Of Legendaries

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Monday! Kris here!

Pokemon is continuing with their Legendary giveaways with their 20th anniversary celebration. Have you been keeping up with them?

Besides the list of Legendaries that they’re giving away via the Nintendo Internet links and the GameStop cards, they’re also being free with extras like the Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yvetal to tie in with a special trading card game sets. They’re definitely fun extras and fantastic for your game collections.

However, on Rachel’s and my journey the other day to visit various GameStops to each get enough Darkrai cards (because why not, right?), I had a, “Back in my day…” moment.

Basically, back in my day of the original Red/Blue/Yellow versions and beyond, we all had to go through the game, raise an army of Pokemon, and spend too much time lugging Ultra Ball after Ultra Ball at Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave (because we had already used our Master Ball on one of the legendary bird trio).

Now, between my X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire versions, I’m pretty sure I have enough Mewtwo for a full team.

I’m thankful for the generous opportunity to receive all these legendary Pokemon for my games, of course, but… I don’t know, I feel as if we’re missing out on the feeling of anticipation, excitement, and satisfaction of catching the “one and only” legendaries of the games.

Maybe I’m just old.



Pokemon: Past and Future

Double Jump Kris Mii

I hope you’re not sick of all the Pokemon related posts yet, haha!

To wrap up February’s celebration of 20 years of Pokemon, here’s a post dedicated to the first generation of the amazing franchise: Red, Blue, and Yellow!


I had gotten all three of the first generation of Pokemon games eons ago with the translucent purple GameBoy Color nearly twenty years ago on a very happy Easter morning. I had just recently joined the Pokemon fandom thanks to a couple of good friends way back from elementary school, and they were awestruck when I showed them my Pokemon Yellow game days later.

Since then, I’ve been hooked. I have enjoyed every new Pokemon game since the first generation, with the vast regions, new Pokemon, the music, and game play… It’s definitely a franchise that I cannot imagine dying off.

The games have only improved throughout the years (with some, uh, hiccups in my opinion around the fifth generation there) and now we’ve gotten word of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the next installments! Not much was shown from them aside from a few early art concepts, but it was revealed that Red, Blue, and Yellow can transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Bank to Sun and Moon. We could be playing with our first generation of favorites in the seventh generation games!

Seven generations of Pokemon games in 20 years… Can you believe it? Here’s hoping for 20 more years!

Which generation of Pokemon got you hooked? Any certain favorites?

Friday Favorites: Pokemon Games

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello everyone! Kris here with a post to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.

I can’t believe how far the series has come, and I’m eagerly awaiting to see what the future has in store for Pokemon fans!


I remember a couple of decades ago when I first got the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions for Easter gifts from my awesome parents (well, back then it was from the Easter Bunny, but still). I was the envy of my friends who were also Pokemon fans that year! Since the GameBoy Color versions of the popular journey games, I’ve never stopped playing Pokemon games. Here is a tribute to my top five favorite Pokemon games:

5. My Pokemon Ranch

Okay, so Pokemon Ranch is more of a sub-game than an actual game. Like Pokemon Box, Pokemon Ranch allows you to store up to 1000 Pokemon in it to watch and interact with your Pokemon as your Mii. The Pokemon themselves are in a chibi-style and are able to interact with each other as well, making Pokemon Ranch a relaxing, cute game to have on the television.

4. Pokemon Stadium/Battle Revolution

An oldie from the Nintendo 64 days, the Pokemon Stadium games were the first to give players a glimpse of battling with their favorite Pokemon in 3D, and Battle Revolution for the Wii was its descendant. It boasted all sorts of different battle mods and tournament cups that one could battle through either with rented Pokemon from the N64 game or with your own team from the GameBoy Color games. Rachel and I used to send each other out of the room as we created our own teams to surprise the other with when we battled. I would be amazed if one day Nintendo created a new Pokemon Stadium game with all 720 (or more) Pokemon!

3. Heart Gold/Soul Silver

The reboots of the Johto generation of games were amazingly well-done. Johto was always one of my favorite generations and regions of the games, and the updated graphics and animations were fantastic. One of my favorite aspects of the update was seeing your Pokemon follow you around outside of its pokeball, a feature that I wish was kept in the newer games.

2. Platinum

Platinum holds a special place in my heart. Although it is by far not the first Pokemon game that I had beaten the Pokemon Champion in, it is the one that I have not restarted fairly soon after doing so. The regional map is one of my favorites, with all the climate changes, different Pokemon, and the other updates from the Diamond and Pearl games. Platinum boasts one of my favorite teams that I had ever raised, and I won’t be restarting the game anytime soon!

1. X/Y

This probably isn’t a surprise from reading the previous entries of the list. Pokemon X and Y, being a couple of the newest additions to the world of Pokemon games, have some of the most updated graphics and animations. The region is full of beautiful landscapes and all sorts of different climates to find Pokemon in, along with the new features like Pokemon Amie, the new Pokemon type, the enhanced online play, and customizable trainer sprites. I’ve logged in a couple of hundred hours playing the game and raising all of my favorite species!

What are your favorite Pokemon games?

Pokemon Month

Rachel Mii

 Hey, everyone! Rachel here.

February is a big month for Pokemon, one of my favorite game franchises. There’s a lot going on this month that I’m just as excited as Pikachu with a ketchup bottle!


Double Jump Pokemon Month
Via Pokemon20.com

February marks the 20th anniversary for Pokemon. 20! I feel like Pokemon has been out a lot longer than that, but I’m 22 and Pokemon came out two years after I was born, so… Math.

I follow Nintendo News here on WordPress. They’re constantly updating with news and events multiple times a day for various games. Lately, they’ve been mainly talking about Pokemon. They have big plans for the anniversary.

1. The new season of Pokemon XYZ will be airing in February

2. New 3DS Pokemon 20th anniversary edition will be available February 27th. The new editions are Charizard and Blastoise from the original Red and Blue games.

3. The main star of a new Pokemon movie and the full title will be announced in February. Supposedly it’s going to be big.

4. Starting in February, legendary Pokemon are available. Mew is available through Gamestop in February.

5. The first three Pokemon movies (Pokemon The First Movie, Pokemon The Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3 The Movie) will be in a Blu-Ray bundle for a limited time starting February 9.

There’s so much more to come too! There will be special events and certain happenings at different retail locations on February 27, which is Pokemon Day.

I’m pretty sure my wallet will feel some pain in February.

To find out more, go to Pokemon.com/20.

Are you a Pokemon fan? How excited are you for the 20th anniversary?