Gotta Catch A Few (Pokemon Go Review)

Rachel Mii Double JumpPokemon Go is the latest craze in the world of video games, even if it is just a mobile app.

I was hesitant to download it at first, but I ultimately did cave and decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Pokemon Go Review Double Jump

This is more my general thoughts on the game rather than a review, but I’m still calling it a review anyway.

Pokemon Go is a free mobile app where you wander around the world and catch invisible Pokemon that have apparently been right in front of us all our lives.

I love the concept and I think the game is super cool. I love the idea that it gets people up and interacting with one another. I love how a lot of the Pokestops and Gyms are historical places or places you wouldn’t expect. You know, minus people’s private homes… That part isn’t okay.

I enjoy how the game is kind of like a pedometer, even though it’s not tracking your steps, but just how far you go so you can hatch an egg.

There are so many aspects of the game that I enjoy, but it’s not my favorite Pokemon game, as awesome as it is.

I understand why the game is for your cell phone. They made the smart decision with that one. But, people are already glued to their phones enough as it is. Yes, people are exercising. Yes, people are now socializing more. But I don’t think that should be caused by a cell phone game. People should just do that on their own. Though that could just be a nit-pick of mine.

I’m not addicted to the game like most people are. I don’t have it on all the time and I don’t go to new places just for the Pokemon. If I’m going to explore my world, I want to really explore it and see it. I don’t want my nose in my cell phone searching for virtual creatures.

It also drains the battery on my phone. The battery saver helped, but not much. Then they updated the game and took the battery saver away completely. So I don’t want to travel too far because then if my phone dies… Then what?

I feel like I’m just nit-picking the game and I do want to branch out and try playing at a different level to get the full effect of it. I do enjoy the game and love the idea of it. When I find a new Pokemon I don’t have, do I get excited? Of course. When I pass by a Pokestop, must I get it? Definitely.

And while I’m glad I’m not addicted to it, I kind of wish I was.

What do you think of Pokemon Go?

You’re Playing It Wrong

Double Jump Kris MiiAnother Monday, another week. I hope it’s the start of a wonderful week for everyone out there!


There have been a couple of posts on this blog fairly recently about playing games solo, group games and, especially, Pokemon Go. Most have been about feelings of nostalgia and, in regards to Pokemon Go, indifference.

Pokemon Go itself is still sweeping through the world, despite the slow servers and glitches that have upset those who are more… shall we say, into the game than I am. For example, there’s a glitch that changes caught Pokemon into different species. Not the worst thing to happen if your Caterpie turns into a Charizard, but a Blastoise that changes into a Rattata? Yeah, I’d be annoyed too.

Despite the cons, Pokemon Go still seems formidable in the mobile games market. It’s praised mostly for the social aspect. People are sharing all sorts of feel-good stories about meeting new friends, about exercising more, about exploring their neighborhood (and the world) more thanks to Pokemon Go.

Rachel and I have been feeling a bit lukewarm regarding the game, but we’ve recently realized that maybe it’s because we’re playing it wrong. We got the basic mechanics down, of course — swiping up to flick a pokeball toward a Pokemon and hoping your aim is true is pretty simple to understand. Yet, we haven’t had the chance to really go out and find other Pokemon fans nearby, and that seems to be what the true magic of this game is.

Our neighborhood is sleepy. We’re a couple of the extremely few young adults in the area while the rest of the block is dominated with elderly couples and some young families just starting out. Granted, our neighbors are awesome, but we’re the minority when it comes to our age bracket. Our town is wonderful, but there aren’t too many places where we can just walk and hang out.

Over the weekend I was at a bachelorette party in a much bigger city, a place I don’t visit very often because there’s no real need (and, I’ll be honest, because of my lack of sense of direction). During a few minutes of downtime while waiting for our dinner reservations, I curiously checked my Pokemon Go at and was astonished at all the Pokestops and dropped lures on the crowded streets. The aching feeling that comes with wanting to explore the world, much like whenever I started a new Pokemon game as a kid, smacked me in the gut, and I just wished that Rachel had been with me to enjoy the feeling.

Maybe one day soon, when work and weddings and adult stuff, Rachel and I can properly be kids (while playing safely, of course) for a little while further from our neighborhood.