Pokemon Jumbo Cards

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

If you know me then it’s probably no surprise that I’m a huge Pokemon card collector. I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for as long as I can remember and I’d like to talk about it more often on the blog.

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This article was originally going to be about how and when I started collecting Pokemon cards. I found myself stuck pretty quick because I honestly don’t remember why or how I started collecting the cards. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember and… that’s it. Article over.

All joking aside, I thought today might be fun to talk about the jumbo cards I have.

A normal-sized Pokemon card, according to Google, is about 6.3 cm by 8.8 cm. A jumbo Pokemon card is roughly 5.5 in by 7.5 in. I measured it myself with a ruler, so don’t quote me.

What makes jumbo cards special

They’re big. That’s about it. You can’t do anything with them. You can’t fit them in regular card sleeves in your binder. I mean, I guess you could but you need to buy card sleeves that are big enough for the jumbo cards. Also, they’re illegal in Pokemon card tournaments.

So, other than it being huge and pretty looking, there’s no special reason to have any jumbo cards at all.

Which is why I love collecting jumbo cards as much as the regular-sized cards. They’re different and add something extra to collect alongside the regular cards.

I have eight jumbo cards

These aren’t necessarily easy to collect. They’re normally given out as special events or they’re part of a larger pack of Pokemon cards that are more expensive than other packs. It’s a slow process to collect them all (there are well over 100 jumbo cards) but I’m making my way.

All the cards I have are different from one another. There’s no rhyme or reason to why I got which jumbo cards.

Tepig line & Keldeo EX

I can’t remember which card was my first jumbo card, but it was either the Tepig line or the Keldeo EX card. The Tepig card is kind of a weird one. It has Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar on it. It’s not just a single Pokemon. Also, the title of the card is “_____’s Tepig.” I assume I’m supposed to fill in my own name. I did not because I don’t want to write on the card, but whatever. Tepig is mine and that’s that.

I believe I got the Keldeo EX card in a pack for my birthday. What else was in that box, I don’t remember.

Umbreon GX & Espeon GX

Fairly recently (I believe it was 2019 or 2018), Kris and I went to GameStop and lo and behold, they were having a storewide sale. Did we buy games? No. We bought merch.

The Pokemon cards were on sale for 50% off and I ended up getting two boxes – one Umbreon and one Espeon. Each one contained a jumbo-sized card along with a regular-sized card plus a handful of booster packs and an enamel pin of Umbreon and Espeon respectively.

Yes, now I need to collect all the Pokemon enamel pins.

Tsareena GX & Charizard GX

I had Tsareena as one of my main Pokemon in Pokemon Sun. If I can never collect all the jumbo Pokemon cards, I would love to collect jumbo cards of Pokemon I’ve had on my main teams over the years. Tsareena is one of them. I remember seeing this box at Barnes & Noble and I can’t remember if I bought it myself or if Kris bought it for me for my birthday.

Charizard GX came from a Detective Pikachu box that I got for my birthday. Similar to the other boxes, the Detective Pikachu box had booster packs and cards specifically from Detective Pikachu. Plus, a Detective Pikachu figurine.

Gengar EX & Zamazenta V

Gengar is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon. I saw a Gengar box at Barnes & Noble and, since I had a gift card, I decided to splurge and get the box.

Zamazenta is the newest addition to my jumbo card collection. The Sword & Shield pack of Pokemon cards releases soon, but boxes were released not too long ago with the three main starters and the legendary Pokemon.

Scorbunny has a box with a jumbo Zamazenta card and another box with a jumbo Zacian card. There are two Grookey boxes with the two legendaries as jumbo cards respectively and the same for Sobble.

Last Christmas, Kris gave me the Scorbunny box with Zamazenta – Scorbunny because that was my main starter and Zamazenta because I started with Pokemon Shield. At least, that’s what I assume her thought process was when getting it.

What will I do with these jumbo cards?

At the moment, I don’t have card sleeves big enough to fit them in my binders, so they’re neatly in a pocket folder. Eventually, I’d like to get simple frames and hang them up so I can display them in their jumbo glory.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep collecting all the jumbo cards I can.

Do you collect Pokemon cards? Do you have any jumbo cards? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Detective Pikachu Cards

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

As you all know, I love collecting Pokemon cards. When the cards for Detective Pikachu came out, I was so excited. They even came out with an exclusive Detective Pikachu card if you saw the movie in theaters on opening weekend – which was the main reason I forced myself to go to the movies. However, as much as I enjoy the Detective Pikachu cards, something makes me wonder if they’re worth it.

