Pokemon Masters [First Thoughts]

Pokemon Masters was released at the end of August and we finally got a chance to open the app up and give it a try. At first glance, it wasn’t bad, with decent graphics, some partial voice-acting — even if, so far, some of the characters are a little too cutesy — and a simple […]

The Pokemon Game I Never Finished

When it comes to the Pokemon core games, they’re pretty much a given when it comes to my gaming wish list. It doesn’t matter what kind of region or how many new Pokemon there are, I will get the new generation and however many versions there are of it. I was just as excited for […]

Flashback Friday: Pokemon Ranch

To start to close out Pokemon Month, this month’s Flashback Friday is celebrating a non-traditional Pokemon game — Pokemon Ranch!   Pokemon Ranch was a WiiWare game developed by the Ambrella and was released for the download service in 2008. The game was compatable with the Diamond and Pearl versions of the core Pokemon game […]

Friday Favorites: Rivals

Hello, everyone! The Pokemon games boast adventure for your little character as you explore and grow with your team of Pokemon. Battling is a sure way for your Pokemon to grow, and what’s better than having someone — friend or not — always be lurking around the corner to compare your teams’ strength? This week, […]

I'm Missing One Pokemon Game

Happy Tuesday! There are a million Pokemon games out there and I have just about all of them. Sure, I’m missing a few side games here and there, but as for the main games, I have them all.Except one. Except one. I didn’t start playing the Pokemon games myself until the Johto region. When the […]

Friday Favorites: Villain Teams

Happy Friday, everyone! Despite the main Pokemon games’ stories starting off with you as a beginner trainer just trying to take on everyday challenges, the world inevitably falls into danger and only your ten-year-old self can save it. Throughout the years, though, there have been some villains who followed their dreams better than others. Below […]

Friday Favorites: Alolan Forms

 Yay for another Friday! How is everyone doing? Besides the native Alola Pokemon in Sun and Moon, there are also a handful of Alolan forms of generation one Pokemon, and it’s been interesting to see the difference in designs and types. Based on my own personal tastes, below are my favorite Alolan forms. 4. Raichu […]

First Impressions: Pokemon Moon

Happy Monday, all! For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is right around the corner! Are you all ready for it? … I’m not. At all. So, let’s procrastinate more on getting ready for the holiday and talk about Pokemon! As the latest installments of the franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon threw aside the […]

Looking Behind and Ahead

Show of hands, who thought the weekend went by way too fast? Despite how quickly the weekend has come and gone, I hope everyone had a good one and an awesome week ahead! This past holiday weekend I spent my time finally playing Pokemon Moon. I’m definitely enjoying it so far, having gotten past my […]

Top Tuesday: Pokemon Spin-Offs

I know I’ve been talking about Pokemon a lot lately, but it is my favorite. And with the new games coming out, I just can’t seem to help myself. Though I always end up talking about the main games. Here are my favorite spin-off games.   5. Pokemon Picross This game is free on Nintendo’s 3DS […]