Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Pearl

Happy Thursday, happy last day of Pokemon Month, and happy last day of August!

Wow, now that we got that out of the way…


Pokemon Pearl originally came out for the Nintendo DS on September 28, 2006. I can’t remember if I got the game for Christmas or if I bought it myself when it came out.

Whenever I got it, this was the very first Pokemon game I ever beat. I had played all the other Pokemon games before, but I never made it the Champion. This was because a new game would come out before I got the chance or I, for some reason, just wouldn’t make it that far.

Within a week or so, I had completed Pearl, defeating the Champion and all. Since then I’ve spent the most amount of time on that game than I have on any of my other Pokemon games.

I love all the games that came after Pearl, especially X/Y and Sun/Moon. And I know a lot of people didn’t care too much for Diamond/Pearl, but Pearl will always have a special place in my heart.

Which game was the first you completed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top Tuesday: Sinnoh Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpIt’s Tuesday again and I haven’t done a Top Tuesday all month… Wow!

Anyway, to keep up the pace with the other months, here’s another Pokemon-related Top Tuesday.


Top Tuesday: Sinnoh Pokemon

5. Garchomp

I don’t normally train dragon Pokemon, but Garchomp and his two previous evolutions are wonderful. I also love the names. They have the best names. 

4. Glaceon

Like dragon types, I don’t normally raise ice types. But I absolutely love Glaceon’s design and I’d be nuts if I didn’t put an Eevee-lution on this list somewhere.

3. Roserade

I always looked at Roserade to be pretty majestic. She’s cute, she looks pretty, and I’m sure she smells pretty too. Yet, she definitely packs a wallop.

2. Luxray

Luxray is a beast!

1. Infernape

I’m sure you guys all think I cheat because I’m pretty sure I’ve had the fire starter as my number one for all of these lists… But hey. They’re my favorite for a reason.

What are your favorite Pokemon from Sinnoh?