Detective Pikachu Pokemon Cards | Pokemon | Nintendo | Detective Pikachu | Pokemon Cards | Pokemon Trading Card Game | Gaming | Video Games | DoublexJump.com

Pokemon cards come in various ways. You can get booster packs, elite trainer boxes, oversized card sets, pin sets, tins, and more. The Detective Pikachu cards, however, come a little differently. I assume this is because there are only 18 main cards in the set (26 total, a few cards are “secret”).

Detective Pikachu cards can come in a collectible lunch box or “case files.” Two have oversized cards with booster packs and two just have booster packs.

But here’s the thing – the booster packs for Detective Pikachu aren’t booster packs.

I think it’s a pretty standard thing that “booster packs” are packs of ten cards. This goes for any sort of trading card, not just Pokemon. I could be wrong about that, but for Pokemon, booster packs always have ten cards. Because of this, the booster packs for Detective Pikachu seem to be a bit misleading.

The booster packs in the Detective Pikachu packs only contain four cards. That’s not even half of what a normal booster pack contains. So, when I picked out the $10 case file that contained three booster packs, a Detective Pikachu card, and a coin, I was impressed at the packaging. I thought they changed it for Detective Pikachu. When I held it, it felt awfully thin. Then, when I opened it, instead of a total of 31 cards, I had 13 cards.

Now, other Pokemon cards that come with three booster packs, a special card, and a coin are typically about $13 (on the Pokemon Center at least). This means that you’re getting 31 cards plus a coin for $13 but for Detective Pikachu, you’re getting 13 cards and a coin for $10. In order words, you can get 18 extra cards for $3, though none will be Detective Pikachu.

There are, of course, other Detective Pikachu packs that are more than $10 because they contain an oversized card plus an actual 10-card booster pack along with two 4-card Detective Pikachu booster packs. So, you have to do some math and see what’s worth it and what isn’t.

I think they did this because there aren’t many cards in the Detective Pikachu series, which boggles my mind because they stated 151 Pokemon (no more, no less) made an appearance in the movie. So, at the very least, I feel like the Detective Pikachu card series should have at least 151 cards.

But I’m getting off topic.

Am I going to continue buying the Detective Pikachu series? Of course. Do I think it’s worth the money for so little cards? I’m not sure – I’m not good at math.

I was initially shocked though because they use the term “booster pack” and when I think of a booster pack, I think I’m getting 10 cards. I was surprised to see they only put four cards inside and call it a booster pack. I think, at the very least, they should have come up with a different term for it or just put ten cards in the packs. As I said, I think it’s because there are only 26 total cards for the series, but… it’s a little misleading and maybe even a little false advertising, especially when people, like me, who hear the words “booster pack” assume they’ll get 10 cards.

Or, maybe I’m overthinking the whole thing.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you gotten Detective Pikachu cards yet? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Kanto Pokemon Cards

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday!

Last weekend, our Internet at home was being weird. It was working, but things were extremely slow. Slow to the point where I had no patience with it so I gave myself a day off. And what did I do with my time instead? I sorted my Pokemon cards.

Kanto Pokemon Cards | Pokemon | Pokemon Trading Card Game | Nintendo | Video Games | Gaming | DoublexJump.com

I have gone through my Pokemon cards over and over again throughout the years. I have so many and am always adding more to the mix. I have eight small Pokemon books with the card sleeves in them already. I remember buying them at Toys R Us. That’s where I had all my cards sorted. I recently got a binder for myself though. Then, my brother-in-law gave me his Pokemon cards which came in a binder and Kris gave me another binder for Christmas.

So, I have three binders and eight smaller books. My Kanto Pokemon cards have taken up one binder. So, I know I’m definitely going to need more at some point.

I used to have my cards sorted by type. The colors were easy for me to differentiate them enough to sort them. I tried to keep the Pokemon of the same species and evolution chains together, but sometimes I’d miss one or two. I eventually decided to put them by type in numerical order. I could find a Pokemon more easily that way too.

Of course, there’s one other problem. Each Pokemon has multiple cards for themselves and sometimes they’re different types. So, where would I fit them in?

I ended up deciding to just sort them in numerical order by their national dex order.

A long time ago, I sorted through all the cards and pulled out my Kanto cards. I ordered them by their dex number and stuck them in a Pikachu binder. I’ve added more since then so I had a few loose Kanto cards hanging about.

