Dive into Another World: MMORPGs

Happy Monday and new year, everyone! Here’s hoping that everyone is planning great things for 2017, both for personal and gaming goals! Rachel and I have been hard at work trying to improve this blog, to figure out bigger and better ways to connect to fellow gamers and writers. Because, honestly, isn’t that the point […]

The Game Awards

Happy Monday, everyone! … That sounded like an oxymoron, didn’t it? So, this past Thursday had been The Game Awards. Rachel and I, instead of watching it, played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past because we’re in a different timezone and we sort of forgot about the awards. Oops. We’ll probably watch the […]

Friday Favorites: Anticipation

It’s still Friday, right? Rachel and I have a good friend who was looking to sell her one-year old, only-used-for-six-months gaming laptop for a very reasonable price, and I offered to take it off her hands. While Rachel and I have a desktop that’s supposedly dedicated to gaming, it’s mostly used for art projects. As […]

Gamer Arena

Hello everyone! I’ve been out of school for years and, while education is very important, the classroom setting was never for me. On that note, though, I heard of a university in California that is setting up a gamer haven…  The University of California-Irvine is doling out scholarships just for playing video games. If I […]

Currently Playing…

I was woefully unprepared for this Friday’s post… So, instead of a Friday Favorites, you’re going to get a random list of what kind of games I’m currently playing!   Like most gamers, Rachel and I have quite a variety of consoles at our disposal to play, from handhelds to the television consoles to the […]