario 64, Twilight Princess, and Mario Party 2.

While it’s always great replaying games, having that enjoyable reminder as to why I play games in the first place, there are so many other games out there that I have yet to try. (Oh, Blockbuster, how my wallet and I miss you! Anyone else remember that place? Or am I showing my age?)

This blog is fantastic for finding new games, and I’m busy devising a list of games to try out, such as Mass Effect from Kairos5 and Danganronpa from Mr. Panda. I was curious if there were any other games for people to throw Rachel’s and my way? We have all of the Nintendo consoles, along with a PlayStation 3 that we admittedly don’t use as often as we should. PC games are also cool.

Or, hey, if there’s any oldie but goody games that you’ve been playing again recently, feel free to share those too!


Put it on Repeat

We’re always looking forward to new video games. New stories, new characters, new gameplay to draw us in. But what about those games that, no matter how old, you’ll always want to go back and replay?

You mean like Paper Mario? Mario Party? Pokemon? Luigi’s Mansion? Though I may be one in the few that absolutely love the Luigi’s Mansion series.

Haha, my top game is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, but I’m right there with you for Paper Mario (at least the first two) and the Pokemon series. There’s nothing wrong with a few replays of Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda games as well. I think what these all have in common is memorable characters, while most of them also have a hint of customization to them. Super Mario RPG, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem all let you chose who you want in your party, allowing you to explore other characters and options.

I agree. Those games are so much fun to go back to and play in a different way. Or, like the Pokemon games, you can just continue on past the original main story and play for hours on end. You can’t do that with games like Paper Mario, but there’s something about that game that makes me go back. Even though I know the whole game by heart.

Paper Mario, the Legend of Zelda games… They have certain formulas that you follow (except for Breath of the Wild coming out, which sounds so exciting!), but the atmosphere of the games just keep you coming back for more. The graphics, the characters, the stories… We’re all so in love with them that we don’t mind falling back into them again and again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The humor, too! Paper Mario has a lot of great lines, especially from Bowser. Zelda has some humor in it as well, though some of the games, like Majora’s Mask, can be pretty dark. But the darker games have some of the best messages.

Super Mario RPG had a lot of humor too, as well as the memorable characters. Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, they were definitely a few of the darker ones in the Legend of Zelda series, but their messages about death, grief, memories and protecting those you love, be it family or a kingdom of people, were all wonderfully crafted in the games. Even if, you know, we didn’t realize the messages when we were kids!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Super Mario RPG was my favorite game to watch you play when we were younger. I remember loving the part where you have to hide from Booster and when you’re in the cart on the tracks. I also loved the fact that Bowser was part of your team for most of the game.

It was my favorite to watch too when I was younger! I had always bothered my uncle to play the game until I got the courage to give it a go myself. I remember the hiding from Booster part used to make my seven-years-old or so self so nervous that I wouldn’t go any further in the game. After I was able to get through that part, I would be too anxious to go past the part in Nimbus Land when Dodo “polishes” the statues by trying to peck you. In a way, that’s another reason why it’s a game I’ll always go back to. It helped me break out into video games, get the courage to try new styles and genres.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Ah, I remember that part. That was a good one as well. There are so many new games that are coming out that I want to give a try. Yet, whenever I want to start playing a new or different game, I browse the games I own and always end up playing the ones I’ve played a million times. And I love it.

What game will you never get tired of?

Games I Played as a Kid

Rachel Mii Double JumpHi guys, it’s Rachel.

Now that Kris and I have started this blog, I’ve been looking through all the video games I have. Some games I forgot I had.

I went through some really old games and found myself saying, “Oh, I remember that one!” So here are some games I played as a kid.

super nintendo video games

I grew up with a Super Nintendo as my home console. I often watched my sister play video games all the time until I became old enough to attempt them myself.

There were games we played together all the time and then there were other games that I played by myself.

The Lion King

Who doesn’t love The Lion King? I remember playing this game a lot and not getting very far in it. I always died way too early. I mostly enjoyed watching Kris play the game.

Tiny Toons

This was a great game. I never understood it, but I remember playing it a lot with Kris. She was always better at it, but I did enjoy the mini games.


I absolutely loved this game when I was little. No one would ever play it with me though. It wasn’t Kris’s thing so I often played alone at my grandparents’ house because they owned a copy of the game… for some reason.

Goof Troop

This game was… not so good. Though I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was a kid. Again, Kris wasn’t very smitten with it, but I made her play with me a bunch of times. It was just better (and easier) to play with two people. One person played as Goofy, the other as Max. I often roped my dad into playing it with me whenever Kris wouldn’t. I remember being Max picking up barrels and throwing them at Goofy. Then my dad would get confused as to why he was hurt.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

By far the best (and quickest) game ever. I mean, looking back on it now it’s not the greatest game, but it’s still one of the best. Kris and I are huge Ninja Turtles fans and we played this game a lot, though I don’t think we ever beat it. Either way, we had a lot of fun with it.

What are some games you loved to play as a kid?