It took me 7-8 hours (my back killed by the end of the night), but I sorted through all my cards by region.

I picked out the few Kanto cards that weren’t sorted and had six other piles – Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola. Oddly enough, not counting Kanto since most were already in a binder, but my tallest stack was Hoenn. I don’t know if I truly got into collecting when the Hoenn region was big or what, but I honestly thought my biggest pile would be Alola, since I’ve been buying so many booster packs lately.

Anyway, random tidbits/background aside, I sorted the rest of my Kanto cards into the binder. Then I went through the binder with Kris’s help. After all these years collecting Pokemon cards, I’m missing eight Kanto Pokemon.

I do not have a single card for Golem, Hypno, Haunter, Gyarados, Ditto, Zapdos, Moltres, or Dragonite.

I find some of that interesting. Zapdos and Moltres or obviously more on the rare side. But Golem? Haunter? They’re pretty common and it’s a wonder I don’t have any cards for them.

The other thing is, there’s a Pokemon card of Haunter that I looked up that looks really familiar. I’m pretty sure I did have it one point… unless it’s mixed in with the other regions by accident or it got misplaced in the shuffle somehow, I have no idea. Either way, I need to go on the hunt for these eight Pokemon.

Knowing that I’m only missing eight Pokemon makes me curious about who I’m missing from the other regions. I can’t wait until I have another day to sit down and continue going through my cards.

Do you collect Pokemon cards? How do you sort through them? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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Detective Pikachu Pokemon Cards

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

It’s no secret that I love Pokemon cards. I have little clue how to play the trading card game, but I love collecting them and organizing them. I’m super excited for the Detective Pikachu movie and they’re coming out with Pokemon cards based on the movie!

Detective Pikachu Pokemon Cards | Video Games | Gaming | Pokemon | Detective Pikachu | Pokemon Cards | Pokemon Trading Card Game | DoublexJump.com

The Detective Pikachu Pokemon cards are set to come out on March 29, 2019. Though, I believe, that’s Japan. It think they’ll be out everywhere else by April 6, 2019. (Unless things changed and my wires got crossed somewhere.)

As of right now, the set is going to have a total of 26 cards – 18 normal and 8 secret. The secret cards are, of course, still secret. However, Serebii has shown the 18 known cards. Some Pokemon are well-known such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and of course, Detective Pikachu. There are some other Pokemon that I’m surprised to see have cards made from the movie such as Slaking and Morelull. However, I’m assuming they’ll have a decent part in the movie.

All the cards look pretty cool! I’m excited to try to collect them all especially since there’s only 26 (as of right now). My wallet may not like it so much and neither will my binders filled with Pokemon cards because… well, I’m running out of room.

I definitely need to sit down and go through my cards again.

Something else I need to do? Make a list and try to collect every single Pokemon card known to man. I doubt that will ever happen, but I can sure try.

Do you get Pokemon cards? Will you be getting this set? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Favorite Types Of Merch To Collect [Top Tuesday]

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Tuesday!

I bought more Pokemon cards the other day. And I want more. I always want more. I love collecting things, especially things I don’t really use and that has to do with video games. Thus, this Top Tuesday post.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Types Of Merch To Collect | Gaming | Video Games | DoublexJump.com

3. Figurines/Stuffed Animals

I love stuffed animals. I had a nice collection of figurines too. I have so much and no place to put them all that I haven’t gotten any in a while. However, someday, when I have money, I’m buying every single Pokemon figurine and stuffed animal there is. Also, Mario, Zelda, Sonic… anything and everything.

2. Game Guides

I’ve talked about this before, a long time ago. I love getting game guides. They’re pretty, they’re helpful, and they’re just something extra to have along with the games. The problem is, I barely have enough room on my bookshelves for my books let alone game guides.

1. Pokemon Cards

Someday I will show off my Pokemon card collection. It’s ever-growing and I try to keep it as organized as I can. I’m currently re-organizing them by region and it’s taking a while. Do I play the game? No. But I’m going to keep collecting them. I’d like to start collecting other cards such as Magic: The Gathering… and actually learn how to play that. Someday.

What’s some merch you love to get? Let me know in the comments below!

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Gamestop Pokemon Haul

This past weekend, we went over to Gamestop to spend money. Being Pokemon Month, we scoured the store for all sorts of Pokemon goodies, having fun in the process and probably amusing the workers. There wasn’t that big of a selection, but we each got a little plushie, Rachel got some Pokemon cards, and I got a couple of Lego-like Construx sets.

