Pokemon Johto Region Vs. Kalos Region [Debate]

This month’s debate we’re putting a couple of our favorite Pokemon regions head to head. It’s Johto versus Kalos, with me on the side of the second generation and Rachel trying to debate that the sixth generation is better than it. Ironically, I began my Pokemon journey in Johto since I was super younger when […]

Pokemon SoulSilver

Part two of my journey is finished! In anticipation for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’ve been playing through all the games in generation order. I played Pokemon Blue last month and continued my journey through the Johto region in Pokemon SoulSilver. Title: Pokemon SoulSilver Company: Nintendo Console: Nintendo DS How I got the game: I bought it My Review: […]

Pokemon SoulSilver Update

I’ve started my next Pokemon journey for my Pokemon Playthrough. I’m now traveling through the Johto region, but not without a few hiccups along the way.   I wanted to play through all the regions in order to “prepare” myself for Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out. I played through Pokemon Blue in June […]