The world was in a tizzy the past couple of days due to a glitched Pokemon that was found in Pokemon Go. A funky-looking Ditto with a nut on its head had players running around to capture it, only for it to transform back into a regular Ditto. Considering we haven’t played Pokemon Go since […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! While Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are still our go-to games to play at this time, we’re always keeping an eye out for something new, and Niantic seems to be working on their next project…. Pokemon GO, developed by Niantic, was revolutionary when it first […]

The Game Awards

Happy Monday, everyone! … That sounded like an oxymoron, didn’t it? So, this past Thursday had been The Game Awards. Rachel and I, instead of watching it, played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past because we’re in a different timezone and we sort of forgot about the awards. Oops. We’ll probably watch the […]

Friday Favorites: Mobile Games

Another week down, one more full week to go in October! Mobile gaming has definitely spiked recently, with all sorts of genres being played right at the tips of your fingers. From Angry Birds to Pokemon GO, there’s tons of downloadable games that you can spend your money on (even if the base game itself […]

Gotta Catch A Few (Pokemon Go Review)

Pokemon Go is the latest craze in the world of video games, even if it is just a mobile app. I was hesitant to download it at first, but I ultimately did cave and decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t exactly what I expected. This is more my general thoughts on […]

You're Playing It Wrong

Another Monday, another week. I hope it’s the start of a wonderful week for everyone out there!   There have been a couple of posts on this blog fairly recently about playing games solo, group games and, especially, Pokemon Go. Most have been about feelings of nostalgia and, in regards to Pokemon Go, indifference. Pokemon […]

Games I Want To Play

You know that thing called “time?” You know that thing called “money?” Yeah, they get in the way of my video game playing sometimes. It’s annoying. Stardew Valley This game is very similar to Harvest Moon in which you inherit a farm, grow crops, raise animals, and mingle with the townsfolk eventually marrying and having children. […]

Why I Have Not Downloaded Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a mobile Pokemon game where you get off your butt and run around the neighborhood/city/country in order to find and capture Pokemon in the “real world.” It’s become somewhat of a phenomenon overnight, but I still hesitate to try it…   Rachel and I are definitely Pokemon fanatics. I personally have been […]