We had gotten an email about “Pokemon Day” for Gamestop and ThinkGeek, hence why we went. Of course, it was then that we realized the sales were mostly for online. Still, we went a bit crazy and bought stuff anyway. My Pokemon cards were “buy one, get one 50% off.” So, naturally, I got two big boxes.

Rachel was really happy, haha! With all the booster packs and the two jumbo cards, she got a little over one hundred and fifty new cards. Not that we really do anything with the cards other than admire how pretty they are… Back in elementary school, I did play a couple of games with the cards, but it’s not a game that I remember how to play nowadays.

I don’t even know how to play the game… I just like collecting them and organizing them in my binders. Of course, now I have a lot more Kanto cards to sort out…

We’ll have a day where we just put on a bunch of Pokemon movies, try not to cry with them, and you can reorganize the cards while I build the Construx models. I got a small box of Ivysaur and a larger model of Gyarados. I wonder if we can find any sort of spray-on glue that will set the pieces permanently once they’re built?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, how do we keep them together? Someone tell us! Also, I don’t think we’re going to have enough room to build legos and sort Pokemon cards… and I also want to help you build those. They look like a lot of fun!

We’ll just have to make a wallpaper of your Pokemon cards while we use the floor and tables for the legos. No biggie, right? Our little Jolteon and Charizard plushies can supervise, provided the dog and cat don’t think the plushies are their toys!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Charizard is standing guard on the top of my bed shelf! (Along with a few other Pokemon plushies.) Did any of you guys take advantage of this sale? Has anyone tried out the Pokemon legos? They look like a lot of fun!

Did you take advantage of Pokemon Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Too Many To Count [Pokemon Cards]

Happy Thursday!

I love collecting things, especially if it’s from a franchise I love. I have a ton of stuffed animals, a lot of them being Pokemon plushies.

Pokemon cards are no exception.

Pokemon Cards

As you can see, I have eight books, two tins, and two binders. All of these used to be filled, but then I bought the Pikachu binder. I started organizing them one day and put duplicate cards in one slot together. So, if you open the books up it doesn’t look like I have a lot of cards, but I do… Oh, I do.

Speaking of organizing them, when I have free time (which is rare to come by), I like to lay out all my cards and organize them. I’ve gotten through Kanto so far, that’s it. Like I said, my free time is becoming harder to come by.

Kanto Pokemon cardsI bought the Pikachu binder to start over in organizing them. All my Kanto cards are in there, in numerical order.

It took me a couple of hours, especially since I made a couple of mistakes. Then I got a new package of cards the following week and, of course, a wild Zubat appeared.

In fact, I don’t think I ended up putting that Zubat in the binder just yet. I believe he’s in one of the tins.

I love the tins, but only have two of them because those sets of cards tend to be on the more expensive side.

(I love collecting the cards, but I have to admit that I don’t have the money to burn on them… I wish I did.)

My Raiku tin is filled with more Pokemon cards that I haven’t fit into the books. (Plus two decks of Magic: The Gathering cards… I was wondering where those went!) The Latios tin is filled with Pokemon “extras,” I guess we’ll call it.

I have mini cards that look 3D, Pokemon coins that sometimes comes with the cards, tattoos that I used to wear when I was kid, and more.

Gold Pokemon cardsI also have these in there. They’re “gold” Pokemon cards.

It might be hard to tell, but the left is Charizard and the right one is Mewtwo.

My brother-in-law gave these to me. His parents were cleaning out the attic or something and found them. They were going to get rid of them, but he took them to give them to me.

I love them, I think they’re so cool.

My brother-in-law was also the one to give me the binder with Ash and company on it. That was filled with his own Pokemon card collection. Again, his parents were going to just get rid of them, but he took them for me to keep.

Needless to say, I have too many Pokemon cards to count. I don’t think I could ever have enough cards, but it is getting harder to find spaces for them.

Jumbo Pokemon CardsEspecially these cards right here.

I’m sure you’ve all seen “jumbo” Pokemon cards. I think they’re awesome and want them all (of course).

I have two, as you can see: Keldeo and Tepig’s evolution train.

Right now these cards sit in the front pocket of my blue Pikachu book. That’s the only place they fit since I can’t put them in a sleeve with all the other cards.

One day, I think it’d be cool to frame them and have a display wall of jumbo Pokemon cards.

If only I had the money to burn…

And no, before anyone asks… I have no idea how to play the Pokemon card game.

Do you still collect Pokemon cards? How many do